Tony Stark Is Likely To Die In Avengers: Infinity War. Here’s why.

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is one of MCU’s biggest characters, but there’s evidence to suggest we’ll be saying farewell to him in Infinity War.

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War looks set to be fantastic, but the promotional posters and fan art showcase just how packed the MCU has become. It’s plausible, then, that some big characters will be gracing our screens for the last time in the movie. Here’s why I think Tony Stark could be one of them.

Iron Man 4

There had been speculation that Marvel had plans for an Iron Man 4 that wouldn’t star Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. The news was never confirmed and the movie hasn’t been included in the studio’s line up of future movies. This all indicates that Iron Man may be reaching the end of the road.

In Captain America: Civil War, major conflict developed amongst the Avengers – mostly between Iron Man and Captain America. Their clash of interests remains unresolved and will inevitably be explored in Infinity War. However, to conclude by the characters going in separate directions with their own stand-alone movies would be an uncharacteristically unimaginative move from Marvel. Iron Man’s future is uncertain to say the least.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Iron Man & Spider-Man

The mentor-student relationship between Tony and Peter Parker has so far been brilliantly executed by Downey Jr. and Tom Holland. Spider-Man has been skilfully woven into the MCU by revealing Peter to be the boy that Stark saved from Justin Hammer’s robots in Iron Man 2. This has been followed by Peter’s ‘scholarship’ with Stark, initiated in Civil War and developed in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Both Stark and Parker’s characters have been enriched by their bond, while scenes shared by the pair have never failed to entertain. Peter’s endearing relatability as a fan of the Avengers has made Holland’s portrayal all the more likeable. As for Stark, his character arc has really developed through his father-figure like relationship with Peter.

This connection certainly looks set to continue if the glance shared between the two in Infinity War’s second trailer is anything to go by. Another obvious sign is that Peter is wearing Iron Spider armour, given to him by StarkIt’s very likely the suit will incorporate some of Iron Man’s iconic features with Spider-Man’s established powers – which will plausibly make Stark’s superhero appear less impressive, and more redundant.

Also, Marvel has confirmed that Stark won’t appear in Spidey’s sequel, so either the pair’s close relationship ends, or Peter’s going to lose another father-figure.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]

Perfect Timing

Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole recently claimed that Iron Man “wouldn’t work today” due to the (now-dated) culture that Tony Stark embodied. As the MCU began to diversify, Stark’s character has undergone many changes, particularly by becoming the antagonist in Civil War and with his afore-mentioned mentorship of Peter Parker.

From showing a paternal side to Peter to his potential engagement to Pepper Potts, Stark has had a complete turnaround from the irresponsible commitment-phobe he began as back in 2008. Arguably, the redemption that kept the character relevant in the MCU for so long is also the reason his time is up: there’s not really anywhere left for Tony’s story to go.

Tony Stark’s death in Infinity War will allow the character to go out with a bang instead of fading into irrelevance. Plus, it would be really fitting that the character who initiated the rise of Marvel’s empire in 2008 should bow out in Infinity War, which looks set to be an exhilarating, action-packed celebration of the MCU. After piecing together what we know so far, it certainly seems that Marvel Studios might agree.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
What do you think? Are you excited about Infinity War? Do you think it might be Iron Man’s last escapade? Tell me in the comments!

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