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5 Things To Know About The Umbrella Academy Before Season Two

The Umbrella Academy is back for season two in July!

It’s been over a year since season one came out in 2019 when The Umbrella Academy saw huge popularity among Netflix audiences. Not long after the first season was released, a second season was announced and we have been excited for a follow-up since!

Just last month we were teased with a parody video of the cast re-creating their iconic “I Think We’re Alone Now” sequence online, and we were pleasantly surprised when they dropped stills for the second season.

In anticipation for the second season dropping on Netflix next month, let’s look at five interesting things to know about The Umbrella Academy.

1. Gerard Way created The Umbrella Academy.

Best known as the lead vocalist and co-founder of the popular rock group My Chemical Romance, Way created and wrote the Umbrella Academy in 2008 alongside comic book illustrator Gabriel Bá.

umbrella academy
A new look at the second season. Source: Netflix

Aside from being a rock icon, Gerard Way has been heavily involved in the comic book industry. Way has also worked on other projects, including The True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys, Doom Patrol and DC’s Young Animal.

As of now, there have been three volumes of the Umbrella Academy comic series: Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. It will be interesting to see whether the television adaptation will plan to follow the series, or tell its own story.

2. Sir Reginald Hargreeves is an alien.

Also known as The Monocle, Reginald Hargreeves is actually an alien disguised as a rich entrepreneur and scientist. He’s also had his fair share of accomplishments as a Nobel Prize winner, an inventor, and an Olympic gold medallist.

umbrella academy
An alien in disguise. Source: Netflix

His alien origin was touched on briefly, but hopefully the series explores his very intricate backstory further in season two.

3. Luther has an ape body in the comics.

Luther demonstrates abilities like super strength as a child, but following a disastrous trip to Mars, Reginald attaches Luther’s head to a martian ape’s body.

Luther is dubbed Spaceboy in the comics for his career as a young astronaut and was stationed on their moon base (called Annihilation Control) to watch for intergalactic threats in the Apocalypse Suite. He also acts as the leader of the team.

Spaceboy on Annihilation Control. Source: Dark Horse Comics

4. All the characters have superhero names.

The Netflix series may have strayed away from the superhero names in dialogue, but many of them are actually hinted at in the show. For example, in the comics, Number 1 (or Luther) is known as Spaceboy, which is the name Allison’s daughter refers to him as.

Allison’s name in the comics is The Rumour, which as you might expect, is a reference to her ability to control people by using the phrase “I heard a rumour…”.

Diego is referred to as The Kraken in the comics, Number 5 as The Boy, Klaus as The Seance, Ben as The Horror, and perhaps most notably, Vanya as The White Violin, which was the title of the final episode.

umbrella academy
The team back together. Source: Netflix

As the show was going for a more grounded approach, it’s no surprise that they would have used their real names as opposed to their superhero identities.

It is still pretty cool that they had managed to reference them somehow in the writing.

5. Diego has a significantly different power in the comics.

I mentioned before that Diego was actually known as The Kraken in the comics, despite this having almost zero relevance to his power of accuracy in knife-throwing.

That’s because originally, Diego Hargreeves’ powers also included being able to hold his breath underwater for a long time. Showrunner Steve Blackman explained that the decision to exclude this ability was purely to ground the show, quoting that:

“There’s something about seeing someone who has actually no real supernatural powers and only being able to throw things with precision that kind of makes people be like, ‘Oh, I can see that, I can put that person in real life and I can see it play out as a human being’.”

– Steve Blackman
A new power. Source: Netflix

He also mentioned that they had excluded Klaus’ ability to levitate, although considering Sir Reginald Hargreeve’s comment about Klaus having not reached his full potential, we might be seeing a more powerful Klaus in the second season.

We are excited to see what The Umbrella Academy has in store for season two.

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