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Our extensive Game Of Thrones Season 7 theories - GIQUE

Our extensive Game Of Thrones Season 7 theories

GIQUE out with us and share.

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It’s only a few weeks now until Game of Thrones is back so here’s everything you need to know about our Game of Thrones Season 7 theories!

With less than a month until Game of Thrones is back and, after the extra three months we’ve had to wait to get here, anticipation is at an all time high!

This season is going to feel quite different as we’re only getting seven episodes, but they’re going to be, on average, about 10 minutes longer each, culminating in an 81 minute final episode!

That means we can expect far less ‘filler’ episodes and for the plot to be moved along at a far faster rate than we’re used to. Every episode will essentially be like a short movie, and expect each one to be packed full of the violence, sexuality and politics that we all love so fucking much.

To get you ready for the upcoming season, we’re going to take a look at each of the major players to remind you where they’re at, what we can expect from them going forward, and a little prediction of what we think might happen to them by the end of the season. At the end of the season, we’ll grade ourselves on how close we were with each prediction and how it rates compared to what actually happened on the show.

If you’re a little foggy on what happened last season (apparently, normal people don’t spend all their time watching re-runs), check out our Season 6 review right here.

So, without further ado…

Jon Snow – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories

Maybe he finally knows something? Source – winteriscoming.net

If we had to name who we thought was the absolute number one hero on this show, we’d probably have to go with the charming yet naïve Jon Snow. If there’s anyone we can trust to do the right thing, it’s him, and considering he’s already died (the predominant cliff-hanger at the end of Season 5) and come back to life (the worst surprise in the history of TV), it seems unlikely that he’ll die again.

Jon Snow finished off Season 6 in the most powerful position he’s been in to date: The newly named King of the North. On top of this, we also learned that he actually isn’t a bastard, but a direct descendant of two of the most powerful houses in Westeros, the Starks AND the Targaryens. Of course, he’s not aware of this yet, and how this revelation will affect things is a big mystery that may not even be played out this season.

Despite the terrific position he seemingly finds himself in, he’s got a host of problems to deal with. The Lannisters aren’t going to be thrilled about the North seceding from the Iron Throne and there’s a giant army (that includes 3 frikkin’ dragons!) that’s just arrived in Westeros, with the intent of taking over.

Internally, he has to deal with the now-savvy Sansa, who’s already shown no hesitation in going behind his back to get what she wants; the always dangerous Petyr Baelish; and a loose alliance of colourful figures including the Wildings, Knights of the Vale, and various Stark allies.

Worst of all, Jon knows the biggest problem of all is the approaching (and fucking terrifying) army of the dead from up North, and is most likely going to be spending this season holding off the advances of the Night King’s forces whilst trying to convince the rest of Westeros to forget their petty problems and help out with the real issue. Good luck with it!

Our prediction: Jon Snow will come close to death (again) but come back stronger than ever, and finish the season in charge of an even larger army, preparing for the final battle against the Night King.

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories

Ready to get to the top! Source – variety.com

Dany is almost as big of a hero as Jon, and has a similar rags to riches storyline to Jon, just on a much bigger scale. She’s just a little bit more of a zealot than he is. She cares about doing the right thing but, more importantly, she cares about getting what she feels is rightfully hers: The Iron Throne and ultimate rule of the Seven Kingdoms.

Daenerys’ storyline has been one big build-up since the very beginning of the show and, despite some rather tedious delays, she’s finally made the journey back to Westeros and is oh-so-close to achieving her number one goal. She has all sorts of allies and it’s hard to see how the Lannisters can stand against them, especially because of, you know, those three giant dragons.

What’s going to be of most interest is how her relationship with Jon Snow and the rest of the North develops. Will they be allies or enemies? They’re both single, and they don’t yet know that they’re related, so they could end up as the new face of incestuous power couples. Either way, expect fireworks!

Our prediction: Daenerys will end Season 7 on the Iron Throne, which will seem a whole lot less important when she realises how serious the threat of the White Walkers is. Daenerys and Jon will do the whole adversaries become lovers thing. 

Cersei and Jaime Lannister – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories

From incest to fratricide. Source – variety.com

Cersei and Jaime’s fates have been intertwined since the very start of the show (when we learned that they were the current face of incestuous power couples). Whilst Season 6 ended with the death of their last remaining child (Poor King Tommen), it also coincided with the explosive death of a whole bunch of their enemies and the subsequent crowning of Cersei as the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Not too shabby!

Of course, Jaime wasn’t too thrilled with how everything turned out and it continues to be seen just how strong his loyalty to Cersei is. Jaime isn’t the mega villain he used to be when the show started and he’s likely to face some really tough decisions in the near future. No doubt he’ll be heading the Lannister’s army in its effort to secure their kingdom, and we may get a glimpse of how far his left-handing sword fighting has come along.

Still, this doesn’t look like it’s going to end well. And let’s not forget that prophecy hanging over Cersei’s head: ‘the Valonqar (little brother) will wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.’

She’s probably got all her focus on Tyrion, but with the way she’s been pushing Jaime, the Kingslayer may well be adding to his reputation with the death of another monarch by his hands.

Our prediction: The Lannisters will lose their throne by the end of Season 6 but Jaime will be the one to strike the final death blow to Cersei. He’ll then join forces with the remaining armies of Westeros to fight the Whitewalkers in the final battle.

Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories

The very definition of creepy! Source – variety.com

This is probably one of the most messed up relationships in the show. Littlefinger has been overly keen to hook up with Sansa and she’s so far resisted his advances, probably because, you know, he sold her into a life of being raped and brutalised.

She does need him though, or at least the Knights of the Vale that serve him. Baelish is one of the better players in the Game of Thrones, and has been whispering ideas of taking power into her hands into Sansa’s ear.

Sansa has been getting better at the game, but it’s hard to see her completely betraying Jon. That being said, this is Game of Thrones and anything can happen.

We’re doubting this arrangement is going to last for very long. Someone’s going to turn on someone else, and when they do, all hell just may break loose. Just the sort of headache Jon Snow is desperate to avoid.

Our prediction: Just when it seems as though Sansa will betray Jon, she’ll instead turn on Littlefinger and get her revenge for the hell he’s put her through.  Possibly with a knife through his throat. 

Arya and Bran Stark – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories 

This is Bran and Meera (in case you weren’t sure) Source – variety.com

Our other two surviving Starks have had all sorts of awful ordeals to get through and have both come out of them vastly stronger than before.  Arya is a master of disguise and murder and Bran has incredible warging powers and has become the Three-Eyed Raven – possibly the force most feared by the Night’s King.

Both of them are closer than ever to being reunited with the other remaining Starks with Bran returning from far North of the Wall and Arya returning from Braavos. But, as we know in Game of Thrones, the closer you are to your goal, the more danger you’re in.

Arya still has a few names left on her list to cross off and may decide to skip the family reunion to go about her unfinished business. That leaves Melisandre, Cersei, The Mountain, Thoros, Beric and Ilyn Payne in her sights. A reunion with the Hound (who Arya mentioned is no longer on her list) is also a possibility.

Bran seems to be more likely to reunite with the other Starks in Winterfell and join in their efforts against the Night King and his army, possibly by working on how to better harness his powers. And don’t forget that handy bit of information he has about Jon Snow’s lineage.

Our prediction: Arya’s kill streak will continue with a couple of easy kills before targeting Melisandre. She’ll then team up with the Hound to take down the Mountain. Bran will arrive back in Winterfell, have a bunch more interesting visions and inadvertently use his powers to bring down The Wall.

Theon, Yara and Euron Greyjoy – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories

Sort of normal siblings? (nah) Source – express.co.uk

The Greyjoy saga has mostly been a sideshow in Game of Thrones but this Season could be their time to shine. With Ramsay Bolton out of action, Euron is primed to become our newest most hated character on the show. We haven’t learnt a hell of a lot about him except that he’s building a giant fleet of ships and is willing to fuck anyone to form the right alliance. What a noble fella!

Yara and Theon have aligned themselves with Daenerys by providing the ships needed to launch their invasion of Westeros.  Their main aim is to take back the Iron Islands from Euron and this battle may just become a microcosm for the larger conflict between Daenerys and Cersei.

We’ve also seen in previews some kinky action between Yara and the sandsnakes. Is it possible that two of the least interesting storylines become intertwined? Does that mean they can both be killed off together so we can get on with the stuff we really care about?

Our prediction: Euron will marry Cersei, cause a whole lot of chaos and ultimately die at the hands of Theon, who has rediscovered what’s left of his backbone. The Sandsnakes will continue to be the worst thing in the Game of Thrones TV adaptation. 

Tyrion Lannister (and all of Daenarys’ other allies) – Game of Thrones Season 7 theories

Give this man more camera time! (and better characters to work with!) Source – variety.com

We could have made this section about all of the various people now working with or supporting Daenarys, but odds are they won’t be adding a whole lot to the outcome of the show, except in perhaps some interesting deaths.  Lady Ollena Tyrell will say some interesting things, Ellaria Sand won’t, Greyworm and Missandei will do the whole ‘we want to be together but he doesn’t have a penis’ thing, and Varys is usually good for some sharp dialogue and underhanded dealings.

But it’s Tyrion that we’re most interested/concerned about. I mean, this guy used to be the most compelling character in the entire show. Season 6 was definitely his least interesting season. His caretaker job of ruling Meereen was a complete failure that was only saved by the conveniently timed return of Daenarys, who promptly named him Hand of the Queen.

He’s now on his way back to Westeros, back to confront his sister Cersei, back to hopefully being a significant character in the show. Whether or not he strikes the final blow, he’s sure to have a big role in her downfall.

Our prediction: Benioff and Weiss remember who the best actor/character on the show is and return Tyrion to the prominence he deserves, setting him up for a starring role in the final season.  

What crazy shit will the Hound get up to this time? Source – variety.com

So there you have it. Will we get it right or wrong? What do you think will happen? Will Season 7 live up to the ginormous expectations we have for it?

We’ll find out soon!

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