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Dafne Keen’s Logan audition was awesome

Dafne Keen’s Logan audition gained her the part of X-23 in Logan. And she was great.

You know that saying in movies, that “you should never work with kids”? Well, Dafne Keen smashed that saying out of the park when playing X-23 alongside Hugh Jackman.

Below is the audition tape with some very complimentary commentary from Patrick Stewart, a notoriously hard to impress man. Nothing like some positive feedback from Charles Xavier huh?

Auditioning with Hugh Jackman must be a nervy experience to say the least, but if anything, in Dafne Keen’s Logan audition she seemed to thrive on it.

She’s passionate, and her timing is spot on, reacting well to every move Hugh Jackman makes as well as giving him a good bruise on the shoulder – no punches pulled from her.

Dafne Keen absolutely destroyed her Logan audition with Hugh Jackman. Source: 20th Century Fox.

It’s always nice to see young talent shining through, and having great chemistry with the legendary Hugh Jackman. Patrick Stewart remembered it fondly as being “one of the most extraordinary bits of audition tape he’s ever seen, and it’s one of the most confident and striking audition tapes I have watched too.

Here’s hoping for a movie starring X-23 and more of Dafne Keen in the near future.

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