In Defense Of The Rick And Morty Fallout 76 Livestream

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With Rick and Morty rumoured to be removed from Netflix soon, Liam decided to search out other Rick and Morty media. This article is the result.

Here at Digital Fox, we try to avoid writing sentences that start with ‘I’.

I would like to break with that convention and just tell you why I enjoyed the Rick and Morty Fallout 76 livestream.

(SOURCE: Twitch)

See, when I started writing this article it was framed as ‘Here’s why the Rick and Morty Fallout 76 stream sucked harder than a vortex made of smaller vortices’. During the research phase (a fancy way of saying that I watched the video again) I realised that I actually enjoyed the stream.

With no futher ado, let’s discuss why the maligned stream was a success AND a failure. Just to be balanced.

What the heck are you even talking about?

Recently (over the previous weekend), Justin Roiland (the voice of both Rick and Morty) joined forces with two celebrities named Ninja (a Twitch streamer, not the guy from Die Antwoord called Ninja) and Logic (a rapper, and also not the guy from Die Antwoord called Ninja) to livestream gameplay footage of Fallout 76 via Twitch.

And the internet was NOT amused. Apparently, the livestream was cringy and terrible.

(SOURCE: Twitch)

I thought it was friggin’ hilarious. Sure, there were dead spots – but what else do you expect from a nearly 3-hour-long improv session?

The Twitch chat was complaining because they thought it wasn’t live. It was, but there was a 10-second delay – presumably so that the Rick and Morty animations could be dealt with.

Think about this.

People who were there complained because they thought it wasn’t actually live. Then, afterward, everyone else complained because it wasn’t highly polished entertainment.

Make up your freakin’ minds, people.

(SOURCE: Twitch)

It’s a free Rick and Morty episode.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Mor- (‘BOO! HISS!’ – the internet).

Screw you, that was a hilarious joke (albeit 9 months ago).


Unlike me just now, Justin Roiland was in fine form on the livestream. He stayed in character(s?) for the whole stream, and it was good to see that his fame hasn’t made him rusty.

My personal highlight was Morty giving props to the artistic design of various in-game rocks (no I’m not joking).

(SOURCE: Rick And Morty – Netflix)

Another great moment was Morty suggesting that they establish a dialogue with the Super Mutants, while Rick is telling him how stupid the idea is.

Sidenote: I did this exact same joke 2 months on a Vermintide video I made, but in Roiland’s hands it actually worked.

The great irony, of course, is that there is actually a Super Mutant you can talk to (he’s a vendor) but they didn’t talk to him.

A coincidence, or finely crafted social commentary?

(SOURCE: Rick And Morty – Netflix)

Yeah, I agree – probably just a coincidence. Still, it makes you think. Was Roiland given certain things to say? He mentions the huge size of the map quite early on, but that may be a coincidence too.

Besides, he’s literally there to sell the game. Like, it had ‘Brought to you by Bethesda’ watermarked on his screen. So what does it matter if he actually tries to, you know, sell the game?

Ninja and Logic were in fine form as well, I guess. I don’t know their work, so I wouldn’t know. I didn’t think they were very good in the ‘these guys are famous entertainers’ sense, but in the ‘hanging out with your mates’ sense they were friggin’ hilarious.

Given that Twitch is basically just modern couch gaming, that makes sense.

I mean, what else did people expect from a livestream?


I don’t understand why Logic didn’t rap at all.

“Oh but Liam,” I hear you say with two turntables and a microphone. “What did you expect him to do, rap on the stream?”

Oh, how foolish of me. How foolish of me to expect someone who is famous for doing something to do the thing they are apparently famous for while promoting themselves. Truly, I am the embodiment of both entitlement and ignorance and I should immediately self-euthanise.

I’m mostly joking, of course. Logic gave Roiland plenty to work with, and I found his banter enjoyable – I just really wanted to use the previous paragraph. And I’m not sorry.

(SOURCE: Twitch)


Ninja did a great Christopher Walken impression.

I mean, he also helped Logic out (because Logic hadn’t played many games like Fallout 76 before the livestream) and also bantered with Roiland quite well, but I’m a sucker for Walken impressions.

I can’t be bothered writing anything else for this entry so here’s a picture of Batman dressed as a kabuki ninja. You’re welcome.

(SOURCE: Batman Arkham Origins)

That sounds great! How was it a failure?

The stream itself was fine. I was entertained.

The problem was the gameplay itself.

See, the group spends more time apart than they do together. This resulted in a lot of the later dialogue being variants of the phrase “Where are you guys?”

At one point, Roiland even gives up on grouping because it’s too much hassle for them to group up.

Too much hassle for them to group up.  I mean, that certainly suits the character of Rick – but it’s not exactly a great advert for a multiplayer game, is it?

(SOURCE: Rick And Morty – Netflix)

We also see them fail more than one in-game event due to poor in-game directions, which also doesn’t help Bethesda sell their game.

In fact, I was going to purchase Fallout 76 in a month or so. I don’t think I’ll bother now. At all.

This stream literally caused me to become disinterested in the game – which you’ll note is the exact opposite of the response Bethesda wanted viewers to have.

But let’s end on a positive note, shall we?

The livestream might not have been well-received for the most part, but it was far better than their dismal 2018 E3 presentation – a presentation which was so devoid of self-awareness that it caused me to coin the term ‘anti-tainment‘.

But as far as the livestream went, Bethesda are to be commended for trying something different.

We live in a society (insert meme HERE) where many celebrities identify themselves as gamers.

(SOURCE: Rick And Morty – Netflix)

Are there streams of Walking Dead actors playing the Telltale games? If not, why not? If so, why is the marketing for it so bad?

Kevin Conroy (the voice of Batman in nearly everything ever) streaming gameplay from the Arkham series would have been fantastic, especially if he did so in character.

But I for one would love to watch Vin Diesel play Doki Doki Literature Club on Twitch.

Hey, I said I wanted to end on a positive note – not a realistic one.

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