Marvel vs Digital Fox: Looking Back at Our Infinity War Predictions

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Avengers: Infinity War was chockful of surprise deaths, some of which even we couldn’t have predicted!

A few months ago, Digital Fox made some predictions about characters who would die in Avengers: Infinity War. Now that the film is out in theatres, we went to look at our predictions and match them up against Marvel. We have to admit, after 18 films, it is amazing that Marvel still managed to stump even the most cynical of viewers, aka us!

So, how did we fare against our avenging overlords? Let’s take a look. Be warned, so many spoilers ahead!

1 – Hawkeye

Where are you, Hawkeye? Source: Screen Rant

Wow, were we off the mark on this one! Forget about dying, Hawkeye didn’t even appear in Infinity War. Marvel bowled us one hell of a googly with this character, one we never would have expected.

Yes, Hawkeye was blatantly absent from almost all marketing materials in the run-up to the film’s release, but that only fuelled theories that he would play a crucial, yet secret part in the story. Apparently not.

We can now assume that Hawkeye will make an overdue appearance in 2019’s Avengers 4. Could our prediction about his death come true at that time? It will be a long wait for us to find out.

Marvel – 1
Digital Fox – 0

2 – Captain America

Captain America-Infinity War-Tumblr
That face needs to be kept safe. Source: Tumblr

We are a little miffed about this one, to be honest. Chris Evans and Captain America are brilliant and we love them to bits, but Cap was meant to die in Civil War, as a completion to his, and Tony Stark’s, arcs. For Cap to be spared but not Falcon and Bucky, the two most likely candidates for his shield, seems like Marvel went with the safest option.

Of course, these characters could still return and the remaining ones killed, but considering Infinity War was touted as an ending to the Avengers trilogy, we can’t help but feel a bit misdirected here.

Still, good on Marvel for hoodwinking us. Plus, this most likely means we get another film with Cap’s long hair and beard.

Marvel – 2
Digital Fox – 0

3 – Vision

Vision-Infinity War-Gizmodo
A foregone conclusion. Source: Gizmodo

He had an infinity stone in his head. Of course Vision was going to die! We called it but, so did the rest of the galaxy. We will take this win, nonetheless.

It would have been great to see Vision put up a bit of a fight, though. He’s rendered practically useless for the bulk of his screen-time.

Having said that, Vision’s loss was actually quite heart-wrenching and Marvel managed to shock us with that double death scene. But, yes, this was an easy one to call.

Marvel – 2
Digital Fox – 1

4 – Hulk

Bruce Banner-Infinity War-Tumblr
More lives than a cat. Source: Tumblr

Another surprise from Marvel! Hulk seemed destined for a good death in Infinity War, having had so little growth in previous films. And, lest we forget that romance between Banner and Black Widow that fans hated. But Marvel and the Russo Brothers pulled a rabbit out of the hat again.

Hulk, who seemed to have taken over completely when we last saw him in Thor: Ragnarok, is only present for a few minutes in Infinity War. He fights Thanos, loses miserably and is sent back to Earth where he promptly turns back into Bruce Banner and refuses to come back out again. Banner hasn’t had this much screen-time in… ever.

And you know what, we are glad he made it out alive. Banner is funny and dorkily-sweet. Also, that romance we so hated? We got a hint it still exists and it was kind of nice? We are as bewildered as you are by this. Well done, Marvel. Well done.

Marvel – 3
Digital Fox – 1

5 – Spider-Man

Spider-Man-Infinity War-Tumblr
One we hoped we’d got wrong. Source: Tumblr

We got this one right! Whooo… boo hoo. We didn’t want Spider-Man to go.

As controversial as it sounded when we predicted young Spidey’s death, Marvel kept the saddest death for last, and dragged it out for added tears. According to the Russo Brothers, they allowed Tom Holland to improvise part of the scene and boy, did he do well. sniff

We were also somewhat correct in predicting that Spidey’s loss would have some impact on Tony Stark. The boy literally died in Tony’s arms; he is not going to recover from that quickly.

So, as much as it hurts, we got a shock win against Marvel for predicting Spider-Man’s death. Excuse us while we go and have another little cry.

Marvel – 3
Digital Fox – 2

6 – Loki

Loki-Infinity War-Tumblr
We saw this coming a mile away. Source: Tumblr

Among the non-Avengers, we knew Loki would definitely be on the chopping block. He has had a good run and finally seemed to have found his moral compass by the end of Thor: Ragnarok. We even predicted he would die trying to save his brother!

However, we did not expect Loki to be the second character in the film to be killed! That was way too soon. We envisioned Loki back on Earth, fighting Thanos’ army by Thor’s side. For him to be throttled to death, squirming in Thanos’ arm, his brother watching on… that was not pretty. Uncool, Marvel!

Marvel – 3
Digital Fox – 3

7 – Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts-Iron Man 2-Tumblr
Pepper, are you okay? Source: Tumblr

We could still be right about Pepper but it looks like we will have to wait till Avengers 4 to find out. From the post-credits scene, we know that Thanos’ snap affected not just heroes but civilians as well, so Pepper could still find herself vanishing into the ether. Shall we call this one a tie?

Marvel – 4
Digital Fox – 4

8 – Nebula

Nebula-Infinity War-PopSugar
Sure we like Nebula, but we like Gamora more! Source: Pop Sugar

We got the wrong sister! Of Thanos’ two beloved daughters, we were sure that Gamora would be safe, not Nebula. We are crushed! Bring Gamora back, Marvel, we don’t care how.

Nebula could potentially play an important role in Avengers 4, if the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ comic is anything to go by, and possibly help bring back some of the characters. Until then, we are going to silently seethe about this injustice.

Marvel – 5
Digital Fox – 4

9 – Black Panther and his crew

Wakandans-Infinity War-Tumblr
We don’t like unpleasant surprises, Marvel! Source: Tumblr

Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. How could you do this to us? T’Challa and the incredible Wakandans were supposed to get out of this unscathed. They have two whole movies left; we have been waiting for them forever; they were finally bringing the kind of diversity fans have been desperate for since the beginning of the MCU.

None of them should have died, least of all the king himself, Black Panther! You have done us dirty, Marvel, and you had better fix it.

Marvel – 6
Digital Fox – 4

10 – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange-Infinity War-Pinterest
Well, no one can rag him about his name now. Source: Pinterest

In hindsight, we should have seen this one coming. After all, Doctor Strange was in possession of the time stone which Thanos was after. But, unlike Vision, who had to be destroyed for his mind stone to be retrieved, Strange had the option of just giving his stone to Thanos. Which is exactly what he does in exchange for Thanos sparing Tony Stark’s life. But then Strange fades away anyway following the snap. He did what Thanos asked but he still wasn’t spared. That is so unfair.

We have a feeling that Doctor Strange has the best chance of coming back, though. Not just because of his remaining two films but because of his mystic powers. How exactly it will happen, we will have to wait and see.

Marvel – 7
Digital Fox – 4

11 – The Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy-Infinity War-Tumblr
Talk about last man standing. Source: Tumblr

Rocket Raccoon is the only Guardian left. Who could have predicted that? Not only was Gamora the first Guardian to die, in exchange for the soul stone, but the rest of the Guardians were killed in the snap as well. I think we can be forgiven for getting this completely wrong.

Chances are high that the team will be seen together in their third film, for a couple of reasons. Chris Pratt has said that the third Guardians of the Galaxy film will begin shooting in 2019 and, if he is the one announcing it, he most likely is in the film.

Plus, Infinity War purportedly takes place four years after the second Guardians film. The first two films took place in the same year with a post-credits scene after Vol. 2 establishing a time-jump to ‘present day’. It could mean that Vol. 3 will take place within those four years so we could have the team back together.

Or, Marvel could shake things up and present us with a whole new team in the third film. We won’t know till we know.

Marvel – 8
Digital Fox – 4

12 – Iron Man

Iron Man-Infinity War-Gizmodo
Isn’t it time for Tony to go? Source: Gizmodo

In the same vein as Cap, we are a little annoyed that Iron Man survived Infinity War. Don’t get us wrong, we love Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. He’s an egotistical hot-head whose motivation see-saws from film to film, but his heart is always in the right place. He really should have been the one to go though, not Spider-Man!

However, him being alive sets up his arc for Avengers 4 – since it appears his survival is key to winning against Thanos. He already has PTSD from the events in The Avengers, but it is only going to get worse – what with Doctor Strange sacrificing his life for him, and Spidey dying as well.

We can assume that he will be ready to do absolutely anything in the next film to write the wrongs from Infinity War. It should make for very interesting character development.

Marvel – 8
Digital Fox – 5

13 – Thor and Valkyrie

Thor-Infinity War-TheMarySue
Protect him! Source: The Mary Sue

It was looking a bit hairy there for Thor in the beginning of Infinity War, but not only did the God of Thunder make it through the entire film, he is being hailed as the film’s best character. This is one prediction we are very happy came true because losing Thor now would have been the worst. He has become a much more enjoyable character following director Taika Waititi’s interpretation in Thor: Ragnarok and we need to see more of him!

As for Valkyrie, she didn’t even make an appearance in the film, which is a travesty. How delightful would it have been to see Valkyrie and the Guardians onscreen together? We are sad to have been denied that but at least we were right about her still being alive. Here’s to seeing Valkyrie in Avengers 4.

Marvel – 8
Digital Fox – 6

14 – Scarlet Witch and Black Widow

Black Widow-Infinity War-Tumblr
Not to be trifled with, this one. Source: Tumblr

We were half-right on this one. Black Widow makes it to the end of the film and even has a badass team-up with Okoye, which was probably the best part of the whole film. According to the Russo Brothers, Avengers 4 will balance out the amount of screen-time for all the characters, so we should get even more of Widow and Okoye next year. Yay!

Sadly, Scarlet Witch will not be joining them. We honestly thought the female characters would get away intact but we were wrong. Thanos’ snap discriminated against no one and the Avengers’ small number of female characters was left severely depleted at the end of Infinity War. Wanda fought the good fight, even killing Vision when she had to but, alas, it wasn’t enough.

Marvel – 8.5
Digital Fox – 6.5

15 – Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp-Den of Geek
Can they save the day? Source: Den of Geek

Now, we have to assume that the Ant-Man and the Wasp film will be set before Infinity War and that it will somehow tie into this film. In which case, Marvel had better have a good explanation for leaving these two out of the final fight. I don’t care how much Scott wanted to protect his family, the Avengers needed him and the Wasp in Wakanda!

We did predict these characters would be safe but we might just have to wait till the end of their solo film to be absolutely sure. Let’s call this one a tie, as well.

Marvel – 9.5
Digital Fox – 7.5


Well, we could have done worse. Not bad for mere mortals with no access to a time stone!

One thing is for sure, if we thought the speculation about Infinity War was off the charts, we had no idea what we were in for. Fans have already begun spouting theories about Avengers 4 – how the characters will be brought back to life, who will remain dead and who will die next time. There is so much to ponder over, especially considering how Marvel successfully managed to out-think us with this film.

Is no one safe from Marvel? We’ll find out next year.

For more on Infinity War, check out Digital Fox’s predictions for the MCU’s future.

What did you think about Gamora’s arc? Take a look at our theory about Gamora’s fate.

And, for some light reading, check out our top 10 throwbacks in the film.

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