Artemis Fowl

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Why average movies like Artemis Fowl are going to get more common

Artemis Fowl is the most average of average movies. Eoin Colfer’s epic tale of a teenage criminal mastermind kidknapping a fairy and saving his Father is not done justice, but hey, he’s probably done well out of the Disney partnership because the movie launched on Netflix.

During this pandemic, the usage of streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu and even Apple TV+ has seen very strong growth. Well, of course it has. We can’t go to the cinema at the moment and we’re spending almost all of your days indoors. Content like Artemis Fowl is also going directly to streaming too.

At the end of April there were 50 million people using Disney+. Once you’re in, you’re in. You are much more susceptible to watching content that you might not have watched previously, because once you’ve paid your $12.99 per month, it feels like it’s free. So you can put up with watching an utterly dull movie like Artemis Fowl.

Combine this with Artemis Fowl featuring on the huge banner advert at the top of the streaming platform whenever you open those dark blue panels makes it hugely tempting to watch, especially if you haven’t read reviews like this yet. Eoin Colfer described his own novel as “Die Hard with fairies” which wins my movie pitch of the year by miles. But the movie was actually already dead when I started watching.

Artemis Fowl is a terrible movie

But, it is racking up views. Which leads me to believe that content is no longer king, but exposure and having an audience already locked in is. Naturally brands like Disney, Amazon and Netflix will have to keep the good content churning, but right now, with a complete slow down on new content and new stories to watch, would audiences prefer twenty okay films this month, or one really great one…

My answer at the moment is still one. But, will that still be the case in 30 more days. Who knows. I could even be tempted to watch an Adam Sandler movie on Netflix right now.

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