The 5 Best Moments in Solo: A Star Wars Story

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GIQUE out with us and share.

Solo: A Star Wars Story features a young Han Solo and follows some of his adventures. Here are the five best moments from the movie.

Let’s face it, most of the big time critics tore Solo apart, shredding it limb from limb. There were many concerns about Ron Howard being appointed to direct the Solo movie. But now I find myself swimming upstream, against the mainstream media’s response to the movie (and many of my fellow homies here at Digital Fox).

I actually didn’t think it was that bad. Like most good films, I found several enjoyable aspects out of the entire story. Let’s talk about some of the best moments Solo: A Star Wars Story had to offer. (Spoilers follow.)

1 – Han Solo and Kira’s Separation

Extremely early on in the film’s plot, we see the title character in love with a young woman named Kira. That’s just like him, isn’t it? Whatever their community calls them, they’re pretty much a couple of thieves among many. They steal valuable things.

After one particular mission, Han (Alden Ehrenreich) optimistically tells Kira (Emilia Clarke), also spelled Qi’ra, that with the vial of coaxium he just got they will be able to start a new life together. In a desperate attempt to leave their lowly existence, the couple makes their way to what would be the Star Wars equivalent of an airport.

It’s here, in this crowded arena, that the two of them are separated. The physical act of being torn from each other tears each of them up on the inside as well. And this emotion is brought across quite potently on screen. It’s a life-shattering event that takes place at an early stage in Han’s life.

2 – A Smuggler’s Eye for Detail

Tobias Beckett. Source: Hollywood Reporter.

During his military period with the Empire, Han Solo meets a party which at first appears to be a group of allies. But as Han watches them more carefully, he comes to the conclusion that they are in the same “trade” that he once was: stealing and smuggling.

The head of this scurvy band of outlaws is Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson). He’s a grumpy guy who’s rough around the edges. The best advice he says he can offer is to never trust anyone. When Han threatens to expose Beckett and his partners, Beckett thinks quickly and frames Solo.

After befriending a certain beloved Wookiee, Han returns to them yet again right as they are leaving in a stolen ship. A rather comically suspenseful moment, Beckett returns right after takeoff to take on the two newcomers. They’re onboard the ship and onboard for the smugglers’ upcoming job.

3 – An Unexpected Reunion

Dryden Vos, the Boss. Source:

After a failed attempt at stealing a significant amount of coaxium, Han returns with a skeletal crew. Beckett, still in charge, has to answer to Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany), a boss who severely punishes those of his employees who disappoint him.

It was interesting to see the MCU’s Vision actor portraying a despicable villainous role. (You can read about why Dryden Vos was one of the five ways Solo could have been improved here).

At this point in the movie, however, another character is reintroduced. And she has a larger part to play. While Beckett is setting up a meeting with Vos, Han and Chewie are told to stay in the main room, a gathering place for conning, seducing, and crooked playing.

Here Han bumps into… guess who… Kira, the woman he loved and has vowed to return to rescue. But he never expected to see her here on an entirely different planet! Thus, he doesn’t have to rescue her. And now they have a lot to catch up on – together.

4 – Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and the Good Old Millennium Falcon

Lando’s Back! Source: Metro Weekly.

Yes, Han is focus of the movie, but Lando Calrissian (this time portrayed by Donald Glover) was a vital player in this story. And frankly, he deserved more attention, especially since he’s entirely absent from the third Star Wars trilogy (so far). His smug attitude of getting out of a jam by any means he can gets him in trouble. But Lando’s character always provides some enjoyable comedy.

At the close of the film, Han and Chewbacca go to find him. Han tries his luck at gambling against Lando again. This time, Han has the upper hand – and in more ways than one! He’s removed a card from Lando’s extra card holder which he keeps up his sleeve. This ensures there’s no cheating on Lando’s part, and Han Solo wins the amazing Millennium Falcon he is so well known for.

5 – The Only Mention of a Sith or Jedi in Solo

We saved the best (or the worst) for last. Kira is in cahoots with Darth Maul! This is surprising twofold! Kira is just that bad; she’s been dug in too far, and Darth Maul, who we all see get sliced in half like a liverwurst in Episode I, is somehow alive!

It’s totally insane and leaves us hanging with a bunch of unanswered questions. (Hmmm, kind of like The Last Jedi did.) The holocron image we see also shows Darth Maul igniting his lightsaber for no real reason except to show it off. That way I guess we know for certain that it was a Star Wars movie.

I think all of these five points in Solo: A Star Wars Story were vital inclusions. Some were important to get to know Han Solo’s character, and others were key for the playout of the entire saga. Solo was not as good as the Rogue One stand-alone film, but it was not terrible.

If you enjoyed these best moments from Solo: A Star Wars Story, you’ll probably enjoy this list of the ten best moments from Avengers: Infinity War. We like moments.

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