Here’s the trailer for The Taken King – Destiny: Third expansion.

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Firstly, here’s the trailer for Bungie’s The Taken King.

“He’s building a dark army to hunt you down”. So, we at least know what to expect… probably shouldn’t have taken down his son huh?

Let’s review some of the details we already know about The Taken King.

The latest expansion pack develops the first expansion pack (The Dark Below) story. Because you snuffed Crota you’re now going to have to fight off his Daddy, Oryx, better known as The Taken King, and his army. The creator, or at least supposedly of all thing Hive.

The army in question is some pretty ugly bodies, entirely consumed by the dark doing the Taken King’s bidding.

They’re only goal is to wipe us out. Obviously. But! You get to go travelling in your impending doom, visiting Oryx’s spaceship to fight these guys off. This expansion results in a new raid, which is cool, and there’s a load of armour and weaponry for you guys, plus some pretty serious new subclasses including Nightstalkers, Stormcallers and Sunbreaker Titans. Fancy names, fancy weapons and some impressive abilities.

The Taken King is a little pricey though.

You’ll need to shell out $40 (I know, right?) for The Taken King as the Expansion pass only gets you Dark below and House of Wolves. You can opt for the Legendary edition which is $60 and you get a load more pretty pictures and some extra back story – the usual. Or, if you’re doing seriously well in life there’s an $80 Collectors edition with more toys and pretty pictures. For true gamers, I recommend just sticking to the game.

September the 15th isn’t far away, start getting ready now.

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