Ranking the Arrowverse Crossovers

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The Arrowverse crossovers have given viewers much to cheer about. But which one is the best?

Now that the CW shows have gone on mid-season break following the immensely successful ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ crossover, it’s the perfect time to look back at all the crossovers that have come before in the Arrowverse.

Below is our definitive ranking of all the crossovers in the Arrowverse. For this list, we will be looking only at crossovers, not team-ups (that’s for another day). Spoilers abound, in case you have yet to catch up with the shows!

The heroes that sing together. Source: IMDB

6 – Duet

We know that a lot of the actors in the Arrowverse can also sing but does that really justify this crossover?

The Music Meister puts Supergirl/ Kara Danvers and the Flash/ Barry Allen into a coma where they imagine themselves working in a 1920s nightclub. The point of the episode is to reunite Kara with her estranged partner Mon-El and for Barry to find a way to win back his fiancé, Iris West. In between, we have gangster versions of Joe West and Martin Stein, who are Iris’ parents, pitted against Malcolm Merlyn, Mon-El’s father. And… that’s it.

This episode is as cringey as it is fun but it does little to drive the plot of either show. The Music Meister, goofily played by Darren Criss, barely has a role and, in the end, isn’t even a genuine threat.

The main take away from this episode is that Carlos Valdez, who plays Cisco, and Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn, have amazing voices and need to sing more.

When the going gets tough… Source: IMDB

5 – Legends of Today and Legends of Yesterday

I feel a little bad about putting this Arrowverse Crossover so low. It is brimming with characters, takes the story forward for both Arrow and The Flash, while also introducing new characters for Legends of Tomorrow. That is a lot and it deserves more love but, alas, the other crossovers are just a little bit better.

Cisco vibes his new girlfriend Kendra and learns that she is an ancient Egyptian priestess known as Hawkgirl. Kendra’s partner from her past, Hawkman, reveals that an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage has been killing Kendra and him for centuries. With Team Arrow and Team Flash’s help, they might be able to stop Savage once and for all.

Hawkgirl and Hawkman were probably the weaker characters in the Arrowverse but the rest of the characters have a chance to shine in this crossover. Cisco and Felicity flex their nerd muscles, Spartan, Black Canary and Speedy get to kick ass, Oliver gets put back in his place, after being killed, and the Flash travels through time. Plus, Casper Crump as the scenery-chewing Vandal Savage is a joy to watch.

And let us not forget that pseudo-finale where everyone dies and your heart basically just stops, only for the Flash to turn back time and give them all a second chance. Phew!

Like I said, there is a lot to love here.

The CW in a screenshot, according to Cat Grant. Source: IMDB

4 – Worlds Finest

Who knew Supergirl existed in the Arrowverse? For most of season one of Supergirl, I had the impression it was a stand-alone show. One could hardly avoid the teasers online once it was announced that Supergirl and the Flash would have a crossover, but how good would it be? Pretty darn good, as it turns out.

While testing out a new Tachyon prototype, the Flash finds himself on Earth-38 where he meets Supergirl. While Winn and James Olsen look for a way to get the Flash back to Earth One, Supergirl enlists his help in fighting the villains Silver Banshee and Livewire.

This episode is just full of fun. Supergirl and the Flash have tons of chemistry. In fact, the Flash fits in so perfectly that he could join Team Supergirl any time. I would watch the hell out of that.

There are laughs aplenty, which is just what both shows needed at that point. And I love the little character moments like Kara’s joy at Barry getting her ice-cream super-quick and Cat Grant figuring out that Barry is actually the Flash. DC comic fans will love the numerous comic book references, as well.

Also, Barry Allen challenging Silver Banshee and Livewire in the climactic battle by saying “Let’s settle this like women” because he is the only man there just made me love him more.

The beginning! Source: IMDB

3 – Flash vs Arrow & The Brave and the Bold

The first crossover will always hold a special place in our hearts. Yes, Barry Allen had been introduced in Arrow and the pilot episode for The Flash had him discussing his superhero future with the Arrow, but still, this was the big one! The first time their two teams would come together.

The Rainbow Raider has been wreaking havoc in Central City by manipulating citizens’ emotions. Little does Barry know that he too has been affected. Cue Barry yelling at everyone and becoming an all-out rage monster against Iris’ fiancé Eddie and especially Arrow. Once they defeat Rainbow Raider, Team Flash helps Team Arrow take down Captain Boomerang and the bombs he has planted around Starling City.

Seeing the two teams interact in this crossover is a joy and there are so many memorable, and meme-able, moments from these two episodes: Dig being startled by Barry’s speed every time, Oliver shooting Barry in the back to test Barry’s combat abilities, Team Flash’s wonder at being in the Arrow Cave, Speedy’s obvious shock when the Flash appears, “Did I know we knew the Flash?” – there are so many laughs.

This crossover also has the most epic music. Both episodes have themes that are amazing, combining both the hero’s themes from their individual shows in a way that gets your heart pumping.

Clearly this was a sign of the exciting things to come in the Arrowverse.

We’re all in this together. Source: IMDB

2 – Crisis on Earth-X

How is this not number one, you ask? We all loved ‘Crisis on Earth-X’, obviously, but despite its strong multiverse-spanning story, there were a few moments that had me scratching my head. Like why Mick Rory was invited to Barry and Iris’ wedding but not Ray Palmer. Why the Legends took so long to come and help, and why was Earth-X Oliver Queen such a wimp?

Of course, all of that can be explained by the complexity of shooting such a series and managing schedules but it detracted from the overall enjoyment of the crossover. Too many characters got left by the wayside so as to concentrate on the big three – Arrow, Supergirl and the Flash. Also, does anybody else think that Oliver and Felicity are the world’s worst friends? Way to hijack someone else’s big day.

Having said that, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ was nothing short of epic. We meet doppelgangers of James Olsen, Oliver, Kara, Captain Lance and, my personal favourite, Leonard Snart. Plus, the cameos of the doppelgangers of Tommy Merlyn and Felicity from Earth-X really caught me by surprise.

Divided over the four shows, ‘Crisis’ is bigger and better than everything that came before. There is more at risk than just Earth One; the superheroes are determined to save both their own Earth and Earth-X. There’s also the political undertone – Nazis invading Earth One is akin to the rise of neo-Nazis in the USA. If that is too overt, well, so is the threat to our very real planet.

The action scenes are mesmerising but nothing quite beats the first fight scene in the church. White Canary and Alex teaming up together, Vibe creating a breach for Arrow to jump through, Heatwave and Supergirl, Kid Flash rocking it in a purple jacket; I can’t get enough of it! And, sassy, good-guy Leonard Snart saving the heroes from certain death is just the icing on the cake.

To top it all, the crossover ends with the Arrowverse’s most emotional farewell to one of its beloved characters. The camaraderie and love between Jax and Martin Stein was plain for all to see, and it was a truly shocking moment when Martin died to save his ‘son’ Jax’s life. We’ll probably never see Firestorm in action again, but their scenes in ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ will live on with fans for a long time.

Earth’s mightiest heroes… Oh wait. Source: IMDB

1 – Invasion!

Just what the Arrowverse needed – aliens! This three-part crossover brought together Team Flash, Team Arrow, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow as they fight against an alien race known as the Dominators. That is the gist of it but there’s so much more happening here. Government conspiracies, mind control, time travel, angst (so much angst) and, a superhero favourite, sacrifice, all come together to make this crossover the best in the Arrowverse.

So many amazing characters in one place and they all get to interact with each other in their own unique ways. What I love most about Invasion is that almost every character gets enough screen time. Plus, there are a host of cameos and we even get Laurel Lance back for one heart-breaking episode!

There aren’t as many laughs as in the other crossovers but there are plenty of feels. A number of characters are emotionally burdened at the start of this crossover and they manage to find some closure by the end, which is great.

The Arrowverse has always been about the characters and this crossover gave those characters their due. And we got some amazing action scenes that combined all the heroes’ powers and skills. We loved the Flash and Arrow fighting each other, well, this crossover gave us a whole bunch of heroes fighting each other.

In the words of Felicity, “Best team-up, ever!”.

What was your favourite crossover from the Arrowverse? Let us know in the comments.

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