How to Watch E3 2018 Live – Times, Dates, Streams

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Whether it’s on your phone, computer or video game console – here’s how to watch all the upcoming shows for E3 2018!

It’s that time again folks! As gamers prep up their pre-orders and adjust their body clocks, E3 2018 is just a couple days away. While most of us won’t physically be there to view the LA show floor, thankfully, we’re here to provide you with list of streams to watch E3 2018.

In this article, we detail all the upcoming showtimes, stream links, and titles to expect from these conferences. Please keep note that as we get closer to the dates, details may be updated throughout the course of the week.

how to catch E3 2018

Stream links and showtimes

EA: Twitch Youtube

With last year’s tease of Anthem and the announcement of Battlefield V, no doubt EA will be showcasing these two titles on the show floor. Not only is EA in a good position with Battlefield V keeping its single player campaign, but Anthem stands a good chance in winning back science fiction fans who felt betrayed with Mass Effect: Andromeda.

In addition to their yearly announcements of sports titles (Madden, FIFA etc), we may also see several new ‘EA Originals’ titles during this year’s conference. With the recent success of A Way Out, expect some surprises.

Sunday, June 10th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 4:00 am (SA/NT) 3:30 am (WA) 2:00 am (NZ) 6:00 am

Microsoft: TwitchYoutube

With all the announcements that have been leaked so far, one of most quiet has been Microsoft. While it may seem the publisher has gone dark on all their upcoming titles, who knows – E3 2018 could surprise us.

After all, seeing as we’re yet to see any news on Crackdown 3, Halo 6 and Gears of War, it is possible that we may see one of these titles. Plus, with the recent launch of Sea of Thieves, Microsoft could also tease some upcoming updates for the pirate-themed sandbox.

Monday, June 11th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 6:00 am (SA/NT) 5:30 am (WA) 4:00 am (NZ) 8:00 am

Bethesda: Twitch Youtube

Out of all the shows this year, Sony and Bethesda are probably the two biggest publishers on my radar at the moment.

With the announcements of RAGE 2 and Fallout 76, Bethesda has made a huge splash so far leading up the date. Plus, it’s a possibility that these two won’t be the only major releases coming out of the door.

Could there be news on another Elder Scrolls title? Or perhaps a sequel to 2016’s DOOM?

Monday, June 11th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 11:30 am (SA/NT) 11:00 am (WA) 9:30 am (NZ) 1:30 pm

Square Enix: Twitch – Youtube

Not much to say about Square Enix. Considering the popularity of their MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, expect news surrounding some sort of expansion.

In addition to this possible announcement, what we can also expect is more news surrounding the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider game. Announced a few months back, the title is the third release from the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise.

Tuesday, June 12th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 3:00 am (SA/NT) 2:30 am (WA) 1:00 am (NZ) 5:00 am

Ubisoft: TwitchYoutube

With the recent announcement of Assassins Creed Odyssey, it seems like Ubisoft is back on track for their yearly releases of Assassins Creed titles. While it is more likely that we’re going to see some gameplay surrounding it, it is also likely that we may see some footage for The Division 2.

As well as their yearly releases of Just Dance, rumours have also been circulating about an upcoming Splinter Cell game in development. But rumours aside, expect to see more gameplay surrounding Skull & Bones, and perhaps some snippets for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Tuesday, June 12th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 6:00 am (SA/NT) 5:30 am (WA) 4:00 am (NZ) 8:00 am

Sony: TwitchYoutube

From Death Stranding, Spiderman, The Last of Us Part II, to Ghosts of Tsushima – my anticipation for this year’s Sony conference is at an all time high.

Not only am I psyched to see more news surrounding Death Stranding, but I’m especially pumped to see whether or not there will be gameplay featured in this conference. According to some recent news, Sony has explained that they will be exploring these four titles extensively at this year’s show, so there’s a big possibility that this will happen.

In addition to these four titles, expect to see some new trailers in-between these chats – most likely from third party publishers.

Tuesday, June 12th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 11:00 am (SA/NT) 10:30 am (WA) 9:00 am (NZ) 1:00 pm

Nintendo: TwitchYoutube

This year, news surrounding the upcoming Super Smash Bros title will no doubt play a big role in Nintendos conference, considering how we’re already a year into its life cycle, and the amount of titles that Nintendo has pumped out has been fairly consistent. My expectation is that we may see this come out in late December, just in time for Christmas.

As well as this, we are yet to hear any more news regarding the upcoming Metroid Prime 4, or the announced Yoshi title. Considering how quiet Nintendo has been, it begs the question whether or not Nintendo will be teasing some sort of gameplay reveal at some point in the show.

Regardless, expect to hear to more news surrounding their recent online service. Up until this point, Nintendo hasn’t had a huge library of online multiplayer games. With the recent reveal of Fortnite on the switch, no doubt they have something planned to help sell this service.

Wednesday, June 13th – (VIC/TAS/ACT/QLD) 2:00 am (SA/NT) 1:30 am (WA) 12:00 am (NZ) 4:00 am

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