Endgame character interactions

5 Interesting Character Interactions We May See in Avengers 4

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In Avengers: Infinity War, the huge cast of heroes was slashed. How will those who remain interact with one another in Avengers 4?

It’s safe to say that the ending of Avengers: Infinity War was a traumatic one for fans, with many favourite characters lost after Thanos’ snap.

Rather than dwelling on who we have lost, it may be time to shift focus to those who are left behind.

They are a fascinating bunch, and it will be very interesting to see how the surviving characters in Avengers 4 interact with one another.

As we all remember, some of them were left in some pretty tight spots.

1. Tony and Nebula

In a move that shocked fans, the Avenger/Guardian alliance on planet Titan left only one survivor from each party. Tony Stark for the Avengers, and Nebula for the Guardians.

As the lone survivors, this unlikely pair will have no choice but to trust each other. Nebula is probably also Tony’s best chance at getting home.

After the events of Infinity War, these two have been left with a lot in common. Both have just lost people they deeply cared about. Both have long been haunted by the spectre of Thanos. Perhaps we will see Tony and Nebula face their demons together.

Before the film was released, Karen Gillan revealed that Nebula would find an unlikely friend among the Avengers in Infinity War. Many speculated that this would be Loki. Loki’s death obviously prevented this, and no other unlikely friendship materialised.

However, both Infinity War and its sequel were filmed back to back. So, it is very possible that Gillan was referring to a character in Avengers 4. Given how things have turned out, it seems likely that character is Tony.

2. Thor and Rocket Raccoon

characters in Avengers 4
Thor, Rocket, and Groot set off. Credit: Marvel

One of the biggest highlights of Infinity War was the unlikely trio of Thor, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. The three of them arrived in Wakanda in time to briefly change the tide of the battle, but in a tragic twist, Groot fell victim to Thanos’ snap. The MCU directors have revealed Groot will not be returning from the dead.

Groot’s death could drastically change the character dynamic between Thor and Rocket in Avengers 4. Especially once he learns that the other Guardians are also lost.

Rocket may blame Thor for the loss of his friends. Rocket didn’t know that Thanos was already searching for Gamora. In his eyes, the whole mess only happened because Thor showed up.

Aside from damaging his new friendship with Thor, Rocket may find himself reluctant to connect with other characters in Avengers 4. Who could blame him? Both times he has opened his heart to others – first in the original Guardians Of The Galaxy, and now in Infinity War – it has resulted in him losing Groot, his closest friend.

The Rocket Racoon in Avengers 4 may not be the same wisecracking character we have come to love.

3. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers

Will they finally reconcile? Credit: Marvel

Despite much teasing and speculation, Captain America and Iron Man did not come face to face in Infinity War. The reunion between the two characters is obviously being saved for Avengers 4.

Being among the few Avengers left standing, you would think they would easily be able to set aside their past conflicts. However, things may not be that simple.

Tony may still harbour some resentment towards Cap for events that transpired in Civil War. Because of those events, Steve and the other ‘Secret’ Avengers were not there to help protect the Time Stone when the Black Order arrived.

On the other hand, Steve will probably see Iron Man as reckless for heading to Titan with the Time Stone, rather than returning to Earth where they could have protected it and the Mind Stone together.

The two heroes need to reconcile, but it will be a rocky road.

4. The Avengers and Captain Marvel

characters in Avengers 4
Where has Captain Marvel been?

Infinity War’s post-credits scene confirmed fans speculation that the character of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, will appear in Avengers 4 after making her debut in a solo film a month prior.

With her extensive skill set, Captain Marvel could provide the team with a much needed power boost in Avengers 4. But will her fellow heroes welcome her with open arms?

In the eyes of the other Avengers, the existence of Captain Marvel is just another in the long list of secrets Nick Fury shouldn’t have kept from them. Her arrival may also prompt some resentment.

Why now?

Where was she all the other times Earth was in peril?

The Battle of New York?



Carol Danvers will definitely have some work to do if she wants to be accepted as an Avenger.

5. In the Soul World

Are our heroes truly gone?

The final entry on this list is based purely on speculation. Namely, the theory that the characters erased at the end of Infinity War are not truly dead, but rather trapped inside the Soul Stone. There is a precedent for this, as something similar occurs in the comics.

If this theory comes to pass, we will see some very interesting interactions between characters in the Soul World in Avengers 4.

Quite a few of these characters have never encountered each other before. Others have found themselves on opposite sides in the past.

Despite all this, they will all have to come together to work out what has happened to them, and possibly help their friends in the real world defeat Thanos.

Avengers: Infinity War broke all our hearts, but perhaps the characters will come together in Avengers 4 to mend them. We will find out when the film is released in 2019.

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