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What To Expect From The ‘San Diego Comic-Con @ Home’ Virtual Event

Popculture enthusiasts from around the world were devastated when the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of 2020’s San Diego Comic-Con.

San Diego Comic-Con, aka SDCC, is one of the biggest events of the year, used by Movie Studios, TV Networks, and Publishing houses debut and discuss upcoming films, shows, and comics. The loss of the event was, understandably, a blow to the industry and fans alike.

Thankfully, following in the footsteps of many smaller conventions, organisers have come up with a way to move SDCC online. From July 22 to 26, fans will be able to experience ‘San Diego Comic-Con @ Home’.

Here’s what we can expect from the virtual event.

A Virtual Exhibition Floor

San Diego Comic-Con @ Home
The Exhibitor’s Hall on a regular year.

For collectors, the big draw card of the larger cons like SDCC is the chance to get their hands on rare, convention exclusive collectables. And thankfully, with San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, no one will have to miss out on their usual convention swag.

The event is set to feature a virtual Exhibitor’s Hall. Exhibitors will be offering special promotions and limited edition items during the event, while collectables giant Funko will be selling their latest round of con-exclusive Pops, Rock Candy, and other Funko-branded figures. There’s no word yet on whether the usual ‘lottery system’ for access to the Funko booth will still be in place, and if so, how it would work in a virtual setting.

If you feel your con experience isn’t complete without an SDCC lanyard, they will be available on line for convention-goers to print out.

Panels Galore!

San Diego Comic-Con @ Home
The cast of ‘The Eternals’ at the 2019 SDCC.

SDCC @ Home will still be running the usual panels, they will simply be online, possibly done over Zoom or Skype. While there is no confirmed schedule as of yet, it could still be a big year. Stars from upcoming Marvel, DC, and Disney productions are all expected to take part in the Con.

Perhaps the best news is that this year, there will be no large lines. At least for this year, camping out for hours in hopes of a spot in Hall H, where the biggest panels are held, will be a thing of the past. Millions of fans will be able to take part in the event from the comfort of their own home.

New Trailers!

New trailers and sneak-peek movie footage is often screened during SDCC panels. This doesn’t look like changing for San Diego Comic-Con @ Home.

So, what can we expect? Looking at the upcoming MCU releases, we’re definitely due to see at least a teaser for The Eternals, if not a full trailer. Production on the film was complete long before the pandemic spread, so there’s no reason this shouldn’t be possible. We may also see new trailers for Falcon And The Winter Soldier and WandaVision, and hopefully news on premiere dates for those shows. While Falcon And The Winter Soldier is likely to be delayed, there’s still a chance WandaVision could make it’s original December release date.

From the wider Disney umbrella, we could see a full trailer for Pixar’s Soul, or footage from season two of The Mandalorian. We won’t get much new stuff from DC. Possibly, a teaser for The Suicide Squad, maybe some rough The Batman footage.

And All For Free!

WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany at last year’s SDCC.

Now for the best bit. While smaller virtual cons are still charging fans for access, San Diego Comic-Con @ Home is completely free for all who want to take part. As an added bonus, a virtual con means that this years event is much more accessible to those outside the U.S.

SDCC @ Home may not be the event we are used to, but it’s sure to be tons of fun. Bring on the Con!

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