WandaVision Episode 4 – Theories, Questions, and Fun Facts!

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Episode 4: Episode 4


In a bold move, the show drops the convention of naming episodes after sitcom-related phrases (‘Now in color!’) and just straight-up calls the fourth episode ‘Episode 4’.

(EDIT: This is what happens when you watch the show the very second it drops – it was actually called ‘We Interrupt This Broadcast‘)

Relevant? You bet!

Shocking revelation after revelation was the order of the day, because this episode didn’t take place in the WandaVision reality – it took place in the greater MCU universe.

This episode basically answered most of the questions many of us had about the show – but it did leave a few question on the table.

Non-MCU fans may have a few questions as well.

Who was that guy Monica bumped into in the hospital?

It was the Fox X-Men Franchise version of Pietro Maximoff (also known as Quicksilver), Wanda’s brother.

If you watch closely, you can even see that he bumps into her while using his super-speed!

Whether or not this is a mere easter egg is unclear within the WandaVision reality itself, but a Spanish voice actor has confirmed that Fox’s Quicksilver does have a speaking part (assuming it hasn’t been cut).

This lines up perfectly with the name of the upcoming Dr Strange sequel: ‘Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘.

Who is Maria ‘Photon’ Rambeau?

Maria ‘Photon’ Rambeau is Geraldine/Monica’s mother, the best friend of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), and the founder of SWORD.

The ‘Photon’ part refers to her Air Force callsign, which will no doubt be the source of Monica’s superhero name (assuming she gets superpowers).

So what actually happened to Monica when she went inside?

It’s not clear yet, but it appears as though she was mind-wiped by whatever’s happening in Westview and slowly regained her senses.

If Wanda mind-wiped Monica, then why didn’t Wanda know who ‘Geraldine’ was?

There are two (or more) possible answers to this.

It could be that Wanda isn’t doing any of this on purpose. It’s clear that she doesn’t have full control of the WandaVision reality. For example, she couldn’t make the stork disappear in the previous episode.

Alternatively – and this is the most likely scenario based on what we know – Wanda thinks she’s doing all of this on purpose, but she’s actually being controlled by outside forces within the WandaVision reality.

If the outside forces are the ones that wiped Geraldine’s mind, that would explain why Wanda didn’t have any idea who she was – she’d never met her before.

Who were the specialists in the back of the truck?

The only one we need to remember is the one that figured out how to use an old-timey TV to tune in to the WandaVision reality: The astrophysicist, Dr Darcy Lewis, was the only one of the specialists who was named in the credits.

I read your previous article. You were WAY wrong about Herb.

We certainly were!

And we’ll probably be wrong about a lot more stuff before the show finishes.

However, we’ve been right about some stuff too – like how all the signs point to Vision being dead, and the helicopter being a drone.

Now that most of the townspeople have been identified, is there any relevance to their names?

Not really, beyond a few fun easter eggs.

Some of the names seem to be unique, but a few are most likely ‘inspired’ by various people who’ve worked on the MCU universe.

Todd Davis (Mr Hart) is the name of an actor from Iron Man 3.

Sharon Davis (Mrs Hart) worked in the art department on Iron Man 2, and was a supervising art director for WandaVision.

John Collins (Herb, who – again – we got waaaay wrong) was an art director for WandaVision.

We weren’t able to find any other easter eggs in the names, but if you know of any, hit us up in the comments!

Who is Agent Jimmy Woo and why is everyone acting like we should already know who he is?

He’s an FBI agent who used to work for SHIELD, and he’s a pretty popular character from Agents of SHIELD. (EDIT: He’s actually from Ant-Man and the Wasp, and the card trick he does when he first meets Monica is a reference to that film)

If hexagons are a SWORD reference (as shown on the monitors), then why does Agent Woo write ‘Why Hexagons?’ on the white board.

The hexagons aren’t ‘a SWORD reference’ – they’re references to the shape of the Westview Event itself.

Whether or not this is because the event is the result of actions by AIM is still unclear, but it seems less likely based on this episode.

Hey wait a second – the bulletin board of identified townsfolk didn’t include Agnes or Dottie!

That’s right – well spotted!

It’s highly likely that Agnes is Agatha Harkness, but who’s Dottie?

Could Dottie be Mephisto, or the High Evolutionary?

Possibly – if she were Mephisto it would certainly give Agnes’ comment of ‘That’s not the only place he is!’ from Episode 2 a lot more bite!

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