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Fruit Ninja – the Movie is Coming Soon

It looks like The Angry Birds Movie was just the beginning. New Line Cinema have just secured the rights to a Fruit Ninja movie, which apparently has been in development for a while.

Sensei. Source: Halfbrick Studios.

Yes that’s right, somehow a mobile game that featured an elderly ninja slicing fruit is going to be transformed into a full-length Hollywood blockbuster.

And we really shouldn’t be surprised. The monetary success of The Angry Birds Movie was only ever going to encourage similar mobile games to get onto the movie bandwagon.

If you were wondering how the hell they’re going to make a movie out of this, I don’t blame you. Apparently the project is by gaming developers Halfback Studios envisaged as a live action comedy that follows a group of Fruit Ninjas on their quest to ninja a bunch of fruit and ultimately save the world. Yes, I’m serious.

From my very objective position, I will warn you not to get your hopes up.

The assembled writing team have quite literally never made anything good, i.e. Anchorwoman, which scores a respectable 2.6/10 on imdb.

Now that’s a sexy slice. Source: Halfbrick Studios.

Still, there’s a strong chance this will still be a box-office hit.

Fruit Ninja remains the most downloaded iOS game of all time, achieving over one billion downloads. To put that into perspective, if the fruit in the game was real, we wouldn’t have global hunger. If only 10 per cent of those users pay to watch the movie, the creators will make literal bucket loads of money.

And even though I’m 90 per cent sure it will suck, I still want to see it. I must have spent years slicing fruit on the toilet. It’s only right I now see it on the big screen.

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