Blue lightsaber Finn

New Star Wars footage – Finn wields blue lightsaber

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Okay, every time I get another snippet of new Star Wars footage, this one revealing 2 tiny scenes, I get a little over-excited.

Most of my excitement this time is due to the blue lightsaber, which is fabled to be Luke’s first. You know, the one that was being held by the hand that Vader lopped off in The Empire Strikes Back? Of course you do.

Just to warn you, there’s not a tremendous amount of new footage although what’s there is pretty intense, and you finally get a feel for Finn as a potential Jedi. He does look a little angry though which makes the dark side transition a bit of a threat again. Luke was a bit of a goody two shoes really, but Finn looks like he has a bit more of a darker spark about him.

Here it goes:

Awesome. Finn has a blue lightsaber, which we kinda knew already from the concept sketches, but it’s another thing seeing it in action. And, it looks like he’s going to be taking on Kylo Ren in the snow.

The classic battle of red lightsaber vs blue lightsaber begins again. John Boyega really does look the part doesn’t he?

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