Top 4: Game of Thrones Spinoff Ideas

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The Top 4 Game of Thrones Spinoff Ideas Fans are Dying to See

With the seventh season of Game of Thrones fast approaching, it was all quiet on the Westerosi front… until now! A report by EW has announced that not one, not two, but four Game of Thrones spinoff stories are in development following the up and coming end of the Thrones saga.

Amen. Source: Shortlist.

There isn’t much information to work with so far but this is what we know for sure:

1 – HBO is developing four different Game of Thrones spinoff ideas from four different writers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean four shows will be made, they’re just in development, so chill. According to EW, they’ve been informed from HBO that the ultimate goal is find at least one title that can successfully carry the Fire and Blood which is the Thrones franchise.

2 – The four assigned writers are:

Max Borenstein who’s made the screenplays for Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla, as well as the television adaptation of Minority Report.

Then there’s Jane Goldman who’s written both Kingsman films as well as the screenplays and stories X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past, but also the screenplay of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (which was bloody utter trash).

From there there’s Brian Helgeland, who has written some spectacular films like A Knight’s TaleL.A. Confidential, 42. There is also Carly Wray who’s written in Mad Men.

The latter two stories will have the one and only George R R Martin working on them as well. But to be perfectly honest, GEORGE STEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM HBO AND GIVE ME ‘THE WINDS OF WINTER’. IT’S BEEN 7 YEARS TOO LONG, AND THE CHAPTERS YOU’VE BEEN RELEASING AREN’T ENOUGH FOR ME ANYMORE. Clears throat

3 – David Benioff and Dan Weiss are supposedly acting as executive producers for these potential shows.

4 – These Game of Thrones spinoff series will be exploring four different times in the Thrones universe, which means four potentially extremely different shows, with the possibility of even making a miniseries rather than a regular series.

Luckily, this is all talk. There are no plans of production or casting or anything, which means that now is the perfect time for fans to pressure writers to make the stories we want to see! A statement from HBO has said that they are going to “take as much or as little time as the writers need…” and from there, the shows will be evaluated once the scripts come in.

While there haven’t been any announcements about what the stories these spinoffs will follow, fans have already speculated and shouted to this mountain of a series, about what they’re dying to see.

So today we’re going to be showing you four storylines that these spinoffs should definitely explore.

Robert’s Rebellion

Game of Thrones Spinoff Robert's Rebellion
Robert’s Rebellion. Source: YouTube.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is unanimous about making a series based on Robert’s Rebellion. It undoubtedly has the potential to be a series lasting several seasons, have interesting subplots and character arcs, exploring conspiracy theories that book readers have had for years.

Set approximately 16 years before the events of the first season of Thrones, Robert’s Rebellion would follow the events immediately following the tragedy of Harrenhal, leading to the eventual murder of Mad King Aerys and the succession of Robert of the house Baratheon, First of his name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm (I memorised that, believe it or not).

And there are so many characters and stories this series could have! The Kingswood Brotherhood, Mad King Aerys’ Kingsguard, the origins of the Mountain, Davos Seaworth and Varys, the death and rape of Elia Martell, the knighting of Jaime Lannister, and an introduction to RHAEGAR TARGARYEN. Okay, if you haven’t gotten the point already, I’m pretty excited, and there are seasons worth of material which could potentially be made.

The Tales of Dunk and Egg

The Tales of Dunk and Egg are a series of three novellas within the Song of Ice and Fire Universe, which is a bit more niche but has a massive cult-following within book-readers.

The series is set 90 years before the first season of Thrones and follows the life and adventures of a hedge knight dubbed Sir Duncan the Tall who takes on a squire called Omelette! I mean Egg! Hedge knights are essentially knights for hire. It’s a series filled with tourneys, battles, mysteries and having really good connections.

To spice things up in this Knight’s Tale styled story, Duncan gets involved with the Targaryens at the height of their power, with many successors and many complex characters to deal with along the way.

I don’t want to go too much into detail because some people don’t like to be spoiled but I reckon it has the potential to mix the vibes of A Knight’s Tale with the rich lore of the Tales of Dunk and Egg, which would make a series I could definitely get behind. And with writer Brian Helgeland on board, who’s to say that won’t be the case?

The Doom of Valyria and Aegon’s Conquest

game of thrones spinoff
We like dragons. Give us dragons. Source: Business Insider.

The Freehold Valyria was essentially equal in grandeur with Ancient Rome, ruling the surrounding continent with their superior political system, sorcery and their dragons.

Valyria has always been a wonder to book readers because it sounded as if it was essentially paradise, until… ‘The Doom’; 400 years before the first season of Thrones, the Valyrian capital and the surrounding lands were utterly destroyed. The Fourteen Fires (volcanoes) exploded in a massive eruption producing fires so hot even dragons burned. Earthquakes decimated the cities, the sky became ash and tsunamis came to split the Valyria Peninsula from the mainland, producing the Smoking Sea. The only survivors were the Targaryens and their dragons, who had established a seat on Dragonstone years before. Just think 2012 but with more dragons.

The great thing is, no one knows why Valyria was destroyed, if it was natural. But some suspect that the Valyrians meddled too much in sorcery and destroyed themselves.

The mystery behind Valyria is utterly captivating, and even more so when readers discovered that adventurers wanting to discover the land never returned.

So why for a Game of Thrones spinoff doesn’t HBO and GRRM explore the Freehold further? Why not show the strength of the empire, their sorcerous ways, ‘The Doom’, and lead up to Aegon’s Conquest of the Seven Kingdoms?

Old Nan’s Stories

Game of Thrones has so many individual stories, if not fairy tales which aren’t entirely relevant to the plot, but are compelling and serve to enhance the lore of the series. Another potential idea could be to make a series styled like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone but based off Old Nan’s stories and more.

For the sweet summer children out there, Old Nan is a character in Game of Thrones who acted as a nanny and story-teller for all the Stark children – even for Eddard when he was but a wee-lad. Oh, and she’s also Hodor’s great grandmother.

Old Nan would tell the children stories about Harren the Black and the Ghosts in Harrenhal, the Night’s King, The Rat Cook, and the Last Hero, who sought the help from the Children of the Forest to end the Long Night.

Much like Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone, you could have individual unconnected episodes which add to the lore of the series but don’t require multiple episodes to tell. They don’t necessarily need to be stories from the Age of Heroes or Aegon’s Conquest. There could even be an episode about Azor Ahai to explain Melisandre’s religion of R’hollor: the Lord of Light. You could even have episodes based on more recent events like the Siege of Pike, The War of the Ninepenny Kings, Jorah’s exile.

There are countless Game of Thrones spinoff possibilities that could be explored for potential new series. And much like the Lord of the Rings Universe, the Thrones universe has so much material to work with, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Let’s just hope that the people running HBO are smart enough to let things end on a high note. Because it’d be a fucking disaster if people got sick of Game of Thrones. Season 7 of Game of Thrones is set to come out July 16th, 2017.

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