WandaVision: Episode 2 – Theories, Questions, and Fun Facts!

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Anything interesting about the cold open?

In the cold open, Wanda and Vision are in separate beds.

This was common for shows of the era due to the strict broadcasting rules of the time.

Vision says that other Westview residents have noticed mysterious ‘ne’er-do-wells’ acting suspiciously, but Wanda points out that the both of them might be the source of the gossip. What if it’s not them, but other people – such as the beekeeper we see later on?

After another repetition of the loud noise, Wanda instinctively brings the beds closer together, setting up the pregnancy at end of the episode.

Anything interesting in the intro/opening?

At one point, Vision phases through the floor, and a helm can be seen.

Based on the design, the helm possibly belongs (or once did) to the Marvel villain, Grim Reaper.

Not long after that, we see Wanda at the grocery store.

There’s a poster for Bova Milk. This is reference to Bova, a mutated cow who was the midwife for Wanda and her twin brother, Pietro.

Besides this is another poster advertising Auntie A’s catfood – in the comics, Wanda sometimes referred to Agatha Harkness as ‘Aunt Agatha’. Agatha’s familiar is a black cat, and the poster features a black cat.

Anything interesting about their magic act?

One of their props, the Cabinet of Mystery (a ‘hidden panel’ device), prominently features a design reminiscent of the Mind Infinity Gemstone, replete with rays of light shooting out from it.

Vision’s stagename is Illusion, and Wanda’s is Glamour.

This is interesting because a glamour spell is a type of illusion magic (in spellcraft, not stagecraft) that hides the true appearance of someone (or something).

It’s also the name of two unrelated Marvel characters who use actual spellcraft to do their ‘magic act’.

What was up with that helicopter?

The colors, red and yellow, are usually associated with Iron Man.

Does this mean that the helicopter was a Stark Industries drone?

Perhaps it’s a SWORD drone – the helicopter has a SWORD logo one it. Is SWORD funded by Stark Industries in an under-the-table deal, in the MCU?

Or are the colors a reference to the Reality and Mind Infinity Gemstones?

There’s a lot of theorising here, so here’s an actual fact for you: The helicopter also features the number 57, which is interesting because Avengers (Volume 1) #57 is the first appearance of Vision.

Strangely enough, the cover of that issue is comprised solely of red-hued art – if this is all a coincidence, it’s a very lucky one.

Was there any foreshadowing of Wanda getting pregnant?

Agnes gives Wanda a rabbit, a common fertility symbol.

She also mentions ‘school admissions’, even though Wanda and Vision don’t have children.

Then, of course, there’s the constant usage of the phrase ‘for the children’.

Anything interesting about the rabbit?

IF Agnes is the witch Agatha Harkness, then name Señor Scratchy may be a reference to her son, Nicholas Scratch.

‘Old Nick’ and ‘Old Scratch’ are both archaic nicknames for Satan, and the Marvel version of Satan is a demon lord named Mephisto.

It’s unknown who Nicholas’s father is, but many signs (such as his name) point toward it being – you guessed it – Mephisto.

Will we ever get to see Agnes’ husband Ralph?

There’s a popular theory that Ralph is actually Mephisto, which – given the name of her rabbit – might not be as crazy as it sounds.

At one point during Dottie’s talent show meeting, Dottie says ‘The devil’s in the details’.

Agnes quips to Wanda ‘That’s not the only place he is’.

What was the song playing on the radio?

‘Help me, Rhonda!’ by the Beach Boys.

The song is about a person that asks someone to help them deal with heartbreak.

This might be a stretch, but it may imply that the shows version of Vision isn’t actually the real Vision.

Does the name of the gum, Big Red, have any significance?

Big Red was the working title of the series, but there’s a chance it’s more than a throwaway reference.

It’s probably a fair assumption that the ‘Big Red’ of the working title is Wanda, but it’s also possible that it’s a reference to Vision or Mephisto.

Who is Geraldine?

‘Geraldine’ has been confirmed to be Monica Rambeau – a quick google search will confirm that for any doubters.

Comic readers know her as the superhero named Photon (seen on the comic cover above), but MCU fans know her as the daughter of Captain Marvel’s best friend.

What’s the relevance of the Strucker Watch?

In the MCU, Baron Strucker is the name of the villain who gave Wanda and Pietro their powers.

He’s also a HYDRA officer, hence the HYDRA name and logo on the watch.

A more interesting question is ‘Does the Strucker watch advert imply that Wanda is trapped by HYDRA, or is it simply something from her subconscious?’ – but that’s currently unknown.

What was up with that beekeeper at the end?

Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) is an offshoot of Hydra.

AIM members wear a giant yellow hazmat suits, and so they’re often referred to as beekeepers by fans – and also at least once in the comics (by Deadpool, aptly enough).

But if they’re behind it, then why the SWORD symbol and not an AIM symbol? Has SWORD been infiltrated by AIM in the same way that SHIELD was infiltrated by HYDRA?

Conversely, the beekeeper might even be a reference to a HYDRA-aligned villain named Hive – or might even be them.

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