MCU Howard the Duck

Four Memorable Onscreen Appearances of ‘Howard The Duck’

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Howard The Duck is coming to TV with a brand-new animated series.

The new Howard The Duck series will be produced by Kevin Smith, and is set to air on Hulu.

Howard will also feature in The Offenders animated special, alongside M.O.D.O.K, Hit-Monkey, Tigra, and Dazzler.

This new series is not the first attempt at bringing Howard The Duck to the big or small screen. These previous attempts have seen varying degrees of success through the years.

Let’s go through four of the most memorable onscreen appearances of Marvel’s favourite duck!

1. Howard The Duck (1986)

Howard The Duck
The 1986 film is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The most infamous attempt to get the character onscreen is the 1986 film Howard The Duck. I say infamous, because it is considered one of the worst comic-book movies of all time.

The film has Howard unintentionally transported to Earth by the invention of two bumbling scientists. Once there, he rescues a woman, Beverly Switzer, from street thugs, and the pair hit it off. Unfortunately, a later attempt to send Howard home results in the evil Dark Overlord arriving on Earth.

The movie was a box office bomb, and panned by critics. Many of its stars struggled to find work for years after it was released. However, like so many ‘bad’ movies, Howard The Duck has since developed a cult following.

2. Ultimate Spider-Man

Howard with ‘Web-Beard’ and his crew.

Howard has had several cameo appearances in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

His most significant appearance was in the episode ‘Return To The Spiderverse, Part 2. When Peter Parker and Miles Morales find themselves in a pirate universe, they encounter the ‘Dread Pirate’ Howard. Howard used to serve that universe’s Spider-Man, Web-Beard, but incites a mutiny after learning Web-Beard was hoarding treasure for himself.

They reconcile after a Kraken attacks the ship, and everyone must work together to defeat it.

In this appearance, Howard is voiced by Seth Green.

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy films.

Howard The Duck
Howard comforts The Collector.

Howard The Duck has also had a cameo appearance in both live-action Guardians Of The Galaxy films.

In the first film, Howard is a living exhibit in The Collector’s collection. He is freed in the explosion caused after The Collector’s assistant lays hands on the Power Stone. He is seen again in the post-credits sequence.

In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, Howard is seen flirting with a woman on Contraxia, and also appears briefly during the credits.

In both of these appearances, the character is voiced by Seth Green.

4. Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series.

Howard in the Guadians animated series.

Howard The Duck is a recurring character in the Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series, again voiced by Seth Green.

Like in the films, Howard is first seen as a part of The Collector’s collection. He is later revealed to be an old friend of Rocket. In one episode, Howard recruits the Guardians to retrieve an object for him. Unfortunately, the mission is a ruse by The Collector to set the Guardians up as thieves.

He later redeems himself, placing a tracking beacon in The Collector’s ship so the Guardians can find it.

Only time will tell if the new Howard The Duck series will be a high or low point in the character’s onscreen history. But with the talent involved, we have high hopes.

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