Young Justice Outsiders

Everything You Need to Know About Young Justice: Outsiders

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Young Justice season 3 is finally confirmed with DC Daily premiering an exclusive clip from the show. Here’s everything you need to know about Young Justice: Outsiders.

It has taken six long years of campaigning from fans for DC’s Young Justice to return to screens. Following two successful seasons, the popular animated DC show was scrapped, sparking outrage among fans. For the longest time, it seemed like the show would never again see the light of day, but thanks to fan support, there will now be a third season.

Young Justice original team-Young Justice-IMDB
The original gang. Source: IMDB

Young Justice: Outsiders does not yet have an official release date but will be available on DC’s exclusive streaming universe, DC Universe, in 2019. Here is everything you need to know about Young Justice: Outsiders.

1 – There are two Roy Harpers

Roy Harpers-Young Justice-IMDB
Seeing double. Source: IMDB

A secondary plotline of Young Justice was Roy Harper’s insistence that he be given a chance to join the Justice League, instead of having to hang around with the side-kicks. When he finally gets the opportunity, it turns out that Harper was being controlled by the Light, and was actually a clone of the real Roy Harper.

Clone Harper eventually finds the real deal, who everyone had presumed dead. The two Harpers go their separate ways with clone Harper taking on the mantle Red Arrow, as a nod to his mentor, Green Arrow. The real Harper gets a prosthetic upgrade from Lex Luthor and becomes Arsenal. He briefly joins the Young Justice team but isn’t much of a team player.

The two Harpers are mentally and emotionally adrift but season 3 will see either one or both of them return. We could even possibly see them resolve their issues and find happiness.

2 – Wally West is dead

The Speedsters-Young Justice-IMDB
The Speedsters have suffered a devastating loss. Source: IMDB

Season 2 of Young Justice dealt with death in myriad ways. Aqualad essentially becomes a villain after the death of his beloved Tula. He kills Artemis partway through the season, but it turns out to be a ruse for Artemis to help him infiltrate the Light.

Unfortunately for Artemis’ partner, Wally West, aka Kid Flash, death is a permanent finale. Kid Flash was a core member of the Young Justice team, a close friend of Dick Grayson’s and Aqualad’s. However, he wanted out of the superhero life and his superspeed suffered as a result.

During the finale, the speedsters – Flash, Impulse and Kid Flash – use their superspeed to stop a device from destroying the Earth. But because Kid Flash is slower than the other two, he gets repeatedly hit by stray radiation, eventually fading away from the time-stream.

As of now, Wally West is not set to appear in Outsiders. Bart Allen has shed his Impulse pseudonym and taken the moniker Kid Flash, an homage to the fallen hero. However, Wally West’s time-displacement was an integral part of the DC: Rebirth reboot. Could this plotline play a part in season three?

3 – Nightwing has gone solo

Nightwing-Young Justice-IMDB
Former leader’s new groove. Source: IMDB

With his closest friend’s death hanging over him, Dick Grayson decides to leave Young Justice and go his own way.

However, he clearly does not stop being a superhero as we see from the exclusive clip of Young Justice: Outsiders.

In the clip, Dick Grayson is in Moscow to rescue metahumans and collect a sample of a tar-like substance. This is an extension of the happenings in the previous season where the Light used alien and magical tech to create metahuman children.

We see Grayson speaking to Oracle, who will play a part in season three, but only as a disembodied voice. One hopes that Oracle will also make an actual appearance on the show as she is one of the rare superheroes with a disability and definitely deserves screen time.

4 – New heroes will be joining the team

New Heroes - Season 2-Young Justice-IMDB
Where are season 2’s new heroes now? Source: IMDB

Creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman confirmed on DC Daily that a host of new characters will be joining the show, alongside many of the returning cast.

As the name of the season suggests, a number of the characters from the DC Outsiders comics will feature on the show. Among the new heroes we will be seeing are Markovian prince, Brion Markov aka Geo-Force, the alien known as Forager, who is new to Earth, and Halo, who has the ability to be absorbed into other dead beings. Halo is listed on IMDB with the alias Gabrielle Doe, but her human identity might change over the course of the season.

5 – There won’t be a huge time-jump

Aqualad and Tula-Young Justice-IMDB
When things started to go bad. Source: IMDB

Between seasons one and two, there was a significant time jump that saw the young team from the first season become leaders in the next. However, season three is set to pick up shortly after the events of the final episode of season two.

Not only will we see the impact that Wally West’s death has had on the other characters, such as Dick Grayson and Artemis, but the Light’s shenanigans will also follow a similar theme.

Having said that, the creators have confirmed that the season is set to be “darker and more dramatic”. There are also plans for there to be more horror elements introduced in this season. The DCU platform allows creators to age-up the story so we may be moving out of the PG-13 arena, which will have an effect on the viewing experience for younger audiences.

6 – There will be multiple villains

The Light-Young Justice-IMDB
Bad guys return. Source: IMDB

The Light is definitely confirmed to return despite their setbacks from the previous season. They have consistently been the primary villains of the show and it seems that the creators want to stick to that formula. It is a good approach as it forms a recognisable thread for fans.

In the final moments of ‘Endgame’, the season two finale, viewers got a glimpse of Vandal Savage, member of the Light, meeting with Darkseid, who had used his Apokolips planet to create havoc earlier in the season.

It seems there will be more of this alliance on screen in Outsiders, as confirmed by Vietti and Weisman in DC Daily. Darkseid is one of DC’s most infamous villains, and Vandal Savage has had a large role to play throughout Young Justice, which should be interesting to watch.

Young Justice: Outsiders may have taken a long time coming but it already sounds like a cohesive and gripping storyline.

However, it is unfortunate that DC’s streaming service will not allow fans outside the United States to have access to the show, or its other exclusive content, including Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and Stargirl. One can only hope that they reconsider how fans avail of the content or decide to syndicate it out to more accessible channels. That would certainly make this long wait worth it for fans.

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