Pathway: Cystic Fibrosis

Pathway Vs The Gasp is a comic book designed to uplift the cystic fibrosis community.

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Comic Books are often designed for and used by youth as a moral compass. Good vs evil, themes of life and the battle for justice. But rarely do comic books deal directly with the issues of disease, and specifically with a superhero having a major medical condition.

Pathway Vs The Gasp is the first in a series of comic books designed to generate donations to Colton’s Legacy in support of the community fighting cystic fibrosis.

It’s been launched by Donavan Petersen, Joseph A. Micheal and Jeremiah Stemple. In Jeremiah’s own words “Pathway is a superhero that has cystic fibrosis and rescues other patients from bad guys who embody the different struggles that we (the cystic fibrosis community) face.

The first book features Pathway fighting The Gasp, a villain enraged by board members at the hospital denying treatment for his son, and fights destructively to try to get a meeting with the board of the hospital.

This is one of the clear embodiments of the frustrations of some of the cystic fibrosis community. Interestingly, those desires would seem to most to be valid, and a respectable fight to have, but this comic book is more about teaching those with cystic fibrosis to be mindful, and work on solving the problems they can, such as the son asking his father, The Gasp, to stop smoking to help him.

This charitable comic is designed by Donovan Petersen, Kieran Squires, Danny Chaves and Lucas Gattoni, and written by Joseph A Micheal. The graphics are beautifully illustrated.

3500 copies of the comic book have already been distributed within 4 months which is no small feat for a start-up comic book in a digital world. The team behind Pathway currently give the books away in exchange for donations to Coltons foundation.

If you wish to join the fight against cystic fibrosis, and help support material designed to assist with the mental side of coping with the disease, you can get a copy of the comic book from Pathway, or when making a donation.

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