Best moments in Captain Marvel
Best moments in Captain Marvel

Top 10: Best Moments from Captain Marvel

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There’s plenty to love in the new Captain Marvel film, so we’ve chosen our top 10 best moments just for you.

Captain Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s very first female-led film graced theatres around the world on International Women’s Day (no less), and is already on track to make a hefty profit at the box office.

We at Digital Fox had our thoughts about the film, but we all agree that there were countless iconic moments from Captain Marvel that we will be reliving for a long time.

Left to our own devices, we would probably have recapped the majority of the film for this article, but we’ve painstakingly whittled down our favourite moments to just ten.

What a task.

Here are the top ten outstanding moments from Captain Marvel.

Spoilers ahead!

10 – Coulson

Coulson and Nick Fury-Captain Marvel-IMDB
It’s Coulson! Source: IMDB

For Marvel fans who haven’t been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson died in The Avengers, in a heroic act that spurred the Avengers to band together. The character, played by Clark Gregg, became an unlikely fan-favourite after appearing in the first two Iron Man films and Thor, as a bureaucrat a little out of his depth, who was also a life-long fan of Captain America.

Coulson was later resurrected in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he led a group of loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agents against all manner of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial enemies.

Sadly, Coulson revealed in season five of the show that he was dying and the character will have seen his demise before the start of season six. It was a sorrowful end to a fun character, which made his appearance in Captain Marvel all the more entertaining.

In Captain Marvel, a much younger, and greener, Coulson is seen partnered with Nick Fury. Though he proves himself to be a good agent when Fury and Carol Danvers are trying to escape the Skrulls (who have disguised themselves as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents), Coulson chooses loyalty to Fury over S.H.I.E.L.D., covering for them long enough to let them make an escape.

Clearly, Coulson has always had his heart in the right place!

9 – Suit Up

Captain Marvel's Suit-Captain Marvel-IMDB
Loving this suit. Source: IMDB

Superhero suits are almost as iconic as the characters themselves. For the majority of Captain Marvel, our titular hero sports a green Kree suit, which she has always worn alongside her Kree team. But once she learns of the Kree’s deception and the massacres they have been perpetrating against the Skrulls, she realises she can no longer wear the Kree colours.

Captain Marvel turns to the only person who she knows will give her suit the heroic look it needs—Monica Rambeau, daughter of her best friend on Earth, Maria.

Monica uses the Kree tech in Captain Marvel’s suit to test a number of colour combinations, with hilarious results—the neon suit was a particular highlight—until Captain Marvel gives Monica a nudge in the right direction. The two of them have always been close and it only makes sense for the good Captain to sport the colours Monica wears. Thus is born the red, blue, and gold suit that we all know and love.

8 – Talos Saves Fury

Fury being the better man. Source: IMDB

Everyone loves a good hero versus villain story, but Captain Marvel was all about learning who the real enemies are. Over the course of the film, Captain Marvel and Nick Fury come to the surprising revelation that the Skrulls they have been fighting are the ones being persecuted by the Kree. For Fury, this is a personal matter, as lead Skrull Talos, played brilliantly by Ben Mendelsohn, impersonated Fury’s boss.

Obviously, that made the final escape from Mar-Vell’s lab all the more exciting to watch.

Having managed to fight off a number of Kree, Fury and Maria Rambeau are heading to their shuttle when they, and the Skrull refugees, are caught by the Kree. All looks lost for our heroes, until one of the Kree whispers to Fury to follow his lead. The Kree turns out to be Talos in disguise, and he not only saves Fury and the rest of the Skrulls, but gets shot just as he enters the escape plane.

In a touching moment on the plane, Fury and Talos, who have been at loggerheads all film, grasp each other’s hand in friendship, as Talos assures Fury that he will be all right.

7 – Carol and Maria’s Friendship

Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers-Captain Marvel-IMDB
Friends! Source: IMDB

Female protagonists are so often burdened by romantic storylines that it has become a groan-worthy trope. Fortunately, Captain Marvel chooses a different direction—the friendship between two women.

It’s 2019, but it’s still rare to see positive female relationships, thus Carol and Maria’s easy-going and strong bond was a highlight that made this film even more memorable.

There are several moments between Carol and Maria that we loved, including how Carol’s memories hinge on Maria more than anyone else. When the two meet for the first time after Carol’s six-year absence, Maria recalls their last day together, and Carol immediately responds to it. Some things you can’t forget.

And when Carol learns the truth about her Kree life, and realises the responsibility she now has to the Skrulls, the burden of her mission feels too much for her, until Maria steps in and reminds Carol of the hero she was even before she got her powers.

Carol Danvers was always Captain Marvel to Maria.

Excuse us, there’s something in our eyes.

6 – The Skrulls as an Analogy for the Refugee Crisis

Skrulls-Captain Marvel-IMDB
The Skrulls are not who we think they are. Source: IMDB

The world is facing an alarming refugee crisis and anyone who is unwilling to see that needs to read the news. A number of superhero properties have created analogous stories about the state of refugees—most recently Supergirl—and in Captain Marvel, the plight of the Skrulls effectively acts as an analogy for the very real refugees we have on Earth.

As the film proceeds, Captain Marvel and her team learn that the Skrulls have practically been wiped out by the Kree, and have taken shelter wherever they can around the universe. Their fight against the Kree was never malicious, but an act of self-defence.

The scenes in Mar-Vell’s lab, where Talos finally finds the hidden Skrulls, including his own wife and daughter, are heart-wrenching and true-to-life. There were several excellent storytelling moments in this film but we were particularly struck by the revelation that Talos’ mission was never to retrieve the Tesseract, but to save his family. It has always been far more believable that a person would fight so hard for power, and not for the safety of their people.

5 – Mar-Vell

Mar-Vell-Captain Marvel-IMDB
Surprising revelations. Source: IMDB

Granted, this point may have come as absolutely no surprise to people intimately acquainted with the Captain Marvel mythos, but it’s an incredibly important moment nonetheless.

In the Captain Marvel comics, Carol Danvers got her powers when her DNA fused with that of her colleague Walter Lawson, the undercover exiled Kree agent Mar-Vell. For those of us not in the know—or who had managed to avoid all pre-release materials—Wendy Lawson’s role as Mar-Vell was thus of particular significance. A number of female characters, no matter how badass they are, are given male role models/ mentors/ teachers, and it was great to see Carol be completely enamoured of her mentor and work so hard to complete Wendy’s missions.

Anyone who has read the Marvel comics knows that most of Captain Marvel’s storylines have had her being beholden, or surrounded by, male characters. That is why the revelation that Carol Danvers’ mentor on Earth was not only the reason she got her powers, but that, if comics’ history is anything to go by, Mar-Vell was also the first Captain Marvel. No wonder Yon-Rogg was so determined to hold Vers back—he knew how powerful she could be.

4 – Nick Fury and Goose

Goose the Cat-Captain Marvel-IMDB
A very cute cat indeed. Source: IMDB

Nick Fury is all of us when we meet a cute kitty!

While Captain Marvel is understandably wary of Wendy Lawson’s Flerken disguised as a cat, Goose, Fury only sees an adorable ginger cat who he immediately picks up, cuddles, and pets. Fury and Goose’s scenes together are so incredibly enjoyable and memorable that it’s made it into the top five of our list.

And we love that, after Captain Marvel leaves Earth, Fury keeps Goose as his pet, even though Goose scratched his eye out. Would you believe that’s the story behind Fury’s ‘one good eye’? Not the revelation we were expecting, but also not completely unrealistic. Cats are cute, but unpredictable, doubly so when they’re actually Flerkens.

Nick Fury and Captain Marvel’s friendship was a joy to behold but thanks to his love for Goose, Fury has never been more relatable than he was in Captain Marvel.

3 – Maria Rambeau’s Slick Flying

Maria Rambeau-Captain Marvel-IMDB
Ace. Source: IMDB

The one grouse many fans would have had with Captain Marvel was that there wasn’t nearly enough of Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau in this film. She is very much the best friend, a trope many African-American characters get trapped in, but that doesn’t stop her from being a hero.

While Captain Marvel fights her old Kree crew on Mar-Vell’s lab, Maria flies their escape plane full of Skrull refugees back to Earth and away from the Kree. She manages to avoid most of the Kree ships, but is well-matched by Minn-Erva.

Fortunately, Maria is one of the best pilots around. She deftly manoeuvres her plane through a trench, managing to fool Minn-Erva into facing her front on, where Maria sends a volley of missiles to blow Minn-Erva out of the sky. We were definitely shouting along with Nick Fury at that stunning manoeuvre!

2 – Carol’s Sucker Punch

Yon-Rogg and Vers-Captain Marvel-IMDB
Friendly face? Source: IMDB

For as long as Captain Marvel (or Vers as she was called on Hala, the Kree home world) was with Yon-Rogg’s team of fighters, she was held back from using her powers. Yon-Rogg wanted her to use her fists and actively discouraged her from using the fiery strength in her hands. He even used the age-old ‘we don’t know what it is inside you’ line to make her doubt her abilities.

Well, he played that hand a bit too long. By the end of the film, Captain Marvel is at full strength, no thanks to Yon-Rogg, and faces down her former tutor about his vendetta against the Skrulls and for lying to her for six long years, as well as for killing her real mentor, Mar-Vell. Yon-Rogg decides to use it as a teachable moment—he mocks her, saying he is proud of what she’s become, which he credits himself for, and then insists they fight hand-to-hand without the use of her powers.

This time, the tactic doesn’t work. As Yon-Rogg squares up to fight, Captain Marvel unleashes a full volley of her power at him in a sucker punch that sends him flying through the air. It’s the least he deserved for being such an obnoxious little prick.

1 – Carol Becomes Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel at Full Power-Captain Marvel-IMDB
Yes! Source: IMDB

The moment a person becomes a hero is always the greatest highlight of a superhero film. And in Captain Marvel, that moment is hard-won for Carol Danvers. Having fought her former cohorts and failed, Carol is brought to the Kree Supreme Intelligence, who takes the form of Wendy Lawson to break Carol down. The Supreme Intelligence insists to Carol that everything great about her—her power and her skill—comes from the Kree. That before the Kree, Carol was a weak human, who could do nothing and would have amounted to nothing.

Carol is shown all the times through her human life that she fell—as a child riding a bike, on a beach while playing with her siblings, while go-karting, as an army cadet trying to prove to the boys that she belonged. Each time she fell, says the Supreme Intelligence, it was a sign of her weakness and insignificance.

But Carol remembers the moments after those falls, when she stood up and stood her ground. The words ‘Nevertheless, she persisted’ are never said in this film, but they weren’t needed because no matter how many times Carol Danvers fell, she stood back up and she persisted.

Carol’s full powers activate, and having vanquished her enemies, she stands before us, all aglow and ready for the next fight.

Captain Marvel, like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Jessica Jones, and many more before it, is opening the doors to powerful female characters taking their rightful place as heroes on the frontline. There is a long way to go before the entertainment industry reaches the kind of parity it needs to be at, but these are all important steps forward.

We hope you liked our list of top ten favourite moments from Captain Marvel. What was your favourite moment from the film?

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