Goose the cat

Everything You Need To Know About Captain Marvel’s Cat

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Fans are in love with Captain Marvel’s Cat, but there may be more to this feline than meets the eye.

There’s a lot of important info to unpack in the latest Captain Marvel trailer. However, some fans have found themselves distracted from deeper analysis by an adorable scene between the young Nick Fury and Captain Marvel’s cat.

Going by the comics, the newest Avenger’s pet may be more than meets the eye.  

Here’s everything you need to know about Captain Marvel’s feline friend.

The Movie and Comic incarnations of Captain Marvel’s cat have different names.

Captain Marvel's cat
Goose in the first ‘Captain Marvel’ poster.

Both names contain a pop-culture reference.

In the comics, the cat’s name is Chewie, as she reminds her owner of the popular Star Wars character, Chewbacca.

Early pictures of merchandise from the movie confirm that the cat will be named Goose. This is both a reference to the character in Top Gun, and Carol Danvers’ pre-Superhero job as an air force pilot.

The Cat may not actually be a cat.

Carol with Chewie.

When she first meets Chewie, Carol assumes that she was a regular cat.

It is eventually revealed that Chewie is actually an alien creature known as a Flerken. 

On the surface, Flerkens appear like Earth’s domestic cats, but it turns out they have a few fantastic abilities. Flerkens possess tentacles that they can extend from there mouths, and can also hold pocket realities inside their bodies.

Whether Goose will turn out to be a Flerken is unknown, but he does share a similare appearance to Chewie.

Rocket Raccoon once attempted to kill Captain Marvel’s cat.

Rocket tries to hunt Chewie.

When Captain Marvel leaves Earth on an extended trip, Chewie joins her. Eventually, Carol ends up as a temporary member of the Guardians of The Galaxy.

Soon after Carol boards the Guardian’s ship, Rocket Racoon identifies Chewie as a Flerken. Believing the creature to be dangerous, Rocket sets out to kill Chewie before she lays eggs.

Carol puts a stop to Rocket’s hunt, convincing him to leave Chewie alone. He does, but he isn’t happy about it.

Chewie has 117 children.

Chewie becomes a Mother.

Rocket is eventually proved somewhat right when Chewie lays one-hundred and seventeen eggs.

Fortunately, the baby Flerkens themselves don’t cause nearly as much trouble as Rocket anticipated. Unfortunately, they have terrible timing, beginning to hatch while Captain Marvel and the Guardians are dealing with another Alien attack.

The baby Flerkens are safely evacuated to a rescue centre. Carol initially plans to leave Chewie behind to care for her babies, but Chewie teleports herself back onto the ship to be with her beloved owner.

We don’t know whether or not Goose will turn out to be a Flerken in the Captain Marvel movie, but its safe to assume the cat is more than meets the eye. We’ll know more when the film hits theatres in 2019.

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