10 Best Moments from Avengers: Infinity War

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Avengers: Infinity War brought us some great flashbacks, updates, reintroductions, and dramatic exits. Let’s talk about a few of the best sequences.

Though an extremely fast-paced film, Infinity War brought out a lot of emotion. We break down its best dramatic moments.

This piece may contain spoilers. And by that I mean, it most certainly does.

10 – Loki’s Honourable Demise

Just a few minutes into Infinity War and we already see Loki killed in front of Thor at the hands of Thanos. Loki reveals he does have the tesseract and gives it to Thanos who takes the infinity stone from it. He does this in order to save his brother’s life.

And then, pretending to bargain for his personal wellbeing in exchange for a guide to Earth, Loki tries to stab Thanos. But Thanos is already too powerful. He crushes Loki.

Though like every scene in the movie, this one went by quickly, it’s a very emotional moment between two brothers who have always been at conflict.

Loki himself is a conflicted individual, but he knew what was right in the end. And he paid for it with his life. Despite this, I’m really hopeful for his return.

9 – Spider-Man’s New Legs

spider-man infinity war

We see Spider-Man with some significant suit upgrades just as we do Iron Man’s. Perhaps the coolest part about his new look is the capability for spider-like robotic limbs. As we see, these come in quite handy.

The best sequence depicting this is when Spider-Man saves Dr. Strange on the big alien “donut.” The scene reveals the strength of his suit’s new add-ons.

8 – Shadowy Steve

For months, Marvel fans have been talking up a storm about Captain America’s facial hair. It’s not shadow. It’s a full-fledged beard. The new look was so impressive that even Thor had to compliment him on it.

But perhaps the best part with Cap is the big reveal when he catches the alien spear and comes out of the shadows. Even though the scene was part of most of the teasers and trailers, it remains one of the best in the film.

7 – Gamora: Little One

Gamora has a major role to play in this film for various reasons. Her character sees a lot more action and depth than some of her fellow heroes like Captain America, Black Panther, or Dr. Strange. What makes her and her relationship with Thanos even more potent and clear are flashbacks to Gamora’s youth.

Thanos. Source: Den of Geek.

The best part of the flashbacks, however, is when Thanos tells the girl he will help her find her mother. He then proceeds to show her a double-bladed knife and calls it “perfectly balanced.”

While distracting her, Thanos’ followers destroy a vast number of the planet’s population. This moment fills the audience with a few different emotions: sorrow and empathy for Gamora and disgust for the evil of Thanos.

6 – The Dwarf Who Is Not

Eitri, dwarf and metalsmith, doesn’t really match the description of the typical dwarf. Outstandingly portrayed by actor Peter Dinklage, Thor’s old friend is another one of those characters with a sad story to tell.

Aside from some dry humour he helps present, he has a key role to play in the forging of Thor’s new weapon, an ax. I will say, though, the forging sequence looks rather similar to dwarvish forging scenes in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy.

5 – The Return of Red Skull

For myself and hundreds of others, the big reveal of the cloaked watchman of the Soul Stone as Red Skull was a well-received moment. Not only is it shocking, but in a weird way, it’s also delightful to see this master villain return.

The Russo brothers, the directors of Infinity War and the last two Captain America films, bring back the worst villain the super soldier fought in the only film of the trilogy they didn’t direct.

Red Skull Is Back in the Russo Brothers’ First Avengers Film. Source: Daily Express.

The power hungry man who had headed the ancient cult of Hydra as a division of Hitler’s 3rd Reich in WW II returns in another dark role. And here Red Skull even mentions how he sought power in his mortal life, the same kind of power Thanos is now striving to attain.

4 – Stabbing Stark

Thanos stabs Iron Man! He does this when half the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy confront him on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, which is Thanos’ home. Thanos and Tony Stark, each egotistical in his own way, both start monologuing. This sequence is brought to an end with Thanos stabbing Stark.

At this point, many spectators are really worried Tony’s going to die. Instead, Dr. Strange, who had earlier stated he would not let sentiment affect him in protecting the Time Stone, bargains with Thanos for Tony’s life. Of course, the only thing that will do is the Time Stone.

3 – White Wolf

Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is found living in Wakanda, where his best friend Steve Rogers left him at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Here in Wakanda he is known as the White Wolf. We find him wearing simple clothes and living a quiet life. With a docile attitude, the once-assassin turned shepherd is entrusted with keeping sheep.

T’Challa comes to him. He tells the White Wolf that he is needed and shows him a robotic arm in a case. Of course, Bucky puts it on. He’s not one to shy away from a fight with a good cause. It’s just a really endearing sequence.

2 – The Death of Vision

The Team Assembles. Source: Study Breaks Magazine.

Vision’s death ends up being acted out twice since Thanos has the Time Stone. Wanda doesn’t want to kill Vision; she loves him. We all saw this relationship coming, but it’s kind of weird to have a human and an android fall in love.

Other than that, I would say the characters play quite well off each other, and the sequence of Wanda using her powers to remove the infinity stone in Vision’s forehead was pretty emotional.

1 – Dust to Dust…

The most dramatic scene is also the climax and close of Infinity War. When we see half the main characters disappearing, we know who we’re losing. When we count our losses, it’s hard to believe.

The young Spider-Man’s vanishing into dust is perhaps the most touching. It’s also the death which likely places the most guilt on Tony, whose character lives on.

Despite all these deaths, even Loki’s and Gamora’s, Dr. Strange’s words give us hope for their safe return: “It was the only way.”

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