Top 10 eSports Marketing agencies

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The best eSports marketing agencies to help you run your eSports event.

With a global industry market value of $138B, the e-sports industry has exploded. But where do you go when you want to market an e-sports event? Here’s the full breakdown of options you might need from agencies that specialise in gaming.

Gaming Event Management companies

eSports Management Group

The eSports Management Group offers a full service eSports management service. They’ve recently expanded into corporate consulting, licensing and brand development amongst other services, but they specialise in events management. They’ve been around for 8 years and have worked on projects for Riot Games, Zynga, Blizzard, Activision, Twitch and ESPN.

MTG eSports

MTG’s ESL Gaming GmbH offer a range of services, starting with event management, but continuing in gaming technology, advertising and TV production. ESL run 13 events per year generating thousands of attendees so it’s a good option to explore when beginning to plan your eSports event.

Connors & Co

The Connors & Co team offer services ranging from from network engineering and broadcast transmission to bracketology and branding. They are also specialist at surrounding brands with custom scenics, massive video experiences, and other experiential activations.

Gaming Public Relations and media agencies


GamePublX is small full-service PR agency that passionately focusses on clients who create and publish video games. The team cares deeply about helping indie developers and smaller eSports teams get great results and do this through a mix of expertise and desire to invest personally on every campaign they work on.

Allied Global Marketing

One of the biggest agencies in the world specialising in providing marketing services to the entertainment sector. They are available to partner with for eSports events in every country offering expertise in all channels. Allied Global Marketing’s clients include Dreamworks, HBO, FOX, Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers.

Big Games Machine

A video games PR and media agency. They’re a passionate team of gamers that carefully pick their partnerships so they only work with clients they really believe in. If you’re running a smaller eSports event focussed on more indie games they are a good team to reach out to.

Gaming & E-sports Influencer Marketing agencies

Digital Fox Talent

Digital Fox Talent unite a huge array of content creators in the gaming industry with brands. They do this to promote products, events, launches, trailers and e-sports competitions.

If you’re after a dedicated management team to outsource your influencer requirements to, to drive tickets sales to your eSports tournament, or to provide gaming content creators that can post at the event on the day, they are a good bunch to talk with.

Branded Entertainment Network

BEN has 40 years worth of entertainment marketing expertise. Funded by Bill Gates they have some of the best and industry-leading specialists. They work across, gaming, streaming, TV, and film providing influencers to brands in those industries.


Fullscreen has over 2,500 talent on the books, and 400 clients. They are a social content company that provide creative, strategy and marketing services for both talent and brands clients in order to grow, engage and monetize their social audiences.

Gaming Web developer and e-commerce businesses


Esportsify gives eSports teams a platform to fully manage their eSports easily. They have extensive eSports related features and themes to help you function as a fully established eSports organisation. On the platform, you can create your teams, manage results and update your followers on the latest news.


Ragebite is a studio that specialises in web and app design, also combining powerful branding and animation strategies to help with eSports projects. They are a small, independent studio in Belgrade, Serbia, and are developing a suite of services to assist eSports brands.

Starting an eSports company, or running an eSports event is no easy task, but by partnering with some of these companies it could make your task easier.

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