Vegeta’s Determination. The Message Within.

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Vegeta’s Desparate Blow. The Message Within Episode 126.

The excitement for episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super was off the charts. Fans sat at the edge of their seats waiting for its release. And finally, this Saturday evening, it arrived.

Vegeta’s Desparate Blow. We all knew what was about to go down, but that did not stop us from enjoying each and every minute of it. So I am here today to break down the brilliance that was Episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super and its message.

The Title

Ep 126 Title
Ep 126 Title Source: Crunchyroll

Okay so let’s start with the basics, the episode title. This week’s title read: “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Desperate Blow!” And man if that doesn’t get you pumped up as a fan of Dragon Ball, I don’t know what will.

Our glorious Vegeta-sama recently underwent a huge transformation, breaking through his limits and reaching a new state of godly power. So what do they mean by “Surpass even a God”?? Well not literally, quite yet. They are not implying that Vegeta has obtained the power to surpass the Gods of Destruction in DBS. Again, not quite yet.

Creators exaggerate the title of their work to create excitement and hype. So the title did not lie exactly, it just bent the truth. So who did Vegeta surpass in the latest episode? Well non other that the God of Destruction in training, Toppo.

The Enemy

DBS-Toppo Source: IGN

Toppo has been a fan favourite enemy since his introduction in the Universe 6 Arc. He has been a better ‘villain’ to Universe 7 than Jiren. He was better in the fact that his character has been developed better than the Silent Assassin Jiren.

So in his desperation, Toppo has awakened his power as a God of Destruction in training, and has proved too much for Frieza and 17 to handle. So Toppo moved on to a more formidable foe, Vegeta.

With Frieza and 17 getting hit with a stray shot from the battle with Jiren, Toppo brought Vegeta aside to battle one-on-one. And so the awesomeness began.

Vegeta’s Resolve

Vegeta's New Form
Vegeta’s New Form Source: YouTube

So for the people that do not know me, I have to say that I am a huge Vegeta fan. Second only to Vegito, who is 50% Vegeta.

So I cannot express the joy I felt watching this episode. For many years, people have claimed the Vegeta’s ‘Pride’ would someday be his downfall. Well today is not that day, my friend. The final scene of the episode and the message that lie within is the reason I decided to write this piece.

Anime always try to convey real stories and messages through the art form. And a lot of the time the message goes above the heads of some viewers. But the message of DBS episode 126 hit me hard in the feels guys.

The Battle

Vegeta v Toppo
Vegeta v Toppo Source: Crunchyroll

During the confrontation between Toppo and Vegeta, Vegeta notices the difference in Toppo’s personality. He went from being the ‘Pillar of Justice’ for his universe, to being the candidate for the Gods of Destruction. He accepts the destruction energy that goes along with it. It appears that Toppo has thrown away all his beliefs in the fight for survival. And this is exactly what Vegeta questions in their battle.

Toppo is no longer the happy go lucky, freedom fighter we all know and love. The tournament has changed him, making him desperate for survival. Enough to make him throw away everything that makes him Toppo.

He claims that Vegeta cannot defeat him and never will. And if justice cannot protect their universe, it is useless. Toppo says that Vegeta cannot win if he still bears unnecessary things like ‘A promise between Saiyans’. And knocks Vegeta into a wall.

Who does he think he is talking to? This is the great Vegeta-sama, Prince of the mighty Saiyan race.

Remember the Sacrifice?

Vegeta's Family
Vegeta’s Family Source: Crunchyroll

In that moment, Toppo launches a blast towards Vegeta, and he snaps. “Throw away everything unnecessary, screw that!” he says. With his wife and children back home, and the promise with Cabba in mind, Vegeta has had enough. He will not step down from his proud throne.

“I’m nothing like you, I will cast nothing aside!” Vegeta screams out loud. He turns the blast into nothing as he then barrages Toppo.

Toppo’s destruction energy turns Vegeta’s attacks into dust. But then it happens. The show recreates the most awesome scene in Dragon Ball history, Vegeta’s Sacrifice. One of the most iconic scenes in all of Dragon Ball.

Vegeta decides that he will hit Toppo with an attack so great that he cannot turn it into dust. And then along with Piccolo, we, the viewers, see something familiar. Vegeta is powering up, at a great extent.

Vegeta's Sacrifice
Vegeta’s Sacrifice Source: YouTube

We cut away to Piccolo remembering how Vegeta attempted to defeat Majin Buu by sacrificing himself. In a way that was atonement for the sins and crimes he had committed. This was the moment I fell in love with Vegeta as a character because he literally sacrificed himself for the sake of his family and the rest of humanity.

This amazing scene had me in tears as a kid and I never knew why. Not until I watched this episode that is.

The Lesson

Vegeta Angry
Vegeta Angry Source: YouTube

But in this recent episode it was a lot deeper. This time he had no sins to atone for. Vegeta did not have to kill anybody to achieve his goal here; he did not have to die. He was determined to live and survive for his loved ones at home. For the promises he made to his family and Cabba. It showed us just how determined he actually is, to not cast aside anything, and to stand and fight for those reasons.

And that there, ladies and gentlemen is the lesson I took away from this episode. That is why I felt that this episode was much deeper than recent episodes of DBS.

Show your strong will, the fire within you. And when you are in doubt about what you’re doing, remember why you started. Never let the situation make you forget your morals and who you actually are. Never give up and fight to the end. That is the lesson here and I hope you take a moment to think about it. Vegeta’s message to us all.

And that is why I love anime, the stories and lessons like these that I don’t think I would have learnt anywhere else.

If you have any feelings or things you would like to talk about in the episode, be sure to follow me on twitter @raees_kariem.

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