Infinity War: MCU Directors Make Heartbreaking Reveals

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Just when you thought the pain was over, the MCU gets another shot in.

Avengers: Infinity War has been in theatres for a few weeks now. For many fans, the pain of the film’s tragic ending is still raw. Unfortunately, the pain may not be ready to fade just yet.

As the fear of spoilers begins to subside, some of the MCU’s most important Directors are more open to answering questions, and they’ve made some heartbreaking reveals about Infinity War.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Who else was killed by the Snap?

Many fans have questioned Sif’s whereabouts. Credit: Marvel

We saw many beloved Marvel heroes die on screen during the final act of Infinity War. 

After the shock subsided, fans began questioning who else may have been taken by the great dust-storm.

After all, with the film being as jam-packed with heroes as it was, sacrifices had to be made with the casting. This left many supporting characters from the heroes’ solo films unaccounted for at the time of the snap.

Now, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have revealed the heartbreaking fates of some of those characters who did not appear in Infinity War.

Many fans were left wildly speculating on the whereabouts of Lady Sif after she failed to appear during Thor: Ragnarok. Her absence was eventually explained, having been sent away on missions by Odin/Loki to keep her from discovering his ruse.

While her absence from Asgard meant Sif survived Hela’s rampage, it has now been revealed that she was unable to escape Thanos’s Universal purge.

Betty Ross, a former love interest of Bruce Banner, is also a confirmed victim of the Snap.

What these losses mean going forward is uncertain, but to have them among the few confirmed deaths revealed so far means they will likely cause a sting to the grieving Avengers.

The ‘Lucky’ Survivors

Peter was May’s whole world. Credit: Marvel

Just as heartbreaking as the knowledge of who died in Infinity War is the reveals of who survived the Snap.

One confirmed survivor is Aunt May, the sole surviving guardian of Peter Parker.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to comic fans, as May has always had a habit of surviving or recovering from disasters.

What makes this Infinity War reveal so heartbreaking is that while May survived, Peter didn’t. Peter was May’s whole world, and now Tony will have to tell her that her world is gone.

Valkyrie, introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, has also been confirmed alive by the Russo brothers.

Her exact whereabouts are unknown, but she is likely with the half of the Asgardian survivors not slaughtered by Thanos.

Groot’s Last Words

groot and rocket
Father and son? Credit: Marvel.

One of the most painful deaths of all was that of Groot, a fan favourite since his first appearance in Guardians of The Galaxy. 

While Groot is a creature of few words (I am Groot), he is usually saying a lot more than we can hear. James Gunn, the director of the Guardians Of The Galaxy films, has said that he scripts full lines for Groot. This allows actor Vin Diesel to adjust his tone to match whatever the character was actually supposed to be saying.

So of course, a fan just had to ask Gunn to translate Groot’s final words.

Ready to have your hearts shattered again, Marvel fans?

Groot’s final ‘I am Groot’ translates to… ‘Dad’. In his last moments, Groot seeks comfort from someone he sees as a father figure. The one who regrew him from a tiny twig, and has cared for him as well as he knew how ever since.

And the worst part? There is nothing Rocket can do to help him.

Even after these heartbreaking reveals about Infinity War, there is hope.

Fortunately, it is not all doom and gloom for the MCU.

The Russos have refused to confirm the fates of Ragnarok’s breakout characters Korg and Miek, and Thor’s former love interest, Jane Foster, on the grounds of possible spoilers.

Fans are choosing to take this as a good sign. Sometimes, no news is good news.

While the fate of Pepper Potts is technically unconfirmed at this stage, she has been seen on set for scenes apparently shot for Avengers 4.

On top of this evidence, we have the many ever-hopeful fan theories. Most of these have come up with some rather convincing arguments as to why our favourite characters are not actually dead.

We’ll see whether all our hearts are healed or just broken further when the still untitled sequel to Infinity War is released in 2019.

If you feel heartbroken after reading this article on the confirmed Infinity War deaths/survivors revealed by the directors, this article on the best moments of Infinity War may (we can’t promise) cheer you up.

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