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Top 5 Villains Who Could Appear In MCU After The Disney-Fox Deal

When it comes to villains, Marvel hasn’t quite been able to steal the limelight.

Well, at least not in the movies so far. Being a Marvel fan myself, I can’t help but admit that the DCEU has progressed better in that particular department in the likes of Joker and Deathstroke. Red Skull and Thanos are probably the best ones the MCU could cook up until this point.

However, if you are a follower of the comics, then you would probably know that off-screen, Marvel has some pretty cool villains up its sleeve (did I just say villains are cool? Meh). In the light of the recent Fox-Disney deal, we might see some badass villains take up the stage in Phase 4 films of the MCU. Let’s check out the top contenders.

MCU VIllains
[Credits: Google GIFs]

Here are 5 MCU Villains who could appear in Phase 4


MCU Villains
Red Hulk. [Credits: Google Images]
Red Hulk has been itching to make an entrance in the MCU especially since General Thaddeus E. Ross has been given a quite formidable role in the movies. Yeah, you guessed it right. General Ross is Red Hulk in the MCU comics. After his daughter’s (apparent) death in the comics, Ross was consumed by his rage and eventually with the help of M.O.D.O.K, turned himself into Red Hulk to take down Hulk.

Mark Ruffalo still has a standalone Hulk film in his contract and so, we can definitely hope that it would mark the birth of Red Hulk. Did you know that Red Hulk was one of the few beings who could actually wield Mjolnir?


MCU Villains
Galactus. [Credits: Google Images]
Also known as the Devourer-of-Worlds (you heard it right. He eats planets! Now, that’s awesome), Galactus is a cosmic entity who made his first appearance in the Fantastic Four #48 (1966) comics. He possesses unfathomable powers which includes manipulation of matter and energy, teleportation and telepathic abilities (cool, right?).

However, in order to sustain his life force he requires vast amounts of energy especially from a biosphere (a planet). He sends out his herald (Silver Surfer was one) before him to search for a planet which he can consume. Now, in the wake of the Disney-Fox deal, we can expect not only the Fantastic Four but also Galactus to turn up in the MCU.


MCU Villains
Mr. Sinister. [Credits: Google Images]
A staunch enemy of the X-Men, Nathaniel Essex A.K.A Mr. Sinister could well turn up in the MCU along with the X-Men. Nathaniel was a former scientist and biologist until the death of his wife and two of his sons made him go rogue. Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) took this opportunity and poisoned his mind with his evil motives.

Mr. Sinister possesses superhuman strength, telepathic abilities and a huge lifespan. We have encountered Apocalypse in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie. In the event of a crossover between X-Men and the Avengers, Marvel could take the chance to introduce Mr. Sinister in the plot.


MCU Villains
Living Tribunal: Beyonder. [Credits: Google Images.]
It’s incomprehensible for humans to understand the true nature of a Beyonder but anyhow, he is an extremely powerful entity rising from a dimension other than that of our Earth. The Beyonder initially tried to study Earth and its various proceedings. He even engaged superheroes and villains to fight each other for the sole purpose of his better understanding.

He later came to Earth seeking to destroy it completely but ultimately Molecule Man defeated him after a long fight. It seems far-fetched for the MCU to introduce cosmic beings in the movies but it’s not impossible.


MCU Villains.
Kang The Conqueror. [Credits: Google Images.]
Kang made his appearances in both the Fantastic Four #19 (1963) and the Avengers #8 (1964) comics. He had been involved in a fight with almost all the MCU heroes in numerous time periods (yeah he is like Eobard Thawne from DC’s series ‘Legends of tomorrow’).

His expertise in manipulation and travelling through time coupled with his strategic mind and superhuman abilities makes him a formidable villain in the MCU. Kang could well be introduced in the MCU as a super villain gradually making his way to the stage just as Marvel did with Thanos. After all with Thanos gone, someone needs to take up his mantle!

So, here were five possible villains who could actually turn up in the Phase 4 Marvel films having their own plot or contributing towards something bigger. Whom do you want to see the most? Do you have other villains in mind other than these? Let us know!

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