Titans Nightwing did not go as expected
Titans Nightwing did not go as expected

Wow, Titans: Nightwing Did Not Go as Expected

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The season finale of Titans season two, ‘Nightwing’, threw viewers some unexpected curveballs. What does it mean for the Titans?

It was the most anticipated moment of Titansthe appearance of Nightwing, the new codename and costume of Dick Grayson, formerly known as Robin 1.0 (Brenton Thwaites).

But while Nightwing was a massively important part of the Titans season two finale, there was so much more that happened in this episode, and it’s going to have repercussions for season three.

We look at the biggest moments of Titans: Nightwing and what it could mean for the next season. Spoilers ahead!

Nightwing is Here!

Titans fans always knew that Nightwing would eventually appear on the show. But even though Dick burnt his Robin suit halfway through season one, there was nary a sign of Nightwing anywhere.

Many assumed that Nightwing would be introduced partway through season two, but Dick stayed suit-less for almost the entirety of the season.

To make fans wait for an iconic character like Nightwing till the finale of the season seems a bit harsh, but Nightwing’s arrival also felt more earned this way.

Dick has spent two whole seasons discovering himself and it is only now that he realises the importance of being a symbol, not only of power, but of family, togetherness, and belief.

That is all encapsulated in the Nightwing suit and the person that Dick has finally become.

The Fight Scenes

Ravager, Nightwing, Deathstroke-Titans-S2-Nightwing
The energy! Source: Warner Brothers

DC Universe may have eked out Nightwing’s arrival, but what we got in this finale was well worth the wait—Nightwing arrives in spectacular fashion to fight off a murderous Deathstroke (Esai Morales).

He is helped by Rose Wilson, aka Ravager (Chelsea Zhang), in the fight but the focus is on Nightwing, who gets to show off his stunning acrobatic moves, and his prowess with his escrima sticks. Love it!

In the second half of the episode, the Titans go up against Cadmus, who have mind-controlled two of their own—Conner Kent, aka Superboy (Joshua Orpin) and Gar Logan, aka Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).

Cue some hilarity as Kory Ander’s, aka Starfire’s (Anna Diop), powers take a break and Donna Troy, aka Wondergirl (Conor Leslie) has to fight Superboy.

The energy of the fight scenes in Titans season two has been amazing, but this episode takes it to another level that was heart-pumpingly exhilarating.

Rose and Jericho

Together, at last. Source: Warner Brothers

It was  great to see Jericho (Chella Man) being avenged by Rose, his sister, instead of Nightwing. At the end of the day, Titans season two has been about family, and it would have been unfair if Jericho had been avenged by a man who hardly knew him, instead of his sister (though she doesn’t know Jericho much either).

I am also thrilled that Jericho didn’t turn out to be the season’s villain—he wasn’t controlling Deathstroke, but had been trapped inside his father’s mind. Jericho doesn’t get his freedom, but he does get to inhabit the mind of Rose, who at least cares about him.

That Death!

Dick and Conner 2-Titans-S2-Nightwing
These two made it till the end, unlike some other people. Source: Warner Brothers

So, my prediction that Hank Hall, aka Hawk (Alan Ritchson), would not last the season was dead wrong. And I am glad for that because I have grown rather fond of Hawk. Instead of dying, Hawk joins the final fight against Cadmus, and more than holds his own.

However, Hawk’s good fortune is someone else’s loss—Wondergirl’s, to be precise. Donna was one of the best characters of season one, and I was delighted that she had been bumped up to series regular for Titans season two.

Donna has been the heart, soul, and the temperamental mind of the Titans all season, but she has been a riveting character to follow.

We have seen her displays of power, her wit, and her stoicism–all reasons to love her. Which is why it is a shock that she is now dead.

Yes, in an attempt to save Dawn Granger, aka Dove (Minka Kelly), Wondergirl took on the might of an… electrical pylon and was killed in ignominious fashion.

Okay, so this wasn’t the greatest moment of Titans: Nightwing and I have to wonder why the writers chose to kill Donna in this way. She survives facing off against Superboy, and has been unfazed by much worse before. How did a pylon kill her?

However, this may not be the end of Donna. Rachel Roth, aka Raven (Teagan Croft) travels to Themyscira with the Amazons. Rachel’s powers have been changing and growing all season, and she seems to be convinced that she can bring Donna back somehow.

We know Rachel has healing powers, and we have seen her bring animals back from the brink of death. Is she being unreasonably optimistic here or will Rachel find a way to reverse death? We can’t wait for season three to find out!

What Next for the Titans?

Bruce and Dick-Titans-S2-Nightwing
Family again. Source: Warner Brothers

Considering how much happened in Titans: Nightwing—the fight against Deathstroke, battling Cadmus, saving Gar and Superboy from Cadmus’ mind control, Donna’s death, and the formation of the newer Titans (Titans 3.0?)—one would think that all plotlines had been neatly wrapped up.

Not so! We now know that Blackfire (Damaris Lewis), Starfire’s (Anna Diop) evil sister and usurper of her throne is on Earth and ready to take over the planet for her own nefarious purposes. Clearly, she will be the antagonist of Titans season three.

We will hopefully find out the mystery behind Starfire’s missing powers. They seem to have been affected by her recent conversation with her sister. Now that Blackfire is on Earth, maybe she is somehow coopting Starfire’s abilities?

In the meantime, Nightwing has finally made peace with Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen) and has created his own little family with the Titans. But is there peace for everyone in the Bat-family?

After Rose Wilson revealed that she had been working with Deathstroke, Jason Todd (Curran Walters) took off and didn’t participate at all in the finale. We do see him at the airport as the Amazons were taking Donna’s body, but he leaves almost immediately.

Does this mean that Jason is veering away from the life of a hero? He has always been on the edge, but considering his comic counterpart’s villainous turn as Red Hood, that reality seems to be getting ever closer.

And then there’s the ELKO mystery—Dawn, Donna, Starfire, and Rachel were drawn to a little town called ELKO, where Bruce essentially instigated them to reform the Titans. But at the dinner in Titans: Nightwing, Bruce tells Starfire he’s never even been to ELKO.

Who was that impersonating Bruce? Was it a manifestation of Rachel’s soul-self making one last-ditch attempt to bring the team together so they could save Dick? It didn’t exactly work at the time, but the intended consequence was the same. Or was it someone else with malicious intent?

There are certainly a few puzzles left to be solved come Titans season three. This season has been exhilarating, and despite a couple of dips, has more than delivered on what it promised. Bring on the next season!

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