It’s the Titans vs Dr Light in Season 2 Episode 3 of Titans: Ghosts

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DC Universe’s Titans season two has introduced a new villain and he’s already wreaking havoc in episode three, ‘Ghosts’.

Sason two has been going from strength to strength. The superhero show’s latest episode, ‘Ghosts’, managed to encapsulate the drama, pathos, and action of a superhero team, while balancing out more suspenseful elements.

We look at the best moments of the episode and what it could mean for the rest of the season. Spoilers ahead!

Titans Against Dr Light

Dr Light Titans Season 2
Mean and scary. Source: Warner Brothers

Since Dr Light’s (Michael Mosley) introduction in the second episode, the Titans have been in grave danger. And now we see why.

In Titans: Ghosts, Dr Light proves himself to be a more than formidable villain. Despite Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) gathering the original Titans team—Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson), and Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly)—Dr Light manages to outwit the team at every step.

The Titans almost get him but at the last minute, Light uses the team’s humanity against them by threatening a bus full of innocent civilians. The moment’s distraction is enough for him to escape to fight another day.

Not only does Dick go home feeling like a failure, but Donna seriously questions whether the Titans should even be going up against the bad guys. It feels very much like they’re repeating their old mistakes.

In the meantime, Hank gets injured—again—the one major concern that Dawn and he have about superheroing.

I love that Titans season two is once again being subversive with these two characters—instead of the female character being injured and having to stay back, it is the male character who gets hurt, leaving Dawn to continue the fight.

From what we have seen in Titans: Ghosts, Dr Light is clearly a symptom of a larger problem plaguing the Titans—aka Deathstroke. But more on him later.

Starfire’s History

Starfire - Titans-1x05 - CBR
Starfire stays where she want to. Source: CBR

We have been given enough hints about Kory Anders, aka Starfire’s (Anna Diop) alien origins to know that she would not be alone for long. This theory was proven right at the end of episode two, and Titans: Ghosts picks up soon after.

Starfire’s kidnapper is revealed to be Faddei (Robbie Jones), a member of the security force for the royal family of Tamaran. He has been sent by Blackfire, Starfire’s sister, to bring Starfire back to her home world.

As the episode unfolds, we learn that Starfire and Faddei had a close, intimate relationship, one that would have amounted to nothing on Tamaran, a planet with an unbelievably strict class system.

The more Starfire explains her love for Earth versus Tamaran, the more we see why she would have left her homeworld—it sounds oppressive, unyielding, and affords her no freedoms, though she is royalty there.

On Earth, Starfire is a free bird, one who has made connections with Donna, Dick, Rachel, and Gar. It isn’t surprising that she wants to stay on Earth, and is willing to risk a Tamaranean invasion to have her way.

Will we see the Tamaraneans in Titans season two? I don’t think there’s enough time but ‘Ghosts’ has certainly laid the foundation for their imminent arrival in the future.

Rachel and Kory

Kory and Rachel-Koriand'r-Titans-Spoiler TV
So happy together. Source: Spoiler TV

The first season of Titans cemented the bond between Rachel Roth, aka Raven (Teagan Croft), and Kory. Their bond was akin to a maternal one, or at the very least, one between an older and a younger sister.

From episode one of Titans season two, Rachel has made it obvious that she misses Kory. And in ‘Ghosts’, we see just how much.

During a routine training session, Rachel’s latent Trigon-related powers come to the fore, almost killing Jason Todd, aka Robin 2.0 (Curran Walters), in the process.

A distraught Rachel calls Kory in the hopes of drawing her back into her life. “I felt like you were my people,” says Rachel, and that is enough for Kory to risk an alien invasion.

It’s always great seeing positive female relationships and it seems that Titans season two is going to work hard to give us more.

Jason and Gar

Titans S2E3 Robin 2
Robin in action. Source: Warner Brothers

Speaking of positive relationships, there is a distinct lack of male bonding in Titans that needs to be rectified. The two Robins—Dick and Jason—still don’t see eye to eye. They fight almost every time they see each other.

Hank and Dick are constantly at loggerheads but we do finally get a scene where the two of them put their differences aside to take down Dr Light.

It is only at the end of Titans: Ghosts that we see another normal interaction between two male characters. Gar is on overwatch duty when Jason joins him—they discover Dr Light’s location and Jason insists they go on recon together.

So far, so good. Until Jason suggests they split up in the dark, dangerous tunnels they are exploring. “Have you never seen a horror movie before?” asks Gar, the resident movie expert.

Well, as expected, splitting up is a terrible idea. Jason bumps into Dr Light and a fight ensues—one that should have gone in Light’s favour, but doesn’t.

Jason’s beatdown of Dr Light is brutal, visceral, and powerful. The fight scenes in Titans season two have been on another level—the energy and choreography are beautiful, far better than what we had seen in season one.

However, as we find out, Dr Light was only pretending to lose the battle—it was all part of a ploy. One designed by none other than…


deathstroke-titans-season-2-png-1565116284-digital spy
Deathstroke arrives. Source: Digital Spy

The season villain appears in full gear and looking more menacing than ever. Esai Morales has taken to the role of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, with aplomb. He is dour, fierce, and a force to be reckoned with.

As we had surmised in our review of Titans episode two, Deathstroke busted Dr Light out of jail, as part of his grand plan to take down the Titans. And first on that list is Jason.

Whether the ending of Titans: Ghosts is alluding to the famous Batman: A Death in the Family comic remains to be seen, but we can be sure that Jason isn’t going to get out of this encounter unscathed.

If something were to happen to Jason, and to Gar, Dick will have to bear the brunt of it. Deathstroke was the reason the original Titans were disbanded—not telling the new gang about this important history between them has led to more chaos, and could lead to more death.

Can this be the reason why Dick finally dons the Nightwing suit? It will be very exciting to see what will happen next on Titans season two, because right now, it is anyone’s guess.

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