Fortnite Vs PUBG

PUBG vs Fortnite: Which game is better?

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The question is PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds vs Fortnite. Who will win?

Okay so lately almost everybody I know is playing a massive online battle royale game, and they either fall into one of two camps. They either love the feel of the epic PUBG or the exciting and innovative Fortnite.

And today I’ll be pitting the two against each other to see which one is actually better than the other. Which “last man standing” shooter is actually the best.

We’ll go about this fairly and put each aspect of the games to battle! It’s time for PUBG vs Fortnite.

Round 1: Graphics and art style

In gaming today, graphics are extremely important to major fans. But the question remains: Does realism beat style?

PUBG goes for a more realistic art style which aims to get players immersed in their gameplay. But unless your gaming rig is absolutely jacked, you might experience some problems. The detail in the scenery, and the lack of optimisation, needs a lot of RAM to render.

The realistic look makes any low resolution texture stand out, so when trying to be more realistic, the emersion takes a hit.

And in the opposite direction we have Fortnite, which is kind of cartoony, taking inspiration from games like TF2. This style allows the game to be better optimised, so you don’t have to worry about super resolution and textured eating all available RAM or slowing down game speeds. This creates a smooth graphical environment for the player to enjoy.

With this consistent feel and awesome art style, the winner of this round goes to Fornite.

Round 2: Maps

pubg vs fortnite map sizes

One of the key components of a battle royale-type game is its map. The play area in PUBG is a large area with different types of terrain and structure. This creates a fresh experience even if you are playing this game over and over again. And believe me, you’re gonna.

Each match will feel different depending on where you land on the map, added together with the added weather effects, making the game more intense and harder.

On to Fortnite. With an area not as huge as PUBG, this game has a faster pace of playing. It forces the player to carefully pick where they decide to drop from the Battle Bus of Epicness (my name given to it) and fight their way to stay in the circle. This means more action and less hiding, but at the same time the scenery will feel familiar on many places of the map. I mean you’ll see bright green grass everywhere you go.

On the other hand Fortnite has a variety of buildings and players can build their own structures to defend themselves on the go and basically alter the map.

PUBG’s huge map makes every match feel fresh, and therefore, in my book, will take this round. So the winner of the round goes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Round 3: Community/Players

What separates a good game from a not so good game? More often than not it’s the players who play the game. In recent years online games with open voice chats and anonymity are notoriously toxic, making it highly unfortunate that communication is a huge part of team based games.

Fortnite, being the smaller and newer of the two, has a smaller and kind of nicer community. Seeing that in some point of the game, interaction with others are kind of necessary, it’s awesome that the Fortnite community are so chilled about it. Players tend not to go rage and swear in times when they lose.

Hopefully as the community grows, their attitude towards the game and other players remains as chilled as it is today.

But if you’ve played PUBG you know that straight into the game you get bombarded with vulgar language in the lobby as the match is loading. I mean seriously, what happened random dude on the internet? Who hurt you?

Fortnite takes this round with the awesome, chilled out community and fan base.

Round 4: Mobility

In a game about being the last man, or women, standing, mobility is super important. Developers understand that players need all tools to kill each other effectively.

PUGB has all the player stances that you’d expect from a shooter: walk, run, crouch, and diving are all essential to evading the enemy. All these mean that the player has options to either be stealthy or launch an assault on the enemy.

Plus PUBG has cars! This means no more running to the other end of the match to catch the circle.

Okay so Fortnite doesn’t have all that exactly, but they more than make up for it. It has vertical mobility in the form of player structures. So why run away when you can build a badass fort and stand your ground like a man… or women.

Unfortunately, myself and others have found ourselves on the other side of the map, running for dear life to catch that damn circle. So the vehicles in PUBG bring a huge advantage, therefore round winner is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Round 5: Weapons & Abilities

Variety is always better in life, you know it, I know it and everybody else is probably thinking it. More weapons equal more fun in different exciting ways, right?

PUBG gives players a variety of tools to choose from, all of which differ in the play-style that they offer.  The weapons can be modified and attachments can be added to them to add variety. Adding a lot of mystery to the looting system of the game seeing that you don’t always know what you’re gonna get.

Maybe you’ll get that epic Scar or maybe you’ll find yet another frying pan, that despite the YouTube tutorials you’ve watched, you still don’t know how to use effectively.

Fortnite again takes a more streamline approach to this aspect of the game. Less variety on weapons means you’ll probably end up with the weapons that you want. With a more arcade approach, it lacks depth when it comes to combat, despite the amount of time you feel like you’re blasting the enemy apart.

Fortnite does have the advantage in abilities though, in the sense that players can build structures wherever they are to defend themselves.

But in the end, PUBG’s immense roster of weapons and attachments and skill needed to operate them, they take the win in this round.

The results are in…

And there you have it, a score of 3-2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds takes the win with that sweet chicken dinner. If you know what I mean.

If you have a point you think I didn’t make in this battle, hit me up @raees_kariem.

There has been a showdown between Epic Games and Bluehole, with the creators of PUBG claiming that Fortnite is infringing upon their copyrights. You can read about that here.


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