best game consoles ever - sega mega drive 2

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Top 5 gaming consoles ever

Clearly, the consoles in 2020 are the most advanced we’ve ever seen, and with the PS5 officially trailered, it’s time for me to ponder which consoles fed my soul the most over the last 30 years

The first console I ever owned was the Sega Mega Drive, so forgive me for not including consoles prior to that, and please do add those into the mix on the comments.

Sega Mega Drive 2 went sonic crazy, which was a good thing.

The Sega Mega Drive 2 featured games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Road Rash II, Golden Axe, Ecco the Dolphin and The Lion King.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 could be completed within an hour, yet spawned hundreds of hours of gameplay. The Sega Mega Drive then went one step further and allowed you to plug a game on top of a game in Sonic and Knuckles.

The Sega Mega Drive, or Genesis is truly a classic console that the vast majority of gamers over 30 owned at some point.

best game consoles ever - sega mega drive 2

The original XBOX had a debut flier with Halo redefining FPS’s.

The original XBOX exploded onto our media units with Halo, and followed this up with Fable, Forza Motorsport and Star Wars Knights of the Old republic.

Microsoft had a lot to prove when it ventured into the console market, and Halo got the machine off to a fantastic start. Fortunately a vast majority of games were cross platform at that point, and after purchasing the console for Halo, many gamers stuck with it even with the obese controller.

Star Wars fans also rejoiced as one of the best Star Wars games ever made its way to the platform. The XBOX was also an early pioneer of online gaming, setting the tone for a decade to come.

best game consoles ever - xbox

Game Boy Colour

The Game Boy Colour sold in droves, mostly due to the Pokemon Red and Blue craze around the millenium which resulted in over 50m units being sold, matching the Game Boys sales.

There were over 30m sales of Pokemon Red and Blue which resulted in hundreds of hours of gameplay. Many players of the game boy bought the Game Boy Colour purely for Pokemon, including myself.

The year spent on the Game Boy Colour and Pokemon was one of the best times for mobile gaming.

best game consoles ever - game boy colour


The playstation levelled up gaming in a way that hasn’t achieved since. Generally one of the first platforms to focus entirely on 3D modelled games rather than side scrollers, it was a fantastic debut gaming device from Sony.

Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto and Tekken 2 as favourites resulted in a fantastic array of games starting a new generation, and way of gaming.

best game consoles in history - n64

Nintendo 64

Making the top of the list in terms of game consoles despite one of the strangest controllers in the history of gaming, the Nintendo 64 has so many games that made fantastic memories.

Games like The Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario, Shadows of the Empire, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong, Pokemon Stadium, Doom 64, Turok 64 and more the array of gaming titles was unsurpassed, and this was before games were commonly distributed across multiple platforms.

best gaming consoles in history

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