Carnage Pack: 10 Fallout 4 Mods for Combat

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Enhanced Combat Mods

Vanilla Fallout 4 has a fairly complex combat framework. The slo-mo version of V.A.T.S., as opposed to the straight pause of earlier games, adds opportunities for ‘cinematic’ kills. And setting the grenades as a separate class of weapon that doesn’t have to be swapped with the others is a nice touch.

But despite this, the vanilla experience feels incomplete. Possibly because the weapon selection is small. Possibly because some of the best mechanics don’t meet their full potential.

Without further ado, I present to you 10 mods that really flesh out the Fallout 4 Combat experience.

1 – .45 Auto Pistol

It’s essentially a Colt 1911. A very faithful recreation I might add, moving parts and all.

As indicated by the name it uses the .45 Auto cartridge, and is thus quite powerful. The mod includes a number of options for the gun, some new, some historical. The weapon and many variations are included in the levelled lists, appearing most often on Gunners.

It also has the option on the mod page for two additional sets of animations. I use the Ha_ru pack and am quite happy with it. For those with the best PCs, there’s also a 4K texture pack available.

Fallout 4 weapon mods .45 Auto
.45 Auto Pistol mod. Basically a Colt 1911

2 – Grenade Pistol

This one is actually the return of a weapon from a previous game in the Fallout universe. As such, not only is it lore-friendly, it’s actually part of the canon.

The Grenade Pistol features in Fallout Tactics. It’s essentially a re-build of the under-barrel grenade launcher from an assault rifle, made to be used independently. It’s in the levelled lists, appearing on bandits and Gunners most often, as is the ammunition.

Fallout 4 mods grenade pistol
Grenade Pistol with reflex sight

3 – Plasma Cannon

This is a big one, literally. The Plasma Cannon is a highly modifiable shoulder-fired large energy weapon. It uses Fusion Cores for ammunition, although the way that’s counted is unclear.

The range on this thing is impossible, going into multiple tens of thousands. The maximum impact distance is so far away that my PC can’t render it. It’s easily among the most OP weapon mods that are at least plausible, within the setting.

Fallout 4 mods plasma cannon
Atomizing a Raider from across the parking lot with the Plasma Cannon

4 – MP40

While not expressly stated, it can be assumed that the major divergence point of the Fallout universe, from ours, happened after WWII. As such it’s not inconceivable that some of them would be kicking around.

Also entirely possible is that some schematics were found in an old military archive after the bombs, and someone tooled up to produce them.

Either way, this faithful recreation of the MP40 can be found in Diamond City Market, next to Crazy Myrna’s. It has a surprising number of optional accessories, some historical, some new, uses 10MM ammunition, and has moving parts.

Fallout 4 mods MP40
Holding the Basic MP40

5 – Simple Artillery Strikes

This mod allows you to build and use artillery before recapturing the Castle for the Minutemen. It also quadruples the throw distance for artillery flares, and add flares to Chem station Utility category.

Best if used with Angry Artillery, like this video:

It should be noted that if you have this mod, and retake the Castle without following the proper quest order, it stops working, and you may not be able to get it back. See video below for how I did that. If you’re on PC you can force the Ronnie Shaw quests to activate with console commands.

6 – Plasma Cycler

Enter another plausible weapon in the same vein as the Grenade Pistol, but with Plasma!

The Plasma Cycler is one of the more difficult in this list to get your hands on. It doesn’t show up often in loot, and the unique variant sold by Kleo in Goodneighbour is around 20000 caps. But of course this makes sense when you consider how powerful and fun this thing is.

Comes in 1K up to 4K textures.

Fallout 4 Mods plasma cycler
Holding the Plasma Cycler

7 & 8 – Homemade Explosives + Combustible Lemons

These two mods add exactly what it says on the tin. Homemade Explosives adds a wide variety of mines and grenades that are obviously made in somebody’s basement. And the Combustible Lemons are lemons that burst into flames. They come with some plantable lemon trees in your Settlement build menu, which add food production. Old man Simpson and Cave Johnson would both be pleased.

fammout 4 mods explosives
Homemade Mines and Grenades, Lemon up top there, and an Artillery Flare top right.

9 – Hewing Spear

Some of us like to get up close, but not TOO close, and the Vikings had some great stuff for that.

The Hewing Spear is essentially a sword blade with a very long handle. This weapon is effective at slicing, but also some great poking action if you don’t want to get too close to your enemy. It uses the sledgehammer animation set, but is a lot faster than the sledge, because it’s not quite so heavy.

Fallout 4 mods Hewing Spear
Holding the Hewing Spear

10 – Marauder Mace

The Marauder Mace was originally made for Skyrim, and has been ported over to Fallout 4.

For those of you crying about your immersion, rest assured someone in the Commonwealth would have started making maces again. They’re not very difficult to make, and in a world like Fallout, where melee weapons have become relevant again, they’ll be very useful.

Comes in 2K or 4K textures.

Fallout 4 mods marauder mace
Holding the Marauder Mace 2-handed version

Bonus Content

And now for a special treat, enjoy watching a single-handed takeover of the Castle, using these mods.

For the 10 best mods for streamers, click here. And if you’re sick of messing around, here are the 75 best Fallout 4 mods out there.

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