Top Ten: MCU Characters Who Need Their Own TV Shows

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Disney have announced that Loki and Scarlet Witch are set to get their own spin-off limited series. Which other Marvel characters deserve a TV show?

With news that Disney is planning several mini-series on their streaming service for characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, speculation is rife as to which other characters will feature in their own shows.

Fan-favourite villain-turned-hero Loki has had four films, and a few minutes of Avengers: Infinity War, to develop as a character. Scarlet Witch has had three films to do the same. We would love to see more of these two characters but they aren’t the only ones who deserve more screen-time.

The MCU is vast and there is a plethora of characters who have yet to get enough development onscreen, despite how interesting they are. Here are our top picks of MCU characters who we think should get their own mini-series.

For this list, we are excluding characters who still have an opportunity to take the spotlight in upcoming MCU instalments, such as Doctor Strange’s Wong and Mordo, Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Ned and Michelle, and Black Panther’s Shuri, Okoye and Nakia.

1 – Heimdall

Heimdall - AV Club
You deserved better. Source: AV Club

Let’s face it, Heimdall deserved better from the MCU. His appearances in the Thor trilogy, and a memorable cameo in Age of Ultron, did not do either the character or actor Idris Elba any favours. Heimdall barely had anything to do in Thor, and his action scene in Thor: The Dark World was much too short. He got more screen-time in Thor: Ragnarok but it still wasn’t enough.

Now that Heimdall is dead, killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, it would be great for Disney to give him a pre-Thor spin-off series where he can finally shine. Perhaps an origin story about how he rose to be keeper of the Bifrost and where he gets his incredible power of seeing all in the universe from.

2 – Valkyrie

Valkyrie - Inverse
We just can’t get enough! Source: Inverse

According to Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Valkyrie survived Thanos’ snap, which is a relief because one film is not enough for this complex and fascinating character.

Valkyrie has been an important Marvel comics character for a long time and Tessa Thompson absolutely brought her a-game in portraying her with nuance, and a fair dose of tragedy.

The Valkyries of Asgard were a force to reckon with as we saw from the Thor: Ragnarok battle between the Valkyries and Hela, which gave us an inkling of how fearless and powerful these warriors were.

We could definitely do with seeing more of their battles, even on the small screen. Give us a mini-series of the Valkyries fighting and winning, before their ultimate downfall. Oh, and give Valkyrie a girlfriend.

3 – Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger - GeekTyrant
We need to see more of Killmonger… for science. Source: GeekTyrant

As excited as we were for Black Panther, nobody was prepared for how devastatingly poignant Michael B Jordan’s Erik Killmonger was going to be. He effortlessly stole the show and his yearning for death at the end of the film felt like watching the end of a hero, rather than a villain.

Having said that, Killmonger was definitely a villain, if those notches on his body are anything to go by.

His tragic backstory gave him an incredible drive to find Wakanda and be the best fighter in the world. It must have taken years of training and dedication. We could have an entire show, not just a mini-series, on how Killmonger goes from a scrappy kid seeing an invisible plane to him joining the army, becoming a soldier, and finally teaming up with Ulysses Klaue. Plus, throw in some espionage about how he and Klaue find the location of Wakanda. We would watch this happily!

4 – Vision

Vision - Marvel Wikia
Ah, Vision, we hardly knew ye. Source: Marvel Wikia

Many fans of the MCU who weren’t readers of Marvel comics felt the Scarlet Witch-Vision romance came out of nowhere. But, in the comics, Vision is a complex character, and his romance with Scarlet Witch has been fraught with problems stemming from his inorganic nature and her mental health issues. Wouldn’t it be interesting to explore these aspects of their personalities further?

A Vision series could tie-in perfectly with the Scarlet Witch show, and they could even make guest appearances, if the need arose. One doesn’t need to look too far for inspiration for a Vision series, either. Tom King’s The Vision mini-series was a stunning exploration into family, otherness, and the things we do for love, even if we are androids. It’s already there, Marvel, let’s do this!

5 – Agent Maria Hill

Maria Hill - Marvel Wikia
Surrounded by mystery, this one. Source: Marvel Wikia

For all the talk about a Black Widow film, there is another great spy in the MCU who doesn’t get much of a look-in: Maria Hill. Nick Fury’s trusted ally, and general badass, Hill knows everything and everybody, and trusts nothing. We need more of that.

Hill was one of the last casualties, before Nick Fury himself, of Thanos’ snap in Infinity War, and there is no word yet on whether she will, or even can, return. That means actor Cobie Smulders is free to do an Agents of Shield­s-style spin-off where we can see Hill take on missions, bad guys, and the elusive World Security Council. And maybe we can finally find out what Hill really thinks of the Avengers.

6 – Sam Wilson/Falcon

Falcon - Marvel Wikia
So many gaps left to fill. Source: Marvel Wikia

True, Sam Wilson has had a fair amount of screen-time in the films but there is still so much we don’t know about this character. Such as, how did he come to join the Falcon programme? Why was he so close to his wingman Riley? How did he get over his PTSD?

Wilson’s story would be hard-hitting, full of emotion, and with a sprinkling of humour. Think Jarhead with superheroes. There is so much to explore with Wilson, more than him being Captain America’s friend. The PTSD storyline can be a winner just on its own, especially as we know Wilson helps other soldiers through the same.

The MCU has missed the mark with relegating Wilson to a side-kick and a prequel TV series would set things right.

7 – Luis

Luis - Business Insider
We all want this show, if it were to happen. Source: Business Insider

Luis is undoubtedly one of the most loveable characters in the MCU. Granted, he has another Ant-Man film to do, but he hasn’t had much of a role thus far, barring being Scott Lang’s buddy. We need to put Luis front and centre because there are so many questions we have about him. Why did he turn to a life of crime? How did he see so much good in Lang when Lang himself couldn’t see it himself? Where does Luis’ positivity come from?

I’m thinking of a four-episode mini-series narrated entirely by him, no matter the character on the screen, à la his recap in Ant-Man and the Wasp. It would be insanely humorous and give audiences a whole new take on the life of the little guy living with a superhero.

Tell me you don’t want the same?

8 – Mantis

Mantis - Syfy
Will we ever see her again? Source: Syfy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 had its problems but it gave us the beguiling Mantis who has since been killed by Thanos’ snap. Now with Guardians Vol 3 on indefinite hold, we may not see Mantis for a long time. Why not turn to TV for more of her story?

When we first meet Mantis, she is in the thrall of Ego, Star-Lord’s father. How did this empathetic being end up enslaved to a monster like Ego? What happened to Mantis’ family that she was orphaned as a larva? How does she manage to stay positive despite her circumstances? What was her life like living with Ego on his planet?

Mantis’ story can be told through a mini-series, and could make a political statement about the refugee crisis. The MCU could even bring back Kurt Russell’s scenery-chewing Ego for a boost of star-power.

9 – Hela

Hela - Slashfilm
We could watch the hell out of Hela! Source: Slashfilm

The first female villain in the MCU, before Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Ghost, was also one of its most delightfully evil and intriguing. Hela loves death and destruction and power, and she sees nothing wrong with it. There is something wonderful about a villain who just enjoys being bad that would be so much fun to watch. And, lest we forget, Hela also has a sardonic sense of humour. An entire show of just that would be great.

The show could easily crossover with Valkyrie’s with an epic crossover finale for both series where Hela vanquishes the Valkyries.

Plus, it would be interesting to see Asgard in another light. The glimpse we got of the Asgard Hela called home was very unlike the world Thor and Loki knew. Think of the special effects possibilities for this. It would be beautiful!

10 – Brock Rumlow

Rumlow - Marvel Wikia
Piqued our curiosity and did nothing with it. Source: Marvel Wikia

Agents of Shield’s season four event ‘Agents of Hydra’ gave audiences a glimpse into what a world run by Hydra would be like. But, this is the world that Brock Rumlow inhabited every day. His life as a double-agent for Hydra must have been fraught with fears of being caught and letting the Hydra-machine down. How did he navigate this life? And, how did Hydra manage to stay hidden for so long right under S.H.I.E.L.D.’s nose? We would love to know.

One can see Rumlow’s show being Arrow-esque, going back and forth between Rumlow’s time undercover for Hydra and his turn as Crossbones after surviving Captain America’s attack on the Hydra warships.

There you have it, our top ten choices for MCU characters who deserve a spin-off TV series of their own. It would be great to see some of these come to life but we won’t hold out our hopes yet. We still haven’t forgotten about Agent Carter being prematurely cancelled, after all.

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