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Top 5 Prop Production companies for indie movies with small budgets.

Finding a cost effective prop production company for a movie project with limited production spend available can be tough. You want your movie to look great, but don’t have the dollars to spend to compete with the biggest brands in the world. So, what companies are available to help smaller indie projects at a lower rate, whilst keeping the quality high?

Hal’s FX Factory

With inspiration taken from the HAL ai in 2001’s A Space Odyssey, Hal’s FX factory are a global network of prop producers and special effects specialist who work on prop builds for a much lower cost than the industry standard. They take the brief online, come back and confirm the project/quote and then proceed to assign the best prop producer in their team to work on your project. They provide daily updates on the development, and then send the completed prop out to you.

Hal’s FX Factory work with clients like Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Star Wars, Marvel to produce props, but also passionately work with indie film makers who need sci-fi, action, fantasy or superhero props for their projects.

ISS Props

ISS Props is a family-owned company, and prides itself on offering brands with a blank check budget all the way to a student film production a service.

ISS Props specialise in weapons props so if you’re producing a war movie, they are a must to check out.

Movie Prop Rentals

Movie Prop rentals is a cheap and cheerful prop production shop specialising in set design, set builds, events, custom props, and lighting design. Movie Prop `Rentsl rent out the already existing, or finished prop to you during your shoot to reduce costs to you further. They’ve worked with people like Puff Daddy, Shaq, and Pitt Bull.


MadlyFX is a special practical effects facility serving Chicago and the Midwest. MadlyFX specialise in everything from robots to monsters and miniatures to sets. If you’re based in Chicago and looking for a local prop supplier, MadlyFX is a good option to contact.


Monkey Boys Productions is a multi-medium production company. They create props including puppets and creatures and also do costumes, practical effects and entertainment for indie film producers.

If you’re looking for prop production support, these companies would be worth getting into contact with.

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