This is What the Avengers Will be Wearing in Infinity War

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We take a look at the evolution of Avengers costumes, and what the superheroes will most likely be wearing in the upcoming Infinity War.

Okay be warned, this article contains potential spoilers for the (where-the-heck-is the teaser) Infinity War and spoilers from Thor: Ragnarok and Spiderman: Homecoming (have you seriously not watched it yet?)

You’ve gotta admit, the real reason we wait for these epic comic-book movies – and I mean apart from watching our favourite superheroes throw it down with the baddies – is the latest look our beloved characters are endowed in.

The costumes are incredibly important in a superhero movie and we cannot deny losing our minds over any unfortunate mis-stitch that happens. MCU however has been brilliant in the whole costume department (except maybe Captain America in the first Avengers movie), making the costumes as close as possible to the source material and yet maintaining the integrity for grounded storytelling.

Characters such as Iron Man go through numerous armours in a single movie and we love it! The evolution of these costumes since phase one of the MCU up until now has been gradual, reasonable and profoundly stunning.

With Infinity War right around the corner, I can’t wait for our heroes to take on Thanos. But most importantly, I can’t wait to see how good they look while doing it! The latest promo image on Infinity War teases just that.

Check out the characters and their latest look:

Insane, ain’t it?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Captain America

Oh Captain, my Captain. The guy has had it rough over the entire run of the MCU: Missing out on that dance, waking up in a world he doesn’t recognise decades later, battling his best friend and redeeming him, making out with the niece of his ex-girlfriend (this one’s subjective) and finally, after the events of Civil War, is now on the run as a war criminal. Whew, well that’d make anyone grow a beard.

And that’s exactly what good ol’ Cap has done. Steve Rogers has gone from a pretty boy scout to a rugged, Imma-kick-your-ass kinda guy with his unshaven look. Winter Soldier gave him his best look with a darker costume from S.H.I.E.L.D until Age of Ultron and Civil War upgraded it to a cooler and more advanced suit while staying true to his classy look (thanks to Stark Tech).

With a costume similar to the one from Civil War – except the star on his chest has gone AWOL like him – it’ll be interesting if he calls himself the Nomad. It’ll be great to see what other changes Rogers has under his sleeve now that he doesn’t have his trusted shield. My best guess is: Tony Stark could arm him with a cyber shield or a different shield not unlike the very first shield he used in The First Avenger except with a laser blade at the bottom from the comics.

Iron Man

Iron Man has had a lot of cool upgrades overall. Iron Man 2 gave the term suit-case a whole new meaning. The billionaire playboy has constantly been at it and then decided to destroy it all but was back again by Age of Ultron.

The extremis armour from Civil War didn’t have any significant feature like it did in the comics nor did the suit from Spiderman: Homecoming.

The Mark 42 from Iron Man 3 was the last armour that was noticeably different in terms of function (Hulk Buster was cool but it wasn’t a regular suit). The makers definitely noticed and crafted the next big thing.

This beauty of a suit looks, for lack of a better term, badass. There were a few leaked concept art images that makes it look like a cross between Iron man and DC’s Blue Beetle. Only because his arm turns into an energy blasting canon and has flight blades coming up from his back, it’s still ridiculously awesome. Let’s hope it is indeed powerful enough to take on the mad Titan.


Thor has had a rough time in the MCU too. Okay, I guess everyone has. But we’re talking in terms of a franchise and it’s been a weak one. Thor never really got hold of its genre and wasted its villain in the Dark World.

The costumes have never actually made any impact on moviegoers such as myself, except the tiny fact that Hemsworth decided to ditch the wig for Dark World and grow his own locks.

Thor 2: Real hair

However, this was before the makers of Ragnarok pushed everything off their desk in one sliding motion and changed everything. And I mean everything. Thor no longer has his hammer, Mjolnir, gasps, Nor does he have his right eye. Faints.

The Lord.. ahem.. God of Thunder was put through a gruelling task of finding himself and saving Asgard without his helmet, his cape half-torn and his golden locks chopped off by Stan Lee. Ragnarok has changed Thor’s look so much that I doubt Stark would be able to recognise him without Friday’s help. Yeah, okay so what if Banner did…

Lovin’ the eye patch

Anyway, Thor will apparently be retaining this look for the Infinity War as well. Short hair, golden eye patch, Mjolnir-less and a whole lot of attitude.


First off, isn’t it wonderful just seeing the name Spider-Man here in this list of MCU heroes? Let’s take a moment to appreciate that. Done? Okay.

The last we saw of Peter Parker was when his dear (Aunt) May walked in on him taking off his mask, which is apparently much worse than walking in on Ned watching porn. The mask is part of the same suit from Civil War.

The poster makes it clear that Spider-Man will be rocking his Iron-Spider suit, which Stark revealed at the end of Homecoming. 

The Iron Spider?

It will be exciting to see the upgrades this suit has. I would particularly lose my mind if the golden spider legs showed up! And does whatever a spider can! Okay, I’ll stop now.

Black Widow

Are they the same person? Black Widow’s killer looks

A trained assassin and a spy. She’s any super villain’s worst nightmare. Black Widow never looks the same in any of the movies she’s appeared in. Not that we’re complaining. Be it Iron Man 2 or Captain America: Civil War, her hair and her tactical body suit vary greatly and is useful as her role as a spy.

The suit has had its share of upgrades, like the stingers of course. However, Infinity War is where she looks the most different. A light blonde hairdo with a green-black tactical suit is sure to throw you off if you’re looking for her, on government orders. Can’t wait to see how awesome she would be when Thanos wreaks havoc on Earth.


Like Thor, Hawkeye hasn’t had any noticeable changes. And like Thor, Hawkeye is going to look a hell of a lot different in Infinity War. It’s verrrry likely he would ditch the identity of Hawkeye and go by the name Ronin. Why, you ask? Well check out the set photos and compare the legs with the comic version.

Huh? Huh? Ronin is on the way!

Black Panther

Black Panther was an immediate fan-favourite in Civil War. I mean c’mon, you’d have to be out of your mind to not drool over the Vibranium suit that can withstand gunfire from a chopper! The standalone movie is not far away and if you haven’t caught the trailer yet, I suggest you do here.

Taking on Killmonger!

The CGI is amazing and we get a look at the new suit of the king. A terrifying purplish glow along the grooves of the suit is obviously some kind of power enhancer that allows T’challa to further improve his odds at fighting. What’s more, suiting up is a lot cooler too. (Watch the trailer. Like right now.)


GOTG heroes are here and their leader with Mary Poppins issues doesn’t look any different. Star Lord has always switched between his long trench coat and his jacket, both the same colour.

Star-Lord all set to take on Thanos

We will need to wait and see if there are any more upgrades under his sleeve and if he gets his helmet/mask too.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange did do really well as an origin story, taking us to spiritual side of the MCU. However, fans were quick to point out that his signature yellow gloves were missing in action throughout the movie, until he meets Thor.

The gloves!

In Rangarok, he does work his magic with his yellow gloves on much to the relief of moviegoers, young and old. Infinity War is when he’s next scheduled to appear and it looks like the gloves are back, albeit fingerless. But hey, does that really make a difference?

Alright folks, that’s all I got for now. I’m pretty excited about this beautiful evolution of their costumes which tell their own story in the MCU. The characters have grown so much and the duds are one way of showing them. Infinity War hits theatres soon, but before that we get the Black Panther going against Killmonger in the Black Panther standalone movie which is going to be lit.

You can read five theories about where Marvel will go after Infinity War here.

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