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Is Warframe a good game? We review.

Warframe was one of the first games I downloaded on Steam, back when I didn’t really know anything about gaming and was even more awful at games than I am now (if that’s possible).

This meant that Warframe was super confusing for me. Most of the 8 hours I logged that first time were waiting for updates to install, but I played a few missions and then forgot about it for a while; my inexperience with the keyboard and mouse frequently left me running into walls. Coming back to Warframe with a more educated eye there a lot more things I can appreciate, although the game certainly has it’s drawbacks.

It's a gorgeous game. Creative Commons licence by Joshua Ezzell on Flickr
It’s a gorgeous game.
Creative Commons licence by Joshua Ezzell on Flickr

General Info for Warframe

Warframe is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I have experienced the PC version, which runs wonderfully, but the reports for all three platforms are favourable.

There is no denying that it’s a pretty game. The graphics are outstanding, especially taking into account that it’s free to play. The environment design can feel a little samey, particularly through the beginner missions which I haven’t really moved past, but there’s enough variation to keep your interest up. The visual appearance of the enemies is great and the effort that went into the design can easily be seen. The variation in the Grineer (the main baddies) makes missions in their bases quite interesting as there are long range and melee units after you – so you’re not stuck dealing with one attack pattern over and over again.

You play as a race / set of beings, called the Tenno and your role is essentially to stop evil things happening in the universe. The Tenno are sort of like streamlined, futuristic space ninjas and regardless of which starting Warframe you choose your special abilities are pretty badass. “Warframe” refers to your skin/armour/space-ninja-suit-thing that covers your character, although you change shape when you change Warframe so it could also be that you switch character entirely, that hasn’t become clear to me yet. Either way, the Warframes all look very snazzy and your weapons and abilities are well suited to murderising stuff in flashy and impressive ways.

You can of course pay for stuff with your real life money, but it’s not essential unless you really want the extra shiney space ninja suits, pets or weapons straight away.

I’m the prettiest ninja in the caves.
Screenshot captured in-game.

Gameplay of Warframe

The controls are mostly pretty standard. Ctrl allows you to do a funky slide move and E is the melee key, but aside from getting used to not clicking left mouse when you switch to your melee weapon there’s nothing untoward about the controls.

So far I haven’t experienced any lag on the servers and the game generally runs very smoothly. The only real issue I have is with some of the missions. I frequently find myself getting lost, most recently on one where you have to locate some data caches. There were three different caches but if you triggered an alarm near the data it would get destroyed after a certain amount of time. First, the caches were very difficult to locate as the map happened to be quite large and went over several different height levels. Then once I located where a cache should be the alarm tripped and I couldn’t actually find the cache itself, leading to the destruction of the mission objective. So that was frustrating, especially as it’s one of the storyline missions.

Space ninjas don’t have decent maps apparently.
Creative Commons licence by Tamahikari Tammas on Flickr

Warframe Multiplayer

This is not an area of the game I’m hugely familiar with, as I spent some time getting to grips with the game in singleplayer before tentatively dipping my toes into the restless sea of the online community. Multiplayer is fairly standard. If there are more of you, more enemies spawn but on the whole the missions are easier. The community itself doesn’t seem too bad, but that’s just because personally I haven’t run into any trolls or aggressive players; you have to be prepared for a bit of people based trouble. So far I haven’t seen anything stopping you from playing the whole game by yourself, so if you wanted you can avoid people completely.


Warframe is pretty fun. It is very much a game where you do mission after mission, most of which just have slight variations, so certain types of gamer may become bored by that. However, if you enjoy FPSs then it’s definitely worth a shot. The game updates regularly so be prepared for the beginning of each play session to include waiting for the game to update, but I think you can easily play this game for an hour+ in each sitting and find it enjoyable. Personally I don’t really like playing games like Warframe for more than 2 or 3 missions/matches at a time but others may be happy to play 10 or so missions before wanting to do something else. It’s a well constructed game with a very active community. It definitely gets my recommendation.

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