Why You Should Be More Excited For Shazam Than Aquaman

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San Diego Comic-Con released a barrage of trailers straight to your eyeballs this weekend. Two of the main ones which caught our eye were Shazam and Aquaman, and clearly, one trailer was far superior than the other. Today we’re going to be discussing why you should be more excited for Shazam than Aquaman.

SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. WOW. I was so stoked to wake up each morning to find a brand-new array of trailers.

We have trailers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Godzilla: King of Monsters, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (#CloneWarsSaved), Disenchantment, all the CW superhero shows, Doctor Who, Titans, Walking Dead, Young Justice: Outsiders (thank God this is back), Glass, and the reason we’re here today: Shazam! and Aquaman.

I was impressed with DC’s trailers. And while I say I’m impressed, I have to say, the Shazam trailer stood out more so than the Aquaman trailer.

Here is a rundown as to why you should be more excited for Shazam than Aquaman.

Oh, and while we’re here, have a read of our thoughts on the Aquaman poster.

The Aquaman Trailer 

Now let’s start off with Aquaman. To be perfectly honest, the first minute wasn’t too bad. Sure, the entire “Hey lookie, Arthur’s talking to the fish” was kind of cringe, and I think we can all agree Harry Potter did it better. But the first minute had promise! Hell, I could even tolerate the line “Permission to come aboard?”

Warner Brothers described in their synopsis release that Aquaman …reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime — one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be … a king.”

Combining the synopsis with the trailer, it sounds like an underwater Lion King adaptation starring Jason Mamoa as Simba. So yes, I’m totally on board for that. I am happy to accept that.

What I am not willing to accept is the absurd amount of CGI this film is showing off. It was alright in Man of Steel, and it was getting a bit much in Batman Vs Superman. I was about to say that they at least toned it down in Wonder Woman, but then I remembered the third act. And then there’s Justice League… bad movie, but I actually enjoyed it a lot.

At least Suicide Squad was a bit more genuine, one of the film’s few positives.

But, long story short, it’s just gotten too much.

Big CGI cities that look like Gungan City I can accept, because let’s be real, where are you going to find a realistic Atlantis? But big CGI fights? It’s too much! It is taking away from the action rather than improving it.

I need a change, I need something spunky and fresh… I need, Shazam!

The Shazam Trailer

Now let’s look to the Shazam trailer. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s all just… spectacular.

First thing to note is the comedy; I found myself actually laughing during this trailer.

Second, this Shazam movie doesn’t look like it’s going to be dealing with a ‘world-ending event’, which is oversaturated in the DCEU. Just like when Spiderman: Homecoming decided to look at smaller-scale villains.

You can tell that while the trailer has Billy Batson/Shazam being irresponsible with his powers, there’s going to be some massive character development happening. Just like… in Spiderman: Homecoming.

And how funny is Billy’s friend Freddy? He’s just like… Ned in Spiderman: Homecoming.

Okay so Shazam looks like it’s going to be somewhat of a rip off of Spiderman: Homecoming, but I’m totally fine with that! It shows us a somewhat grounded take on what a teen would do to discover they have superpowers.

And we know it’s majorly influenced by Big and Stranger Things, so we can be sure to watch a film full of comedy and action.

Shazam and Aquaman’s powers

should be more excited for Shazam than Aquaman
The Power Pose is Real. Source: DC Comics

A new superhero movie means new superpowers right? That’s why we love watching superhero movies, to see what their powers are like, and what new stuff they can bring to the table.

So lucky for you we have Aquaman! He has super strength, can breathe underwater, can swim really fast. He also has enhanced vision, hearing, smell, super stamina and durability. And he can talk to fish! So it’s like having a Superman for the ocean? Who can talk to fish though, can’t forget that. And no heat vision either.

Then there’s Shazam! His powers are literally the same as Superman’s. But replace the heat vision and frost breath with the ability to control lightning (hence a lightning bolt on his chest).

They’re actually so similar that back in the ‘40s, DC successfully sued Fawcett comics (who originally made Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel) over copyright claims. Captain Marvel was only brought back when DC bought the character from Fawcett, but renamed him Shazam, so as not to confuse him with Marvel’s own Captain Marvel (which will also be released in 2019). So yeah, just a tiny fun fact for ya!

So in terms of powers, there’s unfortunately nothing really groundbreaking. But have you heard of a kid that can crawl on walls and shoot webs from his hands?

Shazam and Aquaman directors

Should be more excited for Shazam than Aquaman
Really running out of Shazam and Aquaman pictures. Source: Injustice

But before we finish, let’s see what the directors can bring to the table!

In the Aquaman corner we have director James Wan! This film-maker that we at Digital Fox are privileged to call Australian has also directed a plethora of horror films. His entourage of movies include The Conjuring series, Insidious series, as well as the first Saw. But he’s also had a chance to direct huge blockbusters like Fast and Furious 7.

In the Shazam corner we have director David F. Sandberg! This Swedish film maker has a retinue of experience in directing ‘no-budget horror short films’ as well as bigger horror films like Annabelle Creation and Light’s Out. So when it comes to the ‘scarier’ parts of Shazam I think we can all rest assured this film’s going to be in good hands.

Hopefully we’ll also see Sandberg landing the banter, drama, and the friendship necessary in an archetypal teen movie.

It’s interesting to see that both of these movies have directors with a large experience in the horror franchise. However, it doesn’t look like either of these films are going to have horror undertones. Well, not that we could tell from the trailers that is.

Concluding remarks

Should be more excited for Shazam than Aquaman
But in the end, we all know we’re going to be watching them both. Source: DC Films

In any case, should you be more excited to see Shazam over Aquaman? Of course! Should you save your time and money and not watch Aquaman? By Poseidon’s beard don’t! Obviously you’re here for our opinions, but you ought to go and support the films you love. While I definitely don’t love what DC are doing with their films nowadays, it’s good to support these films.

But when it comes to Shazam vs Aquaman, it does appear as if Shazam is going to be a lot more relatable, and a much needed change from DC’s apocalyptic flicks. And while it may not be the change we deserve, it’s the change we need…

Just kidding, we also deserve this change in DC films, especially after that Suicide Squad rubbish. I mean come on!

But what are your thoughts? Are you still super-pumped to catch Aquaman? Do you also think Shazam is going to be the superior of the two?

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