Top Five Best Moments from Titans: Rose

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Titans season two started off with a bang and improved with episode two, ‘Rose’. We discuss the five best moments from the episode.

DC Universe’s much-awaited superhero show Titans had an uneven first season, before ending on a high note. But Titans season two is putting the follies of its debut in the dark.

After a strong opener, the show has followed up with an even better second episode. ‘Rose’ is well-paced, funny, and has brilliant character moments that will thrill fans.

Though it was hard to choose just a few from the episode, we’ve distilled five of the best moments from Titans season two episode two, ‘Rose’.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

5. That Titans Villain!

Titans S2E2 Shimmer
Not the only light-related villain in ‘Rose’. Source: Warner Brothers

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the DC superhero team Titans, particularly Teen Titans Go, will know the name Dr Light. Played by Michael Mosley in ‘Rose’, Dr Light makes an unexpected appearance on the show. And he is far more villainous than one would expect.

We first see Dr Light in his cell, before being broken out by a particularly violent ally who is yet to be revealed (our bets are on Deathstroke). Dr Light then obliterates the last living guard.

Though we don’t see Dr Light after his introduction, he continues to have an impact throughout the duration of ‘Rose’, even forcing Hank (Alan Ritchson) and Dawn (Minka Kelly) from their comfortable life, killing one of their charges in the process.

He tries the same trick with Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) and Rose (Chelsea Zhang), but Dick manages to get them out in time.

Slade Wilson has been set up as the primary villain for Titans season two, but if ‘Rose’ is anything to go by, Dr Light is going to cause the Titans a lot of trouble.

4. Titans Training

Titans S2E2 Raven and Robin
Training isn’t always fun. Source: Warner Brothers

The New Titans/ Titans: The Next Generation/ Titans 2.0—they haven’t really decided on a name yet—are still new to the superhero business. Which means they have to train—a lot. And who better to put them through their paces but the original Robin?

But while Dick is taking a leaf out of his mentor Bruce Wayne’s (Iain Glen) book, his charges are chafing at the bit to get some action.

So much so, that Jason Todd, Robin 2.0 (Curran Walters), challenges Gar Logan (Ryan Potter) to a duel, while blindfolded.

Jason’s skills are so impressive that Gar questions whether Jason’s blindfold is working. It is. Jason is just that good.

It’s capped off by Jason getting bonked on the head by Gar—apparently, he isn’t that good—followed by a pep talk/ lesson from Dick where he does far too good a job of channeling his mentor.

This scene in ‘Rose’ was immensely fun to watch and a testament to how Titans season two is already better than anything we saw in the early episodes of the first season of Titans.

3. Donna and Kory

Titans S2E2 Anders and Troy
This is the dynamic duo we can get behind. Source: Warner Brothers

The new Titans (or whatever they eventually decide to call themselves) are definitely missing Kory Anders (Anna Diop) and Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) but the same can’t be said for this dynamic duo.

The pair are hunting down dangerous metahumans, even if it means being stuck in the back of a surveillance van for hours with nothing to do but eat junk food and listen to Kory’s 1970s music playlist.

I love that their main focus while they wait is to eat everything—from donuts to tacos (which they eventually never get).

The interaction between Donna and Kory is also a rarity in the superhero genre—two women talking about life and work, and not about romantic liaisons.

Their scenes almost pass the Bechdel test, but unfortunately, instead of talking about the Titans in general, they talk about Dick Grayson instead. Alas, so close, yet so far!

But they do get a fun action scene against Shimmer, and a few quips, along with a Roy Harper Easter Egg.

Unfortunately, by the end of ‘Rose’, Kory has been kidnapped, but hopefully Titans season two will have more of this duo teaming up.

2. New Badass

Titans S2E2 Rose
Badass alert! Source: Warner Brothers

If you’re going to add a new member to your superhero team, you can’t do worse than a badass who goes up against a whole group of policemen and then practically flies to another building, crashes through a glass window, and survives to tell the tale.

Rose isn’t the most eager member of the Titans, but she captivates the team nonetheless, and by the end of the episode, agrees to stay on, albeit thanks to an offer of great coffee from Dick.

Rose’s super-healing and fighting skills are going to make her an excellent addition to the team, as long as her intentions are noble.

Because Rose isn’t just anybody, she is Rose Wilson, aka Ravager, daughter of Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke. The Titans’ nemesis is coming ever-closer—so, whose side is Rose really on?

1. Dawn the Hero

Dove - Titans Episode 2 - Hypable
Bad guys beware. Source: Hypable

Hank and Dawn had two episodes in season one, of varying quality. While ‘Hawk and Dove’ left much to be desired, ‘Hank and Dawn’ was heart-breaking, beautiful, and thought-provoking.

And Titans season two episode two, ‘Rose’ continues in the vein of that latter episode.

Hank and Dawn are living a quiet life on a ranch where they rehab addicts. It’s a good way to help society out of their superhero suits but also for Hank to overcome his own addictions.

Except it’s a bit too perfect for Dawn—she still craves the thrill and adventure of life as Dove. So, she sneaks out at night, taking down meth labs and helping people however she can.

But she does this also to protect Hank—being Hawk broke his body and his soul. He was injured and addicted, unlike Dawn who reveled in her superhero life, actually thrived in it.

It’s great to see a female character be the hero for once, instead of the homebody. Titans continues to do right by this character by subverting genre tropes. Though this may be the end of Hank and Dawn as a couple, we are all here for more Dove.

Titans season two episode two, ‘Rose’, was exciting and action-packed, setting up new villains and heroes for the remainder of the season. It is already shaping up to be far better plotted and paced than season one, which fans should be excited about.

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