‘The Lost Boys’ Is Being Adapted Into a Musical By G Tom Mac

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G Tom Mac is bringing the Lost Boys back to life, in the form of a musical. And fans can’t wait.

Many years back, a friend of mine and myself, with our permissions slips in hand, went to see an R-rated comedy horror film. Permission slips? Yes, we were underage, and needed permission from our parents to watch the movie.

It was that day, that summer of 1987, the world fell in love with a gang of vampires: Paul, Dwayne, Marko and their leader David aka The Lost Boys. The fearless Frog Brothers made us laugh, and our minds wondered about good ol’ grandpa and his middle shelf in his refrigerator.

There is a tie-in book to the movie, written by Craig Shaw Gardner. It had a limited publication run, which leads to high prices for those selling their copies. Sadly, I am not one of those who has the sought after book. I wish, though.  Would be nice if they would put out a second run publication. It would sell like hotcakes, in both physical and electronic.

It’s Reigning Frogs

My comics, “Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs.” Photo by Tracie Hicks

It was 21 years later, in 2008, between May and August, that we learned about the events which lead to the Frog brothers separating. The events in the comics occur a year before the events in Lost Boys: The Tribe.

The story comes to us in the form of a comic-book series, Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs, written by Hans Rodionoff and published through Wildstorm. Edgar narrates the story, and he exaggerates most of it. But one thing is for sure, David is alive and is searching for Michael and Star. Edgar reveals they died in a car crash. He takes his new apprentice with him to hunt down David.

Welcome to The Tribe

Talk about keeping it in the family. Photo by Warner Brothers

In 2008, one Frog brother would resurface back into our lives. Edgar Frog, living undercover in Luna Bay, California, as a surfboard shaper, finds a new target in Lost Boys: The Tribe. The story connects the first film and the second film, through Shane. David and his gang attack Shane and his friends on a beach. Now he leads a tribe and falls for the beautiful Nicole Emerson. Her brother, Chris, teams up with Edgar to save her from Shane and his Tribe.

When the movie released, rumours flew. Everyone wondered who Chris and Nicole Emerson were, and their connection to the first film. The main rumour picks up from the comic books, when Edgar said Michael and Star died in a car accident. In the movie, Chris and Nicole’s parents died in a car accident, plus their last names are Emerson.

One other rumour: Chris is Laddie, who couldn’t remember the past events of his youth, and Nicole is his adopted sister.

Oh, and have another rumour for good luck. It’s probably the most believable too: Chris and Nicole are Michael and Sam’s cousins.

Ending the Thirst

Zoe, Edgar, and Allan facing off against vampires. Photo by Warner Brothers.

Two years go by, and we see Edgar Frog living in San Cazador (Per Google translator: Spanish for Hunter, shooter or destroyer), California, selling his comic books to make ends meet.

All changes when a best-selling writer, Gwen Lieber, appears at his doorstep to save him from his financial troubles. The catch, hunt down and destroy the head vampire DJ X in Lost Boys: The Thirst. Edgar teams up with his comic store friend Zoe, a Hollywood reality star Lars von Goetz, and his cameraman, Claus. While the team is on the hunt, Allan Frog returns to help them.

The in-between times

Photos by Vertigo Comics, modified by Tracie Hicks.

It took 29 years to pass before we found out what the Frog Brothers were up to after their first run in with vampires.  In 2016, Tim Seelye’s comic book series, The Lost Boys, gave us the insights we longed for. The story follows the Frog and the Emerson brothers with their fight with the Blood Belles, AKA The Lost Girls.

What, a television series?

CW had plans for a “Lost Boys” television series. Photo by CW.

Back in 2016, the internet was a buzz of a Lost Boys series hitting the cable network, CW. The rumours of the series grew stronger in early 2017. The series synopsis was to expand seven decades (7 Seasons), same vampires, different storyline each season. Now, the CW has postponed the series and is instead pushing for a Charmed reboot and a new supernatural series title, Dead Inside

A Lost Boys Story: The Musical

Yes, you read that right. The Lost Boys becomes a musical, courtesy of G Tom Mac. Last fall, the “Cry Little Sister” singer announced he was creating a musical reimagining of our favourite vampire series.

“I really took some time to think about how the characters could come to life on the actual theatre stage, with a really strong story that tells the backstory to all the characters.” – G Tom Mac.

One backstory is about David, a Lithuanian 5-year-old child, living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe in 1972. The orphanage’s superior is no other than Max.  The Greenbergs adopt David and moves to Nova Scotia.

We will learn how the Lost Boys form, including Star and Laddie.  Sam, Michael, and the Frog brothers return.

The soundtrack for the musical is out. You can listen to it through Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes. As for when the musical goes into production it remains unknown, but I am looking forward to watching the stage production.

What are your thoughts on the musical by G Tom Mac?


Last year, Paul Davis announced a book with behind the scenes pictures and stories, Lost in the Shadows: The Story of the Lost Boys. The book sold out quickly. Now, the book is in soft-back form, and it too is selling fast. Nope, I don’t have this book. Wish though.


Is the Surf Nazis gang, a gang of werewolves? Photo by Warner Brothers

Lost Boys: The Thirst ends the vampires, as we know of. Plus, the movie ends with Zoe revealing to the camera who she is, a werewolf. The revelation and hints throughout the movie sparked rumours of a Lost Boys 4 movie and WB planning a Frog Brothers television series. In 2012, Warner Brothers changed their minds due to the decline in sales. Now we are left wondering how the Frog Brothers would have handled fighting werewolves, and if they could be friends with Zoe. Could Zoe be a possible love interest for Edgar?

One director was going to pick up the reigns for the fourth sequel, Brandon Tobatto. On his YouTube channel, he created a Lost Boys: Ascension teaser trailer. He wants to bring the story back to its roots to Santa Carla. The Frog Brothers, with their new partner Zoe, along with Laddie and the Emerson family, must come together to save the town from a pack of surfing werewolves, Surf Nazis.

Do they sound familiar? They should, they were the gang that terrorised the Frog Brothers’ comic-book store in the first film. They are the same gang that the vampire Shane Powers, Lost Boys: The Tribe, was in when David and his gang attacked them.

Per Brandon Tobatto’s Lost Boys: Ascension Facebook page, he is set to delete the page and abandon the project due to the upcoming CW Lost Boys television series.  With the series on the back burner, will Brandon try once more to take his project to Warner Brothers and to get the approval needed to complete his project?


What are your views on the Lost Boys franchise? Let it die out, or live on?

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