Everything You Need To Know About the New Firefly Comic

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Fans of cult-classic Sci-Fi series Firefly have been left tragically short on new content over the last few years. That’s about to change, with a brand new Firefly comic hitting shelves soon.

You do not have to dig too deep into the world of fandom to discover that the fate of Firefly is considered one of the great tragedies of the sci-fi genre. Fans were devastated when Joss Whedon’s epic Space Western was cancelled after a single season in 2002.

Fans blamed the series’ low viewership on the episodes being aired out of order. Firefly’s fans grew in number when the series was rerun in the correct order. Firefly’s massive DVD sales, coupled with continued fan pressure, led to the production of a feature film sequel, Serenity, in 2005.

For once, it seemed the fans had won. Yay for the little people!

Unfortunately, Serenity did not earn enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. A series of comics continuing the story were released periodically afterwards. The last of these was released in 2016.

Now, the Firefly comic is being revived once more. Even more exciting, it is set to explore a period in the Firefly ‘verse that has only been briefly touched on in the past.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The new Firefly Comic is being produced by Boom! Studios.

Boom! Studios, the new home of Firefly.

The new Firefly comic will be produced by Boom! Studios, who will be taking over the license from Dark Horse comics.

Boom! have been praised for their licensed comics in recent years, producing popular comics based on Farscape and Planet of The Apes. Their KaBoom! brand has also revived a number of much loved childhood favourites, including Ducktales, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and Rugrats, in comic book form.

This positive history with licensed comics makes Boom! Studios a good home for Firefly.

The continuity of earlier Firefly comics will remain intact.

Firefly comic
The Serenity is lost. Again. Credit: Dark Horse.

Boom! does not wish to alter the world established in the earlier Firefly comics. Much loved comic stories such as ‘Leaves On The Wind’ and ‘The Shepherd’s Tale’ will remain canon.

To support this, all the comics published by Dark Horse are set to be released in a collection dubbed Firefly Legacy Edition.

If you missed any the first time around, now’s your chance to catch up.

These will be the first Firefly comics to use the ‘Firefly’ title.

Dark Horse’s comics used Serenity as the main title.

The most likely reason for this was probably to maintain a connection to the film in case a sequel was ever produced.

Both titles, Firefly and Serenity, reference the ship in which Captain Mal Reynolds and his crew travel. Serenity is the ship’s name, and the ship is said to be a low-level ‘firefly’ class.

Joss Whedon will serve as a story consultant

Joss Whedon

The creator of Firefly, Joss Whedonwas just as devastated as the cast and fans when the series was cancelled.

While Whedon won’t be writing the new Firefly comic, he will be on hand as a story consultant.

Firefly is the second comic based on one of his cult hits that Whedon will be working on this year. He has already been busy writing Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 12: The Reckoning.

Dan McDaid will handle the comic’s artwork

The cover of Boom! Comics ‘Firefly #1’.

The interior artwork for the comic will be done by Dan McDaid. McDaid is currently best known for his work on the ‘Judge Dredd’ comics.

McDaid is one of the franchise’s newer fans, first discovering Serenity before watching Firefly’s ‘one brief, beautiful season’. He has promised long time fans that the comic will be ‘Epic’.

The new Firefly comic will be set during the Unification War.

The Unification War takes place years before the events of Firefly, and was only ever visited in brief flashbacks scattered through the episodes. Series protagonist Mal Reynolds, and his future co-captain Zoe Washburne, fought for the losing side, dubbed the ‘Browncoats’.

The new comic will be a prequel, letting us know exactly what Mal and Zoe got up to during the war. We may even get to see the full Battle Of Serenity Valley, which Mal names his ship after. As a time period of the Firefly universe that has never been fully explored, this is sure to be a treat for long time fans.

When can we get it?

Boom! Studios Firefly #1 is currently scheduled for release in November, 2018.

In the meantime, you could catch up on past comics, or watch Firefly’s single perfect season all over again.

Go on. No power in the ‘verse can stop you.

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