Everything you need to know about: Thor Ragnarok (and its trailer)

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The new Thor Ragnarok trailer has given us a heap of juicy information. So what do you need to know?

Wow. I’m speechless. Did you guys catch the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer? Did you!? I’d like to thank the glorious sheep-ridden country of New Zealand for producing Taika Waititi, because that man definitely knows how to make a movie fun (see The Hunt For the Wilderpeople).

I know people are going to complain that this Thor Ragnarok trailer feels way too much like Guardians of the Galaxy, and to those people I say – who the fuck cares?! If this trailer is any indication of what the first act is going to be like, then bring on Ragnarok! A pinch of style from 80s Sci-Fi films, a dash of Led Zeppelin and a sprinkle of a Thor (Chris Hemsworth) – Hulk (Mark Rufallo) buddy movie action has me more psyched than any superhero movie coming out this year (besides from Logan, love you Hughesy!).

While most of you went nuts over the Hulk cameo, and some of you went Hela crazy over Hela (Cate Blanchett), so much was happening in that trailer that you guys missed out on! So today I’m going to give you a rundown on 5 things you DEFINITELY should know about the Thor: Ragnarok trailer (and the movie), and even some theories which, SPOILER ALERT, could reveal some key plot points. so be warned!

1 – How will Hela feature in Thor 3?

Hela cool. Source: Business 2 Community.

Hela is Marvel’s equivalent for the Norse goddess of death, Hel. In the comics she’s actually Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) daughter. While it’s unknown whether she’ll have the same origins in the film, her green and black colour scheme is definitely a tribute to her parentage, mirroring Loki’s quintessential colours.

But by Odin does Cate Blanchett make Hela look Hela scary (no I’m not apologising for that pun). Maybe for once we’re going to get a villain who isn’t just a throwaway!

In the comics Hela has teamed up with Loki before to force ‘Ragnarok’, an event in Norse mythology, which essentially amounts to the apocalypse. This is one of two storylines this film will be adopting – that being Thor trying to stop Ragnarok, the destruction of the universe.

Now because this film is supposed to lead straight into the climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – Infinity War, some people have been speculating that Hela is the final piece in this long series of uncovering the Infinity Stones.

2 – Infinity Stones

Will we get the final one? Source: Wikimedia.

Now in case you didn’t catch Guardians of the Galaxy, the Infinity Stones are a collection of six stones which have immense power, capable of destroying worlds. More importantly, Thanos – the Mad Titan, whom you’ve seen glimpses of in Guardians of the Galaxy and both Avengers, wants to collect all these stones into an Infinity Gauntlet, so he can become the most powerful being in the cosmos. And the reason why he wants do this? Well it’s kind of fucked and petulant but comics-wise it essentially amounts to tuning his one true unrequited love – Mistress Death.

Some people, myself included, have been speculating that Mistress Death – who is literally the incarnation of death – shan’t be making an appearance in the MCU, but will be replaced with Hela. Being the Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela would make a worthy substitute for Mistress Death, potentially capturing the attention of the Mad Titan after the events of Ragnarok.

Another link that Hela has to Thanos is she may have the last Infinity Stone – the Soul Gem. There’s been this massive fan theory going around linking the Infinity Stones to Thanos. This theory states that each Infinity Stone is linked to an object, which makes a letter that spells out… you guessed it: Thanos.

The Space Gem from Captain America: The First Avenger as well as from the first Avengers film is in the form of a Tesseract – T.

The Reality Gem from Thor the Dark World is found in the Aether – A.

The Time Gem from Doctor Strange was found in a Necklace, The Eye of Agamotto – N.

The Power Gem from Guardians of the Galaxy came from an Orb – O.

The Mind Gem which is the source of Vision’s power came from Loki’s Scepter – S.

That gets us T-A-N-O-S, so all we’re missing is the letter H. How easy would it be for that spot to be filled by Hela!?

If I hadn’t made this clear already, Infinity Stones are powerful. There are only three people who have ever broken Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir (Me-Y’all-Near, in case you wanted to pronounce it), and you’d have to be reasonably well versed in comic history to know that list includes Odin’s Father, Bor, and Molecule Man. It’d be a reasonable assumption to make that Hela alone could not have taken down Thor’s Hammer, especially if it hasn’t happened in the comics. It makes much more sense for her to have the help of a handy Infinity Stone…

Or Heimdall (Idris Elba) could have the Soul Gem. We know from the first Thor that he can see the souls of everyone in the universe, which now that I think about it makes way more sense. Also his orange coloured eyes match the Soul Gem, so maybe Marvel’s been teasing that since the beginning of the franchise? And if Heimdall has the Soul Gem then Hela going H.A.M. on Mjolnir makes her the most threatening villain ever in the MCU.

3 – So what exactly is the Ragnarok in Thor Ragnarok?

Ragnarok in Norse Mythology.

So as mentioned beforehand, Ragnarok is the Norse Apocalypse. In Marvel comics, Ragnarok is actually a continuous cycle, happening time and time again, resetting the universe until Thor finds out who’s actually causing these cycles to repeat; “Those Who Sit Above in Shadow”, takes them out, and breaks the cycle. I don’t know if the MCU would go that deep, but to simplify matters, they could just have Hela wanting to destroy Asgard, and maybe the universe with it. Without Thor or Odin in the equation, no one would be powerful enough to stop her – not when she potentially has an Infinity Stone.

All we really know from the Thor Ragnarok trailer is that we can expect Thor competing in Marvel Fight Club to potentially return back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok. We also know that another superhero is involved in the film, who could be of some assistance to Thor in stopping Ragnarok. Some fans may remember that at the end of Dr. Strange, Thor recruited Dr. Strange (Bernard Pumpkinpatch) to find Odin (Anthony Hopkins) who should be powerful enough to take down Hela… hopefully.

4 – The highlight of the Thor Ragnarok trailer: Planet Hulk

Holy moly this makes me pumped. Source: Incredible Hulk

In the Thor Ragnarok trailer we saw Thor entering a Gladiator styled arena where he bumps into his “friend from work” – and no it’s not Darryl. Now this entire sub-plot looks like it came straight out of Marvel Comic’s Planet Hulk. What’s that you ask? Well it’s a story where the Hulk gets banished from Earth by the Illuminati (#Illuminaticonfirmed), ends up accidentally going to a planet called Sakaar, where he’s forced to fight as a gladiator.

Because this is a Marvel movie, we’ll probably see Thor experiencing something similar to the plot behind Planet Hulk, mixed in with him trying to return to Asgard to stop Ragnarok. We know from the trailer that Thor’s picked up by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) after what appears to be a potential escape from Hell, who takes him as a contestant to the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), an Elder of the Universe, who is obsessed with playing games and will be hosting the 616th annual Hunger Games! Shit, wrong franchise.

My bet is on Grandmaster making a deal with Thor promising his freedom if he can win this championship; but if he loses… Well, it doesn’t really matter because plot convenience demands that he wins. We also know that this film is supposed to have a Thor-Hulk team up, so we can expect there to be a large dose of Deus-Ex-Puppis (had to use Google Translate to find that Puppis is Latin for Hulk).

5 – Cramming in everything else from the Thor Ragnarok Trailer

There were also so many other goodies scattered through this first real Thor Ragnarok trailer. We saw Heimdall slaying some aliens. We saw Skurge (Karl Urban), a nemesis of Thor, going full out ‘Comedian’ (that’s a Watchmen reference for those playing at home). We saw what looks likely to be a battle between Hela and the Valkyries. We saw a bit of hell, no Valhalla, no Odin – and to finish it off, Tom Hiddleston flipping some daggers. But they wouldn’t actually use Tom Hiddleston for that; he’s a cinnamon scroll too pure for this world.

Okay I know this was full-on, but shut up, I did my best, and I could have said so much more! In any case, hopefully you should be a bit more cultured coming out of this article, as you’ll know a bit more about the characters, the story, and the future of the MCU.

I made this myself and I’m really proud.

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