The Guild: Actual Knights of Good

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GIQUE out with us and share.

If you’re a hardcore geek then you might enjoy this formerly-defunct webseries which recently returned in a most unexpected – yet fitting – way.

The Guild is a webseries which began waaaaay back in 2007, which is why most of the pictures in this article are so lo-res, thanks for asking. It follows (hey that’d be a great name for a horror film) the story of a 6-person guild called ‘The Knights of Good’, and it’s all about the struggles that The Knights of Good face in real life and in The Game.

The Game, which you just lost. Wait, is that even still a thing? Jeez I’m old.

But seriously, they never say which game they’re playing, but I feel like it’s safe to assume that it’s probably a well-known fantasy Online Multiplayer game which I refuse to name. You know the one I mean. EVERYONE knows the one I mean. If not, click/tap this link for a clue.


The Guild sounds awesome! What’s the story like?

The storyline is, as my kids say, ‘a mood’.

It loosely centres on the socially-awkward Codex (the party healer), who’s played by the massive geek Felicia Day. You might have seen her in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, or heard her voice in Guild Wars 2 as the Zojja. However, most of you will probably have heard her voice in Fallout: New Vegas, where she plays Veronica Santangelo, the Brotherhood scout/rebel.

In Fallout: New Vegas, Veronica says the word ‘Codex.’ I’m convinced that’s a reference to The Guild, and I will fight anyone who tells me otherwise. Not literally though, I’m pretty out of shape – I wish I knew of a good personal trainer for geeks.

Like Codex, I also normally play a support role, because I don’t want the responsibility of being the main damage dealer. Which is stupid, because being a healer is the most stressful class to be. It’s like being the rhythm guitarist in a band, or being a spy: If you’re good at it nobody notices, but if you’re bad at it then EVERYONE notices.

But Codex clearly chose that role because she tries to avoid conflict where possible. This is shown later on when Zaboo shows up and-

Oh right – I haven’t introduced the rest of the cast yet.

The Guild: The rest of the perfectly cast -uh – cast.


Vincent Caso appears (out of the shadows) as the party thief, Bladezz, who I have assumed is a ZZ Top fan. Technically he’s a rogue and not a thief but maybe some non-nerd might read this article one day.


Jeff Lewis plays the handsome and miserly Vork. Vork is a Fighter-class character, and also the official party leader. Jeff Lewis has own YouTube Channel which features a comedy skit series called ‘The Jeff Lewis 5-minute Comedy Hour’ and I’m sure you’ll either agree that’s the funniest YouTube series name ever, or you will continue to be wrong about that.


Amy Okuda plays the eternally-bored Ranger named Tinkerballa. Amy featured on the only-slightly-overrated comedy series The Good Place and when she appeared on it, I literally pointed at the screen and yelled ‘BRO – THAT’S TINKERBALLA’ which caused my family to look at me like I was some kind of weirdo. I assumed at the time was because I called my wife and daughter ‘bro’ but in retrospect maybe they just didn’t know who she was – the poor fools.


Sandeep Parikh plays Zaboo, a gnome Illusionist who thirsts after Codex so hard that he makes Elfo from Disenchantment look like a spokesman for voluntary abstinence. Along with Jeff, Sandeep also appears in the criminally-underrated Brent Spiner webseries Fresh Hell.


And finally, and certainly not least – wait that’s not how that saying goes – we have Robin Thorsen as probably the worst parent in the world and Frost Mage, Clara.

Screenshot taken from Amy Vorphal’s Instagram – original post can be found here

Why are you telling me about The Guild now – isn’t it a dead show?

I was very sad when I went to watch the series on YouTube again – the very first episode is all that remains of the show on their channel. Apparently the show is available via many streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others) but I still can’t watch it because it’s not available in Australia for some reason.

If I were a YouTube channel this would be the part where I did an advert for a VPN. OH WELL. Let’s look at one of their old holiday specials instead then:

The reason I’m mentioning it now is that they’ve begun making episodes again. Well, they have and they haven’t. One might say they’ve been making Schrödingersodes if one were easily self-impressed like me.

During the COVID-19 quarantine, the gang got together again with the inimitable Amy Vorphal (Dungeon Master extraordinaire) to create a one-shot video where they all play a game of Dungeons & Dragons with all the proceeds going to the charity ‘No Kid Hungry‘.

The Guild playing D&D sounds awesome! How was it?

IT WAS AMAZING as you can see for yourself above the section heading there. The actors acted in character as much as they could, and the DM created a memorable cast of NPCs (non-player characters) for the audience – and the cast – to enjoy.

The only thing which stopped it from being sheer perfection for me was that they sometimes talked over the DM, but that’s just a pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, it must have gone gangbusters (people still say that, right?) because they followed it up with another four-parter D&D game which followed the one-shot story-wise.

And it looks like they’re going to keep continuing with it for as long as they can!

Screenshot from a YouTube video featuring Wil Wheaton which can be found here

The latest one (5 days old as of this article) features the much-beloved actor Wil Wheaton who appeared on the later seasons of The Guild. Most people know him as Aqualad from Teen Titans Go! and Robin from DC Universe Online.

Oh wait, I meant Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sorry.

I also could have mentioned his Big Bang Theory appearances but I’m not going to do that.

Wait – DAMMIT!

The Guild is dead. Long live The Guild!

They also recently re-uploaded a music video (seen directly above) that had disappeared. Did I mention they did a few music videos? Yes I did, in the previous sentence. Nailed it.

The songs are bangers (in my opinion) but more than anything I’m so glad to see them back together again and doing something truly meaningful with their fame.

Similar to the Darkest Timeline with Ken Jeong and Joel McHale (which I apparently can’t stop talking about), it’s great to see celebrities actually using their influence to do some actual good in the world.

So let’s hear it for The Knights of Good: The Game might be fake, but they’re still genuine heroes!

Most of the pictures in this article were taken from the filmclip for their song ‘Do You Wanna Date My Avatar’.

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