Mad Max Black and white

Will Mad Max be released in black and white?

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Mad Max in black and white is on its way.

And won’t George Miller be happy? It’s what he wanted all along. Despite Mad Max being hailed as a modern great of the action movie genre, Miller wants to ditch colour to create a gritty black and white version.

Fans got wind of this and, slowly but surely, the idea took off like a war machine. Now it’s in full force. And I love it. This is a spin on a great movie that definitely needs to happen.

There’s still no official confirmation, but word on the street (or road) is that it’s going to be part of a blu-ray pack release in September.

Check out a Russ Fischer’s take on what this might look like.

I had a think about how little black and white is used today.

The only other time I can remember it being utilised recently (and I am sure there are other examples, which you should all comment on and tell me about) was Casino Royale.

The scene was pretty dramatic and dark, and set the tone for a great movie. It almost felt like a shame the black and white didn’t continue throughout. And having clearly worked for Bond, I pondered other movies that could have benefited from this choice of colouring (or lack thereof): Road to Perdition, The Revenant, The Imitation Game and 12 Years a Slave not only would have worked well without coloured film, but perhaps could have even turned out better than the originals. There will definitely be other instances in future where black and white both can and should be used.

Perhaps, if this is successful and the blu-ray boxset does well, there may be more and more experiments in black and white, with versions being released in blu-ray after release. It might be too much of a stretch to hope for a full cinema release, but I would love a black and white version of the next James Bond movie.

James Bond. Source: MGM
James Bond. Source: MGM

On a serious note, I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and whether a black and white edition of some of your favourite films would interest you. Fire them over in the comments section!

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