The Most Important Things We Noticed In The ‘Frozen 2′ Trailer’

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GIQUE out with us and share.

We’re heading back to Arendelle because the second full trailer for Disney’s Frozen 2  has officially dropped.

Fans have faced a long wait for this full trailer, and it doesn’t disappoint, offering just enough information to keep fans talking until Frozen 2 arrives in November.

Here are the most important things we noticed in the trailer.

‘No one can get in, or out’ of the Enchanted Forest.

Frozen 2
Young Anna and Elsa with their Mother, Queen Iduna.

The Frozen 2 trailer opens with Elsa and Anna’s Father, King Agnarr, telling them a story about an Enchanted Forest he once saw. Unfortunately ‘something went wrong’, and now no one can get in, or out, of the forest.

Later in the trailer, adult Elsa and Anna do get into the Enchanted Forest, but only because Elsa’s powers somehow grant them access.

Many fans now believe that Agnarr and his wife, Queen Iduna, were trying to reach the Enchanted Forest on their ill-fated voyage in the first Frozen film. Some also speculate that Iduna is actually from the Enchanted Forest, and was trapped outside it. This would explain how Elsa was born with her powers.

Elsa is still closed off to everyone except Anna.

Frozen 2
Kristoff has not properly bonded with Elsa.

At one point in the trailer, Anna asks Kristoff if he thinks something strange is going on with Elsa. Kristoff simply replies that ‘Elsa is being Elsa’. However, something clearly is up with Elsa. She is hearing mysterious voices from the north, a fact she reveals only to Anna in the trailer.

This suggests that, though Elsa has learned to ‘open the door’ for Anna, she is still not entirely comfortable opening up to other people.

Elsa is still overly protective of Anna.

Frozen 2
Elsa worries for her sister.

At first, Elsa is completely against Anna accompanying her on her quest to the Enchanted Forest. However, Anna insists, and Elsa is forced to relent, bringing Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven along for the ride as well. Later in the trailer, Elsa scolds Anna for following her into fire.

This shows that Elsa still holds a significant amount of guilt for injuring Anna in the first film, and still fears her sister being hurt again.

Elsa’s powers are growing.

Elsa is becoming stronger.

In the first film, Grand Pabbie states that Elsa’s power will only grow. This definitely seems to be the case in Frozen 2. Aside from her almost successful attempt to create an ice bridge over a whole ocean in the first trailer, she has also mastered her powers in combat situations, as shown when she and Anna are first confronted by the people of the Enchanted Forest.

Unfortunately, the trailer also hints at the darker side of Elsa’s abilities. Grand Pabbie warns Anna not to let Elsa lose herself in her magic.

We can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store for Anna and Elsa when Frozen 2 hits theaters in November.

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