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Star Wars: The Force Awakens new poster.

The Force Awakens has a new poster.

In short, I love it, even if it’s a promo for D23 and not the official one. The Force Awakens new poster replicates the style of the original trilogy perfectly.

Let’s hope this new poster for The Force Awakens is a pre-cursor to the standard of the latest trilogy being up there with the originals and not the “shudder” inducing prequels.

Star Wars 7 poster

It gives little away about the movie apart from that John Boyega’s character wielding a lightsaber, which means he is pretty much definitely a Jedi, but we expected that already. The poster is so much more reminiscent of the original, better trilogy than the horror show prequels that I’m pretty much squealing with delight (not really).

It’s got that vintage style which is oddly conflicting with the futuristic, but set in the past (a long time ago) movies. Don’t worry, I know you get it so I don’t need to elaborate further.

The poster was designed, and created by Drew Struzan, an artist of Indiana Jones and original Star Wars fame.

Overall, I’m just glad Disney hasn’t messed with anything. Good job Disney. Although, Han looks a little bit plastered into the bottom.

May the The Force Awakens new poster be with you.

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