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The Lego Batman Movie Australian Review: A hilariously epic Batman blockbuster

Now I know what you’re thinking, Lego Batman? Really?

Why do I need to be reviewing a children’s comedy flick, especially considering how late it premiered in Australia as opposed to America? Well, he’s Batman. Being the youngest writer on the Digital Fox team (at least I think I’m the youngest), I took it upon myself to give this blockbuster (pun intended) a shot. And just like its predecessor, The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie is an entertaining, epic, and yet, touching film that had me laughing out loud.

Trust me, it’s Batman.

Now what caught me off guard from the very beginning is how the film is presented. Throughout the film, Lego Batman carries strong similarities to Deadpool, lots of jokes, references and iconic fourth-wall breaking. Obviously it isn’t as ‘offensive’ as Deadpool’s MA15 humour, but it did have more range. Something many would argue that Deadpool struggled with was property, in that it could only really make jokes about properties owned by FOX, every thing else was hinted at in a way that only some could get it. In Lego Batman however, they were able to use Lego properties as a loophole to make fun or reference pretty much everything, from previous Batman films, to Iron Man or even Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

The Lego Batman Movie goes far beyond your typical slapstick humour.

Is Lego Batman funny though?

You’ll be relieved to hear that this film is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. Joke after joke, I kept drawing attention to myself from parents and young kids as this teenager sat alone in a cinema laughing his ass off. This film goes far beyond the generic slapstick humour though, and there’s a lot that hardcore Batman fans and adults familiar with the character can look for. But don’t worry, there’s still enough quirky humour that children can laugh at.

My only issue with the humour in this movie was how many jokes there were in the film. From the very start, it’s quip after quip, joke after joke, and by the half hour mark, it started to get a little tedious. Comedy is something that is very hard to balance in a film. It has to be funny jokes, but also in the right amount. Thankfully, they do dial down the jokes near the second half where they start to deal with more serious issues.

The Lego Batman Movie does have some substance to it that children can take away.

It’s not a deep and substance-heavy film like Zootopia that dealt with social satire, but I do think it did deal with a strong theme about family that is both appropriate to Batman’s character, and also conveys a meaningful message to kids. It’s certainly much more entertaining, meaning and better to watch than other cartoon kid’s flicks these days like Smurfs or Trolls.

I’ll talk about acting for a bit. It’s great. Frankly, I was a little surprised that they didn’t take other voice actors well known for voicing these characters like Mark Hamill or Kevin Conroy, but I was thrilled to hear Will Arnett and Zach Galifianakis doing a phenomenal job. As a matter of fact, everyone did a great job in voicing their characters. I was just honestly shocked when I saw that Rosario Dawson voiced Barbara Gordon as I had just finished Iron Fist. Nonetheless, they all did a phenomenal job with their acting and was able to bring these iconic comic book characters and adapt them into light-hearted comedies.

A comedic, yet accurate, adaption of iconic Batman characters.

I think it’s a given that the animation style will be flawless. As with the previous Lego Movie, the incorporation of Lego figures in a movie is amazing. To this day I still have no idea if the animation style is CGI, stop-motion, or somewhere in between. Compared to the first Lego Movie however, I didn’t see any significant improvement in animation style, which bummed me out considering the few year gap between the two films. But then again, don’t fix what isn’t broken, I suppose.

At the end of the day, The Lego Batman Movie is a fun, hilarious and entertaining flick to bring your kids’ to the cinemas these school holidays. I’m looking forward to an influx in Lego Batman merchandising and toys, and keychains, oh who am I kidding, I’m probably gonna buy some myself.

My rating: 7/10

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