Titans: Fallen Heralds the Coming of Nightwing

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DC Universe’s Titans: Fallen shows what the series has been leading up to so far—the imminent arrival of Nightwing.

Titans season two has been promising to bring Nightwing to fans, but ten episodes in, we have yet to see the acrobatic avenger grace our screens.

That could soon change following the events of Titans: Fallen. Taking off shortly after the previous episode, Titans: Fallen sees Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) answer for his crimes, and make a few enemies and allies along the way.

We break down the salient points of the episode and why we think Titans will be unveiling Nightwing fairly soon.

Rachel Finds Her Own Path

Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) had inadvertently brought the Titans together way back in season one, but recent events have left the young hero feeling disillusioned.

Last we saw of Rachel, she had abandoned Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) to find her own path. It leads her to a shelter where she meets a fellow disillusioned young person, Dani (Sydney Kuhne).

The two connect immediately, but Dani is called away by her violent father. Rachel decides to step in and uses her powers to scare the living daylights out of the man. So far, so good, yes?

Unfortunately, no. Rachel’s diminishing control over her soul-self has been an issue through Titans season two, and we see now how separate the soul-self is from her.

When Rachel lets Dani’s father go, she doesn’t absorb all the dark soul-self back into her—part of it escapes and enters a gargoyle (because, of course it does), which proceeds to eviscerate Dani’s father.

We really don’t have much information about Rachel’s soul-self or her powers. They were a mystery in the first season, and they continue to be so.

Where is Titans going with Rachel’s story? She hasn’t had much screen time since she defeated Trigon, and whenever we have met her, she comes across as a rebellious teenager.

Surely, that is not all Rachel is meant to be in Titans season two? An angry child lashing out at the adults in her life?

I sincerely hope that in the remaining few episodes we get a decent arc for Rachel, especially as she has found a group of like-minded teenagers who might turn to her for leadership.

Conner Wants People to be Safe

Superboy-Titans-Fallen-Warner Brothers
The best intentions. Source: Warner Brothers

Conner/ Superboy (Joshua Orpin) means well, but he doesn’t understand the world. So, he assumed a bunch of cops were the bad guys and went full villain on them.

Now, Conner is running scared, desperate to be alone because he thinks he’s a bad person.

It’s no surprise that when Cadmus—the organisation that created him—shows up, Conner all but surrenders to them.

For some reason, I adore Conner. I think he’s sweet and fun, and well-meaning, if a bit lost. I didn’t expect to like him much but Titans has proved me wrong.

It makes me a bit sad that Conner has given up so easily. It’s not his fault—he doesn’t know any better and he just wants to keep people safe.

But I do wonder how Conner is going to escape Cadmus this time. Perhaps Nightwing and the Titans will rescue him?

Gar Wants to be a Titan

Beast Boy-Titans-Fallen-Warner Brothers
Slick moves. Still gets caught. Source: Warner Brothers

Gar Logan (Ryan Potter) got a spotlight episode last week, and promptly made a mess of things by unleashing Conner/ Superboy on the world.

Lost, confused, and on his own, Gar isn’t in the best headspace until Krypto, Conner’s dog, finds him.

Once Gar and Conner are together again, Gar is back to being his positive self, even trying to pull Conner out of his despair.

But then they’re captured by Cadmus and Gar’s powers make him particularly attractive to the evil organisation.

It seems that Gar is likely to be sent back to the Titans as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How precisely Cadmus plans to achieve this, we can’t yet know, but there were allusions to the fact.

Which is a bit disappointing. Gar has had so little screen time this season—it would be annoying to see him being made a pawn in someone else’s game.

And as much as I like the Gar-Conner pairing, I feel like we know nothing about Gar even after all these episodes.

I understand the need for Titans season two to be bigger and bolder, but the focus has been placed on the old Titans team, to the detriment of the new Titans, especially characters like Gar.

And now Titans is racing ahead to bring Nightwing into the show, so Gar has no chance for more characterisation.

Dick’s Deathwish

Dick Grayson and Guard-Titans-Fallen-Warner Brothers
Heroes are never safe behind bars. Source: Warner Brothers

Titans’ Dick Grayson is quite unlike his other counterparts—he’s dark, brooding, more Batman than Batman himself.

Having revealed the truth about the death of Deathstroke’s son—that it was pretty much his fault—Dick was abandoned by almost all the Titans.

And then he was cursed by Deathstroke and his wife for their son’s death. So, Dick did the only thing he thought would set things right—punched some people and got thrown in jail for seven years.

Dick’s problems in jail aren’t for the faint of heart—a former detective, Dick may as well be walking around with a target on his back.

Then there’s the prison guard who wants Dick to snitch on his fellow inmates—Dick’s answer is a resounding ‘no’, but the guard doesn’t like that.

Dick’s cellmates are mysterious men who are charged with killing him. They never go through with the plan—because they’re planning an escape.

Turns out Dick’s cellmates aren’t prisoners at all—they were detained by immigration, who put them in a prison with criminals. They are set to be deported to a country where they will certainly die. Hence the escape plan.

Dick, being a superhero, knows their plan won’t work. He’s seen the guards and the weapons, and the chances are bleak.

But his fellow cellmates have faith in their beliefs, especially in a hero-like bird figure who protects them at home. It will look after them, they say.

And this is our first inkling of Titans’ Nightwing. The bird drawing on the cell walls is fairly close to the iconic Nightwing symbol, and the following scene all but seals the deal.

Dick’s cellmates’ escape attempt goes horribly wrong—not only is one of their party killed before the attempt is even made, but they are hopelessly outnumbered.

And then a hero comes flying through the air, distracting the guards long enough for the men to make an escape.

Dick may be bloodied and beaten, but his new friends have their freedom, and he has found a new symbol of hope.

If this isn’t a sign that we’re going to see Nightwing soon, I don’t know what is!

We Have Questions After Watching Titans: Fallen

Dick Grayson 2-Titans-Fallen-Warner Brothers
Prepping for Nightwing. Source: Warner Brothers

The events of Titans: Fallenstill begs the question—how will Dick get out of a seven-year prison sentence? And why doesn’t anyone know that Dick is in prison?

The timelines seem a little bit off in that regard—it feels like Dick has been away for ages, whereas Rachel, Donna, Gar, and Conner have lived through maybe a day or two.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know what’s happened to Jason Todd and Rose Wilson. They’ve disappeared since the Titans broke up. Where are they and why isn’t anyone worrying about them?

Also, where is Batman? Has he just left his charges to run wild while he sips martinis in his mansion?

Titans season two seemed to be headed one way, and has gone in another direction entirely.

Does the show know what it’s doing? Does it care? I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to watch more to find out.

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