Questions We Have After Watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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The divisive latest instalment of Star Wars left fans with a lot of questions.

The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi has divided fans of the franchise around the globe. Some love the film’s refreshing take on the characters and mythos, others feel the film has squandered the franchise’s legacy.

However, one thing is for certain, there are a lot of questions that viewers still need answered. Here are the questions we had after watching the film. Spoilers ahead, in case you have yet to see the film.

1 – What happened to the Black Squadron?

Poe Dameron was last seen leading the Black Squadron against the Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Poe appears at the beginning of The Last Jedi, leading another group of fighters but barely any of the Black Squadron appear alongside him. We know they didn’t die in The Force Awakens, so where did they go?

Vice Admiral Holdo
Where did you come from? Where did you go? Source: IMDB

2 – Where did Vice Admiral Holdo come from?

This may be questioning the suspension of disbelief required of such a franchise, but where exactly did Vice Admiral Holdo come from? She suddenly appears in The Last Jedi once Leia is incapacitated. She is obviously an important enough character, since Leia has put her in charge, after all, but if so, shouldn’t she have been by Leia’s side while the Resistance fought against the Starkiller Base?

3 – Why were Poe and Holdo at each other’s throats if Leia trusted them both?

Leia clearly has a fondness for Poe Dameron, so much so, he thinks he’s next in line to take over leadership of the Resistance when Leia is out of commission. But, the role goes to Holdo, at which point, Poe immediately starts questioning everything Holdo does and even stages a mutiny! This seems very inconsistent with his character. Plus, Holdo was obviously aware of Leia’s relationship with Poe so why wasn’t she a little more open about her plans? They just start fighting and that’s that. Have neither of heard of open communication?

Knights of Ren
We were waiting for this! Source: IMDB

4 – Where are the Knights of Ren we saw in Rey’s vision from The Force Awakens?

One of the most exciting aspects of Rey’s Force vision in The Force Awakens was the prospect of seeing Kylo Ren’s Sith minions, the Knights of Ren. The Last Jedi never shows us so much as a glimpse of these elite fighters. Was Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens of the past or the future? If it was of the past, did Ren disband the knights? What was the point of showing us a group of disbanded elite knights, then?

Canto Bight
Forget parking sense, these two have no sense of time, either. Source: IMDB

5 – Why did Finn and Rose park on the beach in Canto Bight like they were in a hurry but then dawdle inside the casino itself?

Our first glimpses of Canto Bight are blighted by a local telling the planet’s law enforcement that Finn and Rose illegally parked on the beach. This seemingly insignificant incident ends up completely derailing Finn and Rose’s plan to reach the Master Codebreaker. We are meant to believe that Finn and Rose are in a hurry to find the codebreaker because the Resistance fleet is running out of fuel. But, then why do they spend so much time taking in the sights and sounds of the casino, even stopping to check out the Fathier race and chatting with each other. Where’s the sense of urgency now?

6 – So, who is Supreme Leader Snoke? And, if Snoke is so attuned to Kylo’s feelings, why didn’t he expect that turn of events?

Snoke was meant to be the new Emperor Palpatine but we know absolutely nothing about him or his connection to Kylo Ren. Unless we get a prequel-like trilogy (or some books) explaining all this, we are left with too much mystery surrounding the erstwhile Supreme Leader. How does he wield the Force during an era when barely anyone does? How did he recruit Ben Solo? Is Kylo Ren his only pupil or are there more? Why did he connect Ren and Rey? And if his plan was to get Ren to lead Rey to him, why did he want this? And, how come he knew of Ren’s conflict about the light and his father but not that Ren would turn against, and kill, him?

DJ Benicio Del Toro
A bit too mysterious, don’t you think? Source: IMDB

7 – When did the First Order recruit DJ?

Benicio Del Toro’s DJ was clearly the Lando Calrissian stand-in in this film. Finn and Rose share a cell with him on Canto Bight and it just so turns out he can do exactly what the one-of-a-kind Master Codebreaker can do. He even helps them escape and promises to go on their crazy mission onto the First Order ship for a small fee. Once Captain Phasma’s snitch of a droid BB-9E alerts her to the Resistance’s presence, he turns tail and gives up vital information about the escaping Resistance fleet. But, when precisely did he manage to cut this deal? While they were being walked from the code room to the hangar bay? And that’s all the time it took for the First Order to put together his reward? Some of these timelines don’t add up!

Finn-Phasma Fight
This is amazing… but, why is it necessary? Source: IMDB

8 – Why do Captain Phasma and Finn hate each other so much?

The Force Awakens promised some shared history between FN-2187 and Captain Phasma but we learnt nothing of that in The Last Jedi. In fact, Phasma’s past and her dislike of Finn continues to be a mystery. Phasma was much hyped before both films, but her appearance in this film last a grand total of 10 minutes, if that. She disappears as quickly as she appears. How disappointing.

Rey Ahch-To
Apparating around the galaxy. Source: IMDB

9 – How did Rey escape the First Order fleet?

This question is similar to one we had while watching The Force Awakens – how did Poe escape the burning TIE destroyer in Jakku? This was explained in the novelization of the film. THE LAST JEDI leaves us asking a similar question about Rey’s escape from the First Order fleet following her confrontation with Snoke. The last we saw of Rey was her and Kylo Ren fighting over Luke’s lightsaber before their combined Force powers destroyed the poor weapon. Then, Holdo jumped to lightspeed within the First Order fleet, incapacitating almost everyone but the main cast. Following Holdo’s suicide run, we see General Hux standing over an unconscious Ren. So… when did Rey get away? And how? She apparently took Snoke’s ship but again, how? Was it attached to his chamber, or something?

9 – How did Yoda’s ghost conjure the Force lightning?

There are so many questions surrounding the Force in The Last Jedi but the ghost of Yoda being able to destroy a real tree with Force-lightning certainly throws up a lot of queries. Ghosts surely have no corporeal form. In previous films, only Force-strong individuals were able to see and interact with Force ghosts so how did the ghost of Yoda manage to create real, tangible lightning?

10 – How did Luke project such a real image of himself from Ahch-To?

Another question about the way the Force works in The Last Jedi. We have never seen Force projection as a power before and as exciting as the duel between Kylo Ren and Luke was, it does make us question how Luke meditated his way into such a realistic apparition. Not only does Luke react to Ren’s actions in real time, their lightsabers even clash. How is this possible if Luke wasn’t physically present? Not to mention the fact that Luke even magics tangible versions of Han’s dice, which are held by both Leia and Ren, even after Luke’s death. Is there anything the power of the Force cannot do?

Luke Skywalker Ahch-To
Did you find a hand with this lightsaber? Source: IMDB

11 – Why was Luke’s lightsaber blue in the fight against Kylo Ren?

The first sign that Luke wasn’t really on the planet Crait to fight Kylo Ren was in his appearance. His beard and hair were brown, like when Kylo had last seen him. But, if Luke was trying to preserve that illusion, why was his lightsaber blue, like the one he had lost on Bespin? Should the saber not have been the green saber that Luke himself had created, and had wielded in his and Kylo’s previous confrontation?

12 – Why didn’t the Resistance in the Outer Rim answer Leia’s call?

When the Resistance heads to Crait, they send out a call to the Outer Rim from Leia, asking for help. But, we soon learn that though a number of outposts receive the beacon, they do not respond. Why would the Resistance abandon the greatest general to lead the Rebellion and the Resistance? Hopefully Episode XI will have an explanation!

As The Last Jedi is a sequel, we might get some of these answers in the next film, or in other spin-offs. Till then, these are the questions we are left with. Did you have the same thoughts after watching The Last Jedi? Let us know in the comments.

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