Top 8: Ranking the Best CW Superheroes

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The Arrowverse has been an ingenious creation. From Spartan to Firestorm, CW Network has gifted us with some splendid superheroes who have snatched away the limelight.

Some of the credit, however, goes to the storytellers who have maintained a constant timeline throughout the shows. The crossovers have been delightful and has time and again toppled all the DCEU movies we have had so far.

Let’s have a look at the eight best CW superheroes we have been gifted in recent years.

8. Cisco Ramon/Vibe

Cisco Ramon a.k.a Vibe. [Credits: CW]
Affected by dark matter due to the particle accelerator explosion, Cisco has the ability to create breaches to any place or any universe for that matter. Although Cisco didn’t embrace his powers initially, he had been a constant support to Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow when either of them received their powers.

As Vibe he has fought alongside Barry and Caitlin and helped whenever possible. Another inventor by nature, he designed a lot of things, starting from Barry’s suit to the power source in Ray’s exosuit. He also helped Barry escape the Speed Force prison which held him for nearly six months. He has been a true hero.

7. Ray Palmer/The A.T.O.M

cw superheroes
The Atom. Source: CW.

Having transferred to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Ray Palmer is an amazing technician and scientist, in addition to just being a legend. He is more like DC’s Tony Stark, always trying to make a difference through technology and knowledge.

The Atom exosuit, his own invention, is capable of shrinking down to the size of an ant and firing blasts of focused energy (or compressed light beams, as Ray mentioned).

After the death of his fiancee, Anna, Ray vowed to make a difference in the world, and he is making good on his promise aboard the Waverider. He has always acted selflessly and has even resorted to destroying the suit when it came to stopping evil.

6. John Diggle/Spartan

John Diggle a.k.a Spartan. [Credits: CW]
An ex-military and trained in combat, John was the first one to join Team Arrow in his quest to make a difference in the world. He is wise, resourceful and strictly abides by his moral code.

He has always looked out for Oliver whenever he needed him. And not only did he push Oliver into the right track a numerous times, he has also proven to be a strong force in the field as well. As Spartan, he has helped the Green Arrow bring down numerous criminals in Star City. He has been a friend, a father, a husband and a soldier. He is just the sort of inspiration our world needs.

5. Kara Danvers/Supergirl

CW, Supergirl
Kara Danvers a.k.a Supergirl. [Credits: CW]
If you have watched CW’s Supergirl, then you will know that the show is quite similar to Arrow or Flash. Kara saves the world as Supergirl while working undercover as a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media.

What truly distinguishes her from other heroes is her humility and mentality to work as a team. Possessing superhuman strength and basically all of Superman’s powers (they are cousins after all!), Kara has been a wonderful addition to the Arrowverse.

4. Barry Allen/Flash

Barry Allen a.k.a Flash. [Credits: CW]
Barry might have acted foolishly a couple of times on the show, but he is still a strong superhero with a good heart, and one the world needs. He was solely responsible for the creation of Flashpoint and the bus-metas that we are currently dealing with in Season 4. However, he not only accepted his faults but has been working tirelessly to save Central City.

In truth, Grant Gustin has been just the man to sweep the viewers off their feet. He is sweet and his acting’s on point. We definitely moaned when Ezra Miller officially put on the costume for the movies, but as we know the timelines are different so that makes sense.

3. Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Captain Cold
Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold. [Credits: CW]
He isn’t a hero. He is a legend. Literally. On the Flash, he hadn’t been much of a superhero, but aboard the Waverider he has been a completely different man. He lives by his code of honour and has, time and again, acted selflessly to save his team from peril.

Now, I am talking about Snart from Earth-1 and not of Leo from Earth-X. So don’t scratch your head too much. Snart’s character underwent a massive change considering his actions on Flash and as a legend. However, the moment when Snart sacrificed himself to blow up the Time Council has special significance. It confirms all the above lines and persuades us to salute his act.

2. Sara Lance/White Canary

White Canary
Sara Lance a.k.a White Canary. [Credits: CW]
Originally considered as dead on ‘The Gambit’, Sara returned to Star City as a trained assassin to fight alongside the Arrow. Believe me when I say, Caity Lotz is the perfect person to play that role, and she has nailed it!

Her character moved on from Arrow to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but she never stopped being a badass. Considering the episodes in the series lately, Sara has also proven to be a better captain of the Waverider. This is in account of her strong nature and her ability to make decisions based on the moment. She isn’t just a pretty face after all!

1. Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Green Arrow
Oliver Queen a.k.a Green Arrow. [Credits: CW]
The Green Arrow is, by far, the best superhero that we have seen under the CW canopy. Although he has no superpowers to boast of, Oliver’s leadership qualities almost remind us of Batman.

Throughout all the episodes he has taken up different names, from ‘The Hood’ to ‘Green Arrow’, but hasn’t bat an eyelid when it came to fighting crime. He is an embodiment of determination and will power. From Lian Yu to Star City, Oliver Queen has overcome all odds and has always lived to fight another day.

Which of the CW superheroes did you like the most? Let us know!

If there was space for one more superhero on this list, it would be Digital Fox. Why? Because we ranked all the Arrowverse crossovers. Have a read here.

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